lundi 31 octobre 2011

Antigua & Barbuda / United States of America: The extraordinary and original gift to Barack Obama.

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Winston Baldwin Spencer has decided to offer the U.S. president, Barack Obama, a sumptuous and original gift on his 48th birthday, August 4, 2009.

         He decided to give him a mountain: Mount Boggy Peak now called  Mount Obama. This is the highest summit of the island of Antigua. It rises to 402 meters.
         The two politicians discussed about this gift at the 5th Summit of the Americas brings together the leaders of 34 democratic countries of the Americas in Port of Spain, capital of Trinidad and Tobago from April 17 to 19, 2009.
         During the same summit, Venezuelan President had pointed out  by offering to President Obama, the famous book by Eduardo Galeano, "The Open Veins of Latin America"
         The announcement of the renaming of Boggy Peak was greeted by controversy because some felt that this gesture is too strong for someone who has no real connection to Antigua and Barbuda.
         U.S. President Barack Obama warmly welcomed the announcement said Prime Minister Winston Baldwin Spencer that he accepted this act with humility.
         Before a crowd of 300 people including many U.S. officials sitting on the base of the Mountain, Spencer said: "As an emancipated people, linked to our common ancestral heritage and a history of slavery dehumanizing, we must at any time to celebrate our heroes and our leaders, who by their actions inspire us to do great and noble things "
Before unveiling the commemorative plaque on which is marked "Mount Obama, named in honor of  the historic election of  Nov. 4, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president of the United States of America, as a symbol of excellence, triumph, hope and dignity for all peoples "
Slavery was abolished in Antigua and Barbuda in 1834. And the country became independent on 1 November 1981.
         Antigua and Barbuda has a population of 88,000 inhabitants in 2011 over an area of ​​442 km2. Its capital is St. John's.

dimanche 30 octobre 2011

Spain / USA: The Woe to look like Osama Bin Laden.

In 2010, the composite picture of Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda of Saudi and Yemeni origin was made by the FBI on the basis of a photograph of the member of Spanish Parliament of  ecological communist Spanish section of Iziquierda Unida (United Left), Gaspar Llamazares.
"I do not believe in coincidences and less in the U.S. Secret Service," said the Honourable Llamazares.

         "I do not think the FBI has entered my picture by accident on Google. I am sure that in addition to the incompetence is sectarian and ideological use of law enforcement, the beginning of a preventive war. (...). If the leftists are part of the FBI files - North Americans, Europeans or elsewhere - it is not by chance or a joke. (...) My question is what would have happened if I had not been Llamazares, if I had been any official. (...) A Spanish member of Parliament deserves a response from U.S. lawmakers, "he said at a conference of information in the Spanish Parliament.
Llamazares said he had sent several letters to the ambassador, the FBI and the U.S. Congress asking for an explanation.

Rewards for Justice

         In October 2010, the Spanish politician known for his anti-American, filed a complaint against the F.B.I., because since this picture was released, he admits having received "a very small excuse" the F.B.I., according to statements Monday night in private radio Cadena Ser.
Indeed, the U.S. ambassador in Madrid, Alan B. Solomont said he was sorry for the "damage" caused to Mr Llamazares, while the deputy director of the FBI sent a simple letter of apology.
The U.S. federal police admitted to having used "on its own initiative to Google images" to compose this portrait updated Bin Laden because he was "not satisfied with the solutions offered for hair by the program" used the FBI for this type of simulation.
The offending image was visible for several hours in January 2010 before being removed from the official website of the U.S. "Rewards for Justice" dedicated to the fugitive from American justice.
Furthermore, "the two people whose image was created with parts of my face were murdered," said the member of Iziquierda Unida (United Left), the upper face was used to make a portrait Osama Bin Laden robot aged.
The Spanish press was referring to the number two of Al Qaeda, the Libyan Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, killed in Pakistan 22 August 2011 by firing a U.S. drone.
According to the Spanish section of Iziquierda Unida (United left), the Spanish deputy tried to complain the first time, U.S. law firms contacted withdrew, and it is a Spanish firm that leads the process.
Osama bin Laden was killed May 2, 2011 in Abbottabad in Pakistan by the Navy commando during Operation "Neptune" and his body submerged in the High seas in Afghanistan.
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, said that the anti-terrorist operations must respect international law, but believes that Bin Laden had assumed full responsibility for his actions, including massacres of civilians.

samedi 29 octobre 2011

West: the scenario of decline?

As leaders of the European Union, overwhelmed by the debt crisis, continue to get by French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls for "draw upon the emerging" (China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India) save the euro area. A proposal surreal poses a serious question of the supremacy of the West over the world. Still, the West, if it were to collapse, lead many nations in its turmoil.

As leaders of the European Union, overwhelmed by the debt crisis, continue to get by like sharks caught in a net, a proposal by President Sarkozy should we put the red flag. It calls for "draw upon the emerging" (China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India) to save the euro area. There are still a few years, this idea would have seemed so surreal these five countries have suffered the bashing in the media and the condescension of Western leaders. This degraded image still dominates the public imagination in many Western countries.

Indeed, what do we really know of China other than decent working conditions of slavery and the massive violations of human rights? What do we really know other than Russia's oligarchs, the mafia and alcoholism? What is known from Brazil (besides football) other than the favelas malfamées and crime? What is known of South Africa (except Mandela) other than the ravages of AIDS and crime in the streets of Johannesburg? What is known in India other than misery in the streets of Bombay?

Treatment very unfair to those on an objective look at these countries and appreciate their potential and their development at fair value. The current crisis will have at least had the merit of bringing everyone to a minimum of modesty.

But the change of view and mutual respect will not be enough to save the West is facing a crisis severe enough that the question of its supremacy over the rest of the world poses serious. Because after dominating the world for over five centuries, Westerners now appear out of breath.

         And it can not be otherwise. Indeed, to rule the world, Westerners began to monopolize almost all the resources of the peoples of the South from slavery, colonization and the neo-colonialism. Pillage which enabled them to amass huge financial resources. They have developed a technology inaccessible to the South and innovated a furious pace. But they have realized this and many of them have caught up and are now playing in the same court that the Western powers.

         What Westerners had probably the most precious is their advanced technology and a favorable international balance of power through which they could procure raw materials at low prices and resell finished goods at exorbitant prices, making comfortable margins well . The oil shocks, the rise of nationalism in the countries producing raw materials and competition from emerging powers have come to ruin the dream in the West of unlimited growth.

To compensate for the shortfall, Western countries began to be financed by debt. A debt they could not repay. Because for a debt, it must produce enough wealth to get a living and generate significant margins. On the open market to international competition, you must submit a quality product at the best price. Quality, Westerners have excelled for some time before being caught. On price, they seem to have permanently lost the game. A worker earns 1500 euro European to make the product equivalent to that produced by the Chinese worker paid 200 euro, both sold on the same international market. The fight is already lost.

Meanwhile, 10% of Western assets are unemployed plus the economically inactive (aged, sick, children). 90% of assets that are already losing ground in international competition must still feed the unemployed and inactive, the house, treat, educate (children) or provide them with financial resources (unemployment benefits, pensions, daily allowances for the sick). Those assets that fulfill these social charges and taxes already earn enough for themselves and must borrow to pay including their homes and cars. Household debt and debt-distressed countries. It's a doomed system.

All indications are that the West goes straight into the wall. But he has a trump card that can change everything: military power. Indeed, during the five centuries of Western domination of the world, Europe and North America are equipped with an unprecedented military power. It would be naive to imagine that countries as militarized will submit easily to the demands of their creditors. In international relations, too often, the balance of power is right. The difference is a fine line between paying to be stronger than and be robbed.
Already we hear that the United States who are drowning in 14, 000 billion in debt does not repay the debt. It is the same for France, which is heading inexorably towards the 2000 billion euros of debt. And it is not the only Western country in over my head. Greece has already set the tone: its creditors will have to remove half of its debt. A similar approach from the United States and is the ruin of millions of savers in the world, the Chinese in particular. Wars break out for less than that!

But the risk of a war can be ruled out given the interdependence of the economies of major powers, including emerging markets, and the Apocalypse that everyone is aware in case of armed conflict between nuclear powers.

If the "peace of the brave" is the most credible scenario between nuclear powers, the "small country" them, had better take, especially those with strategic resources. These "great powers" when they have finished to scam emerging and ruining millions of investors that debt with "non-refundable," he fold back of small countries to put in cross-section set.
         Intervention in Iraq, Libya, or Ivory Coast, have no other rational explanation for the willingness of Westerners to relocate in strategic areas to relax and plant their flag first.
Hard to imagine how far will this new adventure of predation. The standard of human rights is a pitch which should laugh if it were not dead men. If it was so relevant, long time ago that freedom and peace have up residence in North Korea and Somalia.

Boniface-Kakule Musavuli*

Born in North Kivu in 1972. Former representative of the African Association for the Defence of Human Rights (ASADHO-Beni), Democratic Republic of Congo. Located in the Rhône-Alpes in France, he studied law at the University of Lyon 2-Lumière.

Article in AgoraVox
October 28, 2011.

jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Kazakhstan: Kazakh language courses to the public through television.

The Russian is no longer the language of communication in Kazakhstan. Measures to significantly reduce the place of Russian - official language still widely spoken - in Kazakhstan have increased recently.
           According to the Journal Vzgliad of Moscow, September 5, 2011, politicians and intellectuals sent an "open letter to President Nursultan Nazarbayev to request the removal of the Kazakh Constitution of the article on the use of Russian in same level as the state language, Kazakh. "
         In August 2011, a law on the mandatory for all structures of state for a match in Kazakh language was adopted. To help the people, the Kazakh Ministry of Culture has printed one million phrasebooks Russian-Kazakh be distributed free in public and private schools across the country.
         September 1, 2011, "the number one public channel, Kazakhstan, stopped broadcasting in Russian,"
reports the Moscow newspaper, Gazeta. The Ministry of Culture called on other channels to reduce the time of programming in Russian.
         The Ministry of Culture does not stop there, because it promises soon to a series of television programs for learning the Kazakh population, inform the site Centrasia.
         These decisions are made as part of a program that provides 20% of adults will have to master the Kazakh by ​​2014, 80% in 2017 and 95% in 2020.
         Kazakhstan is populated by 63.1% of Kazakhs, 23.7% Russians, 2.9% Uzbek, 2.1% Ukrainians, 1.4% of Uighurs, and Tatars 1.3% 1.1% of Germans.
         To be elected or appointed member or hold public office, you have to speak and read Kazakh. The Russian is the language most spoken in the cities particularly in the north where most of the bulk of the Slav population. English is the third language.
         The term refers exclusively Kazakh members of the ethnic Kazakh, while the term refers to all Kazakh citizens of Kazakhstan irrespective of ethnicity.
         The country has 15,522,373 inhabitants in 2011 over an area of ​​2,717,300 km2. Its capital is Atana which replaced Almaty. It is independent of the U. R.S.S. in 1990. On December 16, 1991, Socialist Republic of Kazakhe, it was renamed the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Libya / Ancient Rome: The other Libyan dictator that has marked the history of the world.

Crossed destinies between the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus African (146-211 BC) and the former Libyan leader Gaddafi Mo'ammar (1942-2011).

         Mo'ammar Gaddafi is not the first Libyan dictator to hold in suspense the whole of humanity by his escapades and his death.
Another Libyan even more megalomaniac than he dreamed of conquering the world and is almost there.
         At his death, he was building the British fortifications of the Roman Empire, far from his native Tripoli: the famous Hadrian's Wall in England.
         But as his countryman and our contemporary Mo'ammar Gaddafi, his ultimate dream was to sit in the burning sands of his native country, which is now Libya.
         Curious historical coincidence: England and France who come to play a crucial role in the overthrow of Mo'ammar Gaddafi, played a role in the fate of Severus.
         The Emperor Afro-Roman died in 211 BC. while he strengthened the fortifications of the Roman Empire in Britain. His son, born in Lugdunum (Lyon Acts), Marcus Aurelius Antonius Bascanius, nicknamed "Caracalla" because of his flaming red gown, which granted Roman citizenship in 213 BC. the inhabitants of the conquered regions including the Transalpine Gaule (part of present-day France).
         Seventeen centuries later, by an agreement between Denis Dussault and Dey El-Hadj Abdallah in May 1693, the marble columns from Leptis Magna are sold to France and England and were used to improve Versailles, the castle of the french Sun King, Louis XIV, the Church of St. Germain des Près in Paris, Rouen Cathedral, and later the royal park in Windsor, England.
         Finally for those who love numerology, Septimius Severus died in 211 BC, while Mo'ammar Gaddafi died in 2011

Entered in history under the name " Septimus Severus"

         Aurelius Antonius Lucius Septimus Severus was born in Leptis Magna (now Lebdah) in Tripolitan on April 11 146 in an old senatorial family strain. His grandfather, a native of Libya and Roman patrician owned the land around the city of Rome. His father prefers to live in Libya. His mother was of Etruscan origin (Italy).
         He received a patrician education and studied in Rome. He was successively quaestor in Sardinia, legate of the proconsul of Africa, a tribune of the plebs, praetor, legate in Spain before taking the head of the Fourth Legion in Syria (171-180). In 175 he married Paccia Marcianne who bore him two daughters. After a stint in the Senate called for, it is forty-five when he was appointed head of the legation proconsul of Lyon and Sicily.
         During a brief respite, he enrolled at the University of Athens. In 180, he married his second wife Julia Domna, a Syrian (the Arabic name "Dumayna" means black), daughter of Julius Bassanius, High Priest of Baal of Emesa who gave him his two heirs Marcus Aurelius Antonius Bassanius said Caracalla ( Born in Lyon on April 4 188) and Lucius Septimus Geta (born in Rome on May 27 189).

A dramatic military and political career.

         January 1, 190, he was appointed consul before receiving Laetus of Thaenae, command of the Roman army of Pannonia, now numbering more than three legions. On December 31, 1992, death of the Emperor Commodus ends the Antonine dynasty. The next day he is replaced by the Emperor Pertinax is assassinated March 28 192 (87 days of reign). He was replaced by Julien Dide.
         When Septimius Severus, then Commander of the legions of Illyria (Balkans) and stays Carnutum learns the murder of Pertinax, he was proclaimed emperor of Rome by the legions of the Danube April 9th ​​193.

Imperator Caesar Augustus Lucius Septimus Severus Pertinax.

         He takes the name of Lucius Septimus Severus Pertinax. He is acclaimed "Imperator (IMP)" and takes possession of the tribune power (TRP). His title becomes "Imperator Caesar Augustus Lucius Septimus Severus Pertinax."
He combines with Clodius Albinus, commander of the legions of Gaul, to whom he awarded the title of Caesar. At the same time Pescennius Niger is acclaimed by his troops in Syria and takes Antioch as its capital. On June 1, 193, Dide Julian was assassinated while walking on Seventh Severus Rome, is acknowledged emperor by the Senate.
         Upon his triumphal entry into Rome  on September 9, 193, he received the title of Pontifex Maximus (High Priest) and his second consulate (COS II). Touchy, authoritarian dictator, he relies on the army to rule the Senate after being stripped of his power. His motto is: "Enrich the soldiers and make fun of the rest."
He organized the "annona" which requires farmers to maintain the army.
         Among his reforms in Africa, he created the province of Numidia. Insatiable conqueror, he overwrites the Parthians (ancestors of the Persians), conquered Seleucia, Ctesiphon, and destroyed its capital creates the province of Mesopotamia in 199 BC. J.C..
He spent the last years of his life to strengthen the British frontier of the Roman Empire.
         From 197, he rebuilt the famous Hadrian's Wall between the North Sea to the Irish Sea, from Newcastle to Carlisle (still visible today). Suffering from gout or arthritis in 208, he is obliged to be carried during the campaign against the Caledonians (210-211). He died in Eboracum (Acts York) Great Britain 4 February 211.

His ashes were returned to Libya

         His body was cremated and his ashes on the spot collected in an urn of porphyry are returned to Libya. His son and successor, Marcus Aurelius Antonius Bassianus said Caracalla, born in Lyons in 188, reigned from 211 to 217 (after eliminating his brother Geta). It is he who grants citizenship to all inhabitants of the Roman provinces after conquering Gaul in 212 BC. J.C., the Danube in 214 BC. J.C., Egypt in 215 BC. J.C. and Syria in 216.
         He was assassinated near Edessa (Upper Mesopotamia) in 217 by Macrinus, the praetorian prefect. The Severan dynasty with five emperors (Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Geta, and Alexander Severus Elagahal) ruled the Roman Empire from 193 to 235.

mercredi 26 octobre 2011

Malawi / Burkina Faso: The ghosts of African dictators.

The ghost of Ngwazi.

         The first president of Malawi, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda (1904-1997) decided to build a palace of 300 rooms on 555 acres of land around Lilongwe. The work lasts 20 years and cost a mere 83 million taxpayers Malawian poor living on $ 1 a day.
         The dictator is staying there for three months before being forced to leave power in 1994 and to die in South Africa three years later.
The palace later became the offices of the Parliament before the Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika decides to expel him and settle in March 2005.
         But now, every night, he heard strange noises, footsteps behind him. He felt sometimes rodents him run all over the body but when lit the light, he saw nothing. Catholic, he asked the clergy to pray and to exorcise the place. "No strategy will have hell to take on the president because we asked for divine intervention against the blood of Christ to every evil done,"
he told the Associated Press, the Reverend Malani Mtonga, religious affairs adviser.
         Superstitious, the president ended up moving to another residence Mtunthama, 100 km from Lilongwe.

The fetish of "Maurice" in Ouagadougou

         In Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, the former Presidential Palace is deserted since the coup that overthrew Aboubacar Sangoulé Lamizana Maurice Yameogo January 3, 1966.
         None of his successors, not even the revolutionary Thomas Sankara has dared to live there, preferring the modest houses of the Council of the agreement. Popular belief says that Maurice would Yaméogo hidden in the walls of the palace, fetishes formidable.
         He himself has never denied this rumor during his exile in Ivory Coast.

The Italians women against the "machismo" of Silvio Berlusconi.

In October 2009, more than 100,000 Italians have signed a petition, launched ten days by the daily "La Repubblica" denouncing the machismo of the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, whose attitude towards women is often disrespectful. "This man offends us, stop him," the petition proposes to "La Repubblica".
On October 8, 2009, Silvio Berlusconi has called the Democratic MP (left), a graduate in Political Science and former health minister in the government of Romano Prodi, Rosy Bindi (58) of "most beautiful than intelligent" in the course of a television program.
"Women offended by a disappointing president," "We are not available" or "This insult comes from a man more honest than intelligent," countered the Italians, who were likely to send their portraits accompanied messages, the leftist daily.
"By continually focusing on the age of a woman, on her physical appearance rather than his human qualities, we risk going back to the days before feminism," said journalist and author Lidia Ravera, one of the petitioners.
Giovanna Melandri, former Minister of Culture and Youth and Sports returned the pseudo-witticism of Berlusconi in the qualfiant man "larger than well-behaved", knowing that the latter is known to be complexed by its small size.
Berlusconi is caught in sex cases that prompted his wife Veronica Lario to request and obtain a divorce.

Yougoslavia/Guinea: Crossed destinies between the widows of Josip Broz Tito and Ahmed Sèkou Touré.

The widow of Josip Broz Tito, 30 years of galley.

         Jovanka Broz Budisavljevic, born December 7, 1924 in the village of Pecan in the region of Lika, Croatia married Marshal Josip Broz Tito in April 1952. He is Serb, she is Croat. During the reign of her husband, she holds the rank of Staff of the Yugoslav National Army (JNA). Marshal Tito dies at 87 May 4, 1980 in Ljubljana after leading Yugoslavia since 1953.
On July 27, 1980, she is deprived of his identity papers, clothing, her letters, her archives and also precious gifts she had received and expelled by the authorities of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's villa at No. 15 rue Uzicka.
She is informed, two years after the death of her husband, she could not receive any pension because she had no identification and because "Tito does not receive a wage."
She is credited with a house in front of the Beli Dvor. Impoverished and deprived of their basic rights, she is completely isolated. She no longer has the right to move freely, she is monitored, his phone is placed on listening and few friends are also monitored.
After several years of intervention with the presidency of socialist Yugoslavia at the time, some of her jewelry and glass shells shall be returned.
In July 2009, 84 years after three decades of legal battles with the help of Me Volume Fila, she finally obtained a passport and identity card "Serbian", a pension up to the salary of the chief administrative officer, that is to say, the president of the Serbian Parliament, a car and driver.

The peregrinations of Hadja Andrée Touré!

