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A character from a novel centenary enriches a Canadian island.

"Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

She is called "Anne of Green Gables", the fictional heroine cult novel published at the beginning of the century by Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942). The scene of the novel takes place on the island of Prince Edward Island, (5,683.56 km2 with a population of 140,402 inhabitants in 2009), the birthplace of Canadian Confederation in 1873.
"The brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert at Green Gables decides to adopt a boy to help them in their work on the farm imaginary imaginary Avonlea (Actually, this farm was the residence of son David and Margaret Macneill, cousins grandfather of the author). Instead of a little boy is a girl of eleven years, Anne Shirley comes up. They say nothing and decide to keep it. "

A common story, inspired by the biography of Lucy Maud.

At two years, the latter lost his mother Clara Woolner Macneill Montgomery.
His father, Hugh John Montgomery entrusts it to his maternal grandparents Alexander Marquis Macneill and Lucy Woolner Macneill in Cavendish. In 1890, she joined her father and stepmother in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, but after a year she returned to Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island with her grandparents.
After a year of study of Pedagogy in Charlottetown, she studied literature at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. From its seventeen years, she writes articles in local newspapers in Halifax, especially in "Chronicle" and "Echo" before returning to the island of Prince Edward Island.
After teaching in various schools on the island, she returned to Cavendish to live with her widowed grandmother. She began her career as a novelist. In 1911, shortly after the death of her grandmother, she married the Presbyterian minister Ewan Macdonald, who became pastor of the Presbyterian Church in St. Paul Leaksdale (Uxbridge).
The couple has three children: Chester Cameron, Stuart Macdonald and Hugh Alexander who died at birth.
The couple has three children: Chester Cameron Macdonald (1912-1964), (Ewan) Stuart Macdonald (1915-1982) and Hugh Alexander, who died at birth in 1914.
In this atmosphere of religious meditation loan, she wrote eleven books. With "Anne of Green Gables," published in 1908 and translated into sixty languages, it is an international success.
She died in Toronto in 1942.

"Best Seller" in the World Classic in Japan!

60 million copies sold worldwide translated into 40 languages ​​...
For the study of foreign literature in Japan, "Anne of Green Gables" is mandatory from 1952!
Except for North Americans, the Japanese are said to be fascinated by the red hair of the young Anne. There are even fan clubs, an Academy of Anne and a nursing school bearing his name.
This success has boosted the Japanese success story in other countries including Italy "In Italy, only five of eight books were published. But in the '80s, everyone saw on TV the Japanese cartoon" Rosanna said Gatti, a young librarian in the region of Monza, in Lombardy, came to literary pilgrimage to Green Gables with husband and child.

A character in a novel source of a thriving tourism industry!

What is even more amazing is the appeal of this character in a novel over a century become an inexhaustible source for a thriving industry. Living museums, golf dramatize, musicals, chocolates, various gadgets attract 140,000 tourists a year who spent $ 370 million in 2010 on the island of Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in the picture postcard scenery, with its red cliffs, large sandy beaches lapped by the Atlantic and its wooden houses in environments manicured lawns.
Chantelle Macdonald, director of the National Historic Site of Green Gables in Cavendish, "which includes the Green Gables with period furniture, the path of love and haunted forest, names of the imaginary village of Avonlea and the post office, "a hard time convincing some of his visitors that Anne has never really existed.
"Visitors to confuse fact and fiction, they confuse the author of Anne and her history." She says.

"The kingdom is the sweetest person whose imagination has the key"-Lucy Maud Montgomery.


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