jeudi 4 août 2011

Cuba: Hair of the "Che" in the auction.

In October 2007, Gustavo Villoldo, a former CIA agent of Cuban origin who participated in the hunt and the assassination in Bolivia of Argentine revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, tried to auction off locks of her hair.
This auction has led to many protests around the world including the widow of "Che", Aleida March (73) who expressed his indignation.
In addition to hair recovered from the corpse of the revolutionary, the former agent had to sell pictures of "Che" and a set of fingerprints. The hands of the corpse of Ernesto Che Guevara was severed before his home funeral.  "Heritage Auction Galleries" in Dallas, Texas did not say whether fingerprints were obtained before or after amputation.
The starting price of all of these grisly trophies is $ 100,000.
Gustavo Villoldo, continues to consider the "Che" as a "criminal and a villain that it was necessary to break down," said Tom Slater of Heritage Auction Galleries.
Villoldo said he had recovered hair and fingerprints taken to prove to his superiors that he had accomplished his mission.
Captured on October 8, 1967 after 11 months of guerrilla warfare, Che Guevara was summarily executed by the Bolivian army the next day in the hamlet of La Higuera (southeast Bolivia).
His body has been exposed as a trophy by the authorities before being buried secretly at Vallegrande. His remains, discovered in 1997 following revelations of a Bolivian general, have since been transferred to Cuba.

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