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M’oammar Gaddafi, his nurses and Amazons.

"Women, like men, are human beings. This is an undeniable truth ... Women are different from men physically, because they are female, as all females in the kingdom of plants and animals differ from males of their species. According to gynecologists, women, unlike men, have their periods every month. Because men do not get pregnant, they do not feel the same pain as women. They give the breast for almost two years ".

Gaddafi wife a nurse.

Safia Qadhafi, born Sofia Baraâsi al-Farkash was born in 1952 in Al-Bayda in a Catholic family originally from Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is a nurse by profession. His grandfather, the Croatian Ivan Farkash (born in 1858 in Petrinja, Banija, in the county of Sisak-Moslavina, Croatia) was Inspector of Education in Austria. He was writer and author of books for education.
In 1971, after the removal of his appendix, Gaddafi falls in love with the nurse to nimble fingers working at the hospital in Al Bayda in eastern Libya.
He decides to divorce his first wife, the teacher Khaled Nouri al-Fatiha (the mother of Mohamed Gaddafi, born 1971), and the wife. She gives him seven sons and one daughter including Seif al-Islam, (born 1972), Aisha (born 1977) wife of Ahmed Al-Qadhafi Al-QAHS, Saadi (37), Muatassim Bilal (born in 1974 ), Hannibal (1975), Khamis (born 1983), Saif al-Arab (1982).

Oksana Balinskaya and Galyna Kolotnytska, the nannies of the guide.

Oksana Balinskaya, Ukrainian nurse just spent two happy years together with the guide of the Libyan Jamahiriya, the staff of the guide has been used to call Dad. Back in her country, she confides to Russian newspaper "Pravda Komsmolskya"
"To understand a person is employed at Gaddafi, just look at his watch. All September 1st, the anniversary of his taking power, he offered an Italian gold shows with his portrait engraved on the staff of the residence. People who were with him for years have made beautiful collections, "she reveals in Russian tabloid.
"The staff that were with him had nothing against him, quite the contrary: When we were in New York, Papa gave a personal order to give us money for shopping in the shops" says it.
"For dining, Dad is a man without pretension. He loves the couscous with the meat of camel or sheep. Like all Libyans, he loves Italian food, especially pasta, "she told the reporter.
Despite his age, Gaddafi is in better shape than many others. It is a medical examination once a year and its voltage is perfect "Tell Oksana Balinskaya in Kyiv Post Kiev.

Gaddafi overthrew the day the fate of Oksana.

Born in 1987 in a small village near Kiev, the nurse was summoned for an interview barely a month after sending his CV to a recruitment agency offering positions abroad. It was like a casting for a film, she says. Gaddafi was on a visit to Kiev, Ukraine, Oksana and personally interviewed the other candidates.
"He has a subtle understanding of human psychology. Only two candidates out of six candidates were treated to the Gaddafi handshake, signifying their commitment. As they do not understand Arabic, the head nurse translates for them, "she said.
Based in Tripoli, Oksana lived in a furnished one-room rent-free, service included. As there was no common transport between the hotel and the residence of Kadhafi, a driver was providing transportation to get to work. Gaddafi was treatable, he has kept his distance in a subtle way with his staff. The salary was at least 2500 dollars. Tripoli is a giant construction site. Gasoline is cheaper than water. In shops, they even credit.

Galyna Kolotntska, "the voluptuous blonde, fake mistress's guide"

         According to the revelations from a cable 29 September 2009 the U.S. ambassador in Tripoli, Gene Cretz and published by Wikileaks, Galyna Kolotntyska, is described as a "voluptuous blonde without whom Gaddafi never moves."
It was the closest confidant of the Libyan leader. Was it also his mistress as suggested by the confidence of the American diplomat?
"Galyna had the same responsibilities as other nurses there were five of us-but she was best known," says Oksana Balinskaya in the Kyiv Post Kiev.
On February 27, 2011, she was evacuated with his compatriots by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine in Kiev Tripoli. As Halyna Kolotnytska (38) refused to trust the media, rumors ran wild on she, including it's because she was pregnant she was sent home. Sources reveal that the father of her child is a Serbian businessman with whom she was separated at the beginning of the revolution in Libya.
"Kolotnytska is not mistress of Gaddafi. This story was invented by the Americans," says Galyna, defending his colleague and compatriot.
Halyna Koschiv Bovary born in 1972, this nurse was a member of the research mission in Antarctica after graduating nursing school in Kiev. She married electrician for a local factory called Kolotnytska, who died in 1992. In 2001 she was hired as a nurse in a hospital in Tripoli, before being assigned to the service personnel Mo'ammar Gaddafi. In 2011, Libya had at least 500 doctors and nurses Ukrainians.

The case of Bulgarian nurses

This love-hate for nurses explain there not hard to Mo'ammar Gaddafi against the Bulgarian nurses' accused of infecting HIV / AIDS through blood transfusion in 426 Libyan children from 6 months to 18 years (51 died) at the Al-Fateh Hospital in Benghazi in 1987 to 1998? incarcerated February 9, 1999, five Bulgarian nurses: Christiana Valcheva, Valia Georgieva Chervenjashka, NASSIA Stoichev Nenova, Valentina Manolova Siropulo, Snezhana Ivanova Dimitrova and the anesthetist Palestinian, Ashraf Ahmad Juma, were released in July 2007 through the intervention of Cecilia Sarkozy, the former wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, after eight years' imprisonment in Libyan jails. They were sentenced to death in 2004.

Gaddafi and his forty Amazons.

Gaddafi likes women combatants. It is guarded by 40 young amazons who form his praetorian guard. Beautiful, pristine, strapped in impeccable uniforms, they are trained for three years in the Military Academy in Tripoli that he founded himself in 1983 with the help of the Germans.
         They make the vow of chastity and must present a certificate of good character. They are subject to a hard drive, the handling of firearms and martial arts. Some are trained to fly MiG.
         The real killing machines trained to protect and guide ready to die for him. As Aicha, riddled with bullets in an attack against Islamic fundamentalists Gaddafi in 1998 after throwing himself in front of Gaddafi to protect it. Seven of his comrades were seriously injured.
At a summit of Heads of State in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, when the police charged the order at the Palace of the African Union tried to prevent them from entering the meeting room for reasons of protocol, they gave a demonstration of their skills in karate by neutralizing the Ethiopian troops in no time main.
         Avant trigger a panic by threatening them with their automatic weapons. A real mayhem! It was a gesture of appeasement of the Libyan president to get everything in order.
         In 2003, at the 15th Summit of the Arab League, they are once again defending the guide noticed during an altercation with the Saudis.

"He gave us life. I am ready to die for him. He is a father, a brother and a husband who can confide. You can not imagine how he is humble, "said Fatia to the Belgian magazine Express.

What are they begin when the Libyan Jamahiriya is collapse?

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