mardi 23 août 2011

Switzerland / Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI to the rescue of people in Fiesch.

In 1678, residents of Fiesch in Upper Valais (Switzerland) praying for the Aletsch glacier does not extend more. They have vowed to pray and live a virtuous.
At that time the village was threatened by the flooding of Lake Märjelen. To enhance the effects of prayer, an annual procession was introduced in 1862 and takes place every July 31.
But today, the glacier retreats under the effects of global warming. They believe that only the Pope Benedict XVI in which they requested a hearing, may release them from the oath and reverse their prayers and said the parish priest, Father Pascal Venetz.
A written request should be addressed and detailed to the Bishop of Sion, then the papal nuncio in Bern before being sent to Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican.
The prefect of Conches, director of sports and holiday Fiesch since May 1996 and Vice President of Valais Tourism, Herbert Volken said ironically that "if the glacier melts, is that we have asked too."
The eternal conflict of political and religious priest Don Camillo and the communist mayor of the village of Brescella in Bassa Padana, Giuseppe Bottazzi alias Peppone!
The Aletsch glacier has indeed lost 3 and a half kilometers long and 300 m thick compared to what it was in 1678. Spanning 23 km, the Aletsch Glacier is the longest in the Alps.
Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn is world heritage of UNESCO and the village of Fiesch is part of Swiss resorts to obtaining the quality label "Families Welcome".
In summer 2007, the American Spencer Tunick has photographed about 600 naked people in collaboration with Greenpeace who used the Aletsch glacier to bring attention to the melting of glaciers and climate change.
Yet the melting of glaciers in the Swiss benefits could reconsider its border with Italy and allow the station to inherit a Zermatt ski lift and a gondola station is currently in Italy.

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