mercredi 3 août 2011

Iceland: The National Museum of the Phallus.

         A Husavik (2,500 inhabitants), a small town on the north coast of Iceland, along the Bay of Skjálfandi, is a unique museum, the National Museum of the Phallus ( Hið  Íslenzka Reðasafn in Icelandic), which has 271 Phallus, representing the male genitalia of all mammals in Iceland.
There are pieces from cetaceans, an attribute of bears, pieces from seven species of seals and walruses, and 114 pieces of land mammals represented by 20 species.
The museum displays the promise of a man who would leave his attributes after his death. Open since 1997, it is still little visited.
The museum is run by its founder, Sgurdur Hjartarson. In November 2001, he enlisted the services of a "Phallologist" principal, Professor Matt Mutino, professor at the Danish school of research and  phallological studies.
Since April 8, 2011, through the gift of post-mortem Paul Arason, an Irishman who died at the age of 95 years January 5, 2011 at the hospital in Akureyri, the Museum has a specimen of the human phallus.
Every summer, the museum Phallological receives thousands of visitors.

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