         Daughter of French physician, Duplantier and Kaissa Kourouma, Marie-Andrée was born in Macenta in 1934. Her education was entrusted to her godmother, Louise Rouvin after the return of his father in France. Her mother married Thierno Bah Madjou second wife and Ibrahima Sory Keita (died July 1958) third wife, she becomes the seventh of ten wives.
Ahmed Sekou Toure, Faranah born January 9, 1922, Pan-Africanist union, led Guinea to a bloody hand for twenty-seven years. He married his third wife, Marie-Andrée Kourouma on the advice of his close friend, Dr. Kanfory Sanoussi. At 56, he fell suddenly ill. He died during an operation March 26, 1984 in Cleveland (Ohio) United States.
"Ahmed Sekou Toure became ill on the night of Thursday to Friday and the following Friday, he is buried. He died Monday, March 24, 1984, so a short illness. He was buried the next day and there was the coup, unfortunately. A week later, precisely on Saturday following the week of his funeral, we were arrested. The companions of my husband, his parents, his sisters, who have no involvement in the fight, because they were illiterate, but because they were sisters, my children, my sisters too, the members my family, we were arrested and jailed in Kindia. Some employees have died in prison. Close associates of my husband with Prime Minister Lansana Diallo, who died in prison. Some were released. My son and months, we stayed four years in prison. When we came by the grace of God, we were under house arrest. I had to reside in the village of my mother and my son Macenta in the village of his father Faranah. We had not even the possibility of contact," She said.
Through the intervention of King Hassan II of Morocco, Hadja Andrée Touré is released on 1st January 1988. On March 14, 1988, she released from Guinea to settle in Ivory Coast supported by President Félix Houphouet-Boigny. She lives under the protection of Thérese Houphouet-Boigny until her husband died December 7, 1993.          Her daughter, Aminata Toure moved with his family in Morocco, and her son Mohamed Touré receives a scholarship Houphouet-Boigny to study in the United States.
She finds refuge in Senegal with her little sister. In 1997, she returned a first in Guinea for the funeral of his mother. In 2000, she took advantage of the celebration of the centenary of the death of the Almamy Samory Toure in Guinea to return permanently. She also took the opportunity to close the grave of her husband remained open for 17 years!
It was until 1996, that is to say, twelve years after the death of her husband that the Guinean government started to pay the widow of President.
         On October 29, 2004, she was invited by the South African President Nelson Mandela to receive the medal awarded to her late husband Ahmed Sekou Toure, for his struggle against apartheid.
         On October 2, 2008, she was awarded during the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Independence of Guinea.

Sic transit gloria mundi!

Libya: Mo'ammar Gaddafi, the fatwa and the National Transition Council!

         On October 20, 2011, after being lynched and executed while attempting to flee the city of Syrte, Muammar Kdahafi was buried October 25, 2011, in the desert to a secret location so as not to serve as a place of pilgrimage.
Three religious leaders, supporters of Muammar Gaddafi, prayed and performed a religious ceremony before burial.
This is consistent with the implementation of the fatwa that struck Gaddafi since February 21, 2011.
While the Western newspapers speculating on the death of the old Libyan, the UN requires an investigation of a death directly, the president of the CNT said the new Libya will now be governed by Sharia (it had been restored by Gaddafi in Libya in 1993) as "basic law", adding however that the Libyans are moderate Muslims.
This automatically includes the sacred and binding as the Fatwa death sentence for one who is hit!
He who is struck by the fatwa has no right to be buried in a Muslim cemetery alongside the fair. In his will, Muammar Gaddafi asked to sit in Sirte, his hometown after a prayer.
The rest to strengthen the fatwa, the head of Gaddafi was a price to $ 1,700,000 for the one who would capture or kill him. This implies that the person or persons who will never betray executed or prosecuted by the Libyan courts or even international!
"According to Sharia, the one who says halal or allowed what God said haram or forbidden, such as killing innocent people, becomes Kafir Murtadd Mustahil is to say, apostate, for trying to make halal (istihlal) the killing of innocent crime expressly prohibited by the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ... "

The Fatwa of Sheikh Qaradawi, president of the IUMS.

Sheikh Qaradawi, president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), issued a fatwa ordering the Libyan army to kill Gaddafi
Here are excerpts from the speech of Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, which aired on Al-Jazeera February 21, 2011.
"... Libyan society has no parliament, or Shura Council, or political party or institution ..."
Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi: The truth is that I do not want to tell Gaddafi, because we always request as reasonable people. Unreasonable people should not be addressed. [Or] and man is more reasonable. For a long time he's crazy.
Signs of madness: the fact that he wanted to be a philosopher, he has produced some theories, like Marx and Mao Zedong ... He invented the third theory ...
We have seen his strange behavior. He became the laughing stock of all Arab summits. This is the joker [group]. He travels the world dressed up in colorful clothes, carrying his tent over the entire surface of the globe - no matter what it costs - in which he welcomes visitors.
This is in addition to the lifestyle he has imposed on the Libyan society, which has no parliament, or Shura Council, or political party or institutions ... He represents