dimanche 7 août 2011

Romania: The youngest grandmother in the world is 23 years old!

In March 2011, Rifca Stanescu became the youngest grandmother in the world. Originally from the settlement to invest in Romania, she was born in 1985.
She married Ionel Stanescu, a jeweler of 13 years, when she was 11. The young grandmother explained that she was married very young because she feared that her father would find her a husband from a nearby village.
"I wanted to marry him, and I agreed to spend the night with him. After that nothing could separate us. I had been promised to other boy of my age 2 years, but I n 'not want to. "
At thirteen, she gave birth to her daughter Maria followed a year after his brother Nicolae.
Maria gave birth to her son Ion at the age of 11. "I did not try to convince my daughter not to marry because it's tradition. It happened, that's all."
At 23, she was the youngest grandmother in the world.
"I'm happy to be a grandmother but I wanted something else to Maria, and something else for me," said Rifca to The Sun.
         "Ion is a good boy and he is already engaged to a girl of 8. It is always nice to have a boy. They do not suffer as much as I think the girls, "she told to the British tabloid The Sun.
So far, the youngest grandmother was Britain's John Kelly of Rotherham in the County of York. In 1999, she became grandmother at the age of 26 when his daughter gave birth to the age of 12.
The Roma minority in Romania officially has 535,000 members, but, according to NGOs, they would be made about 2 million in this country of 22 million. Most of them live above the poverty line or less than 2.5 euros.

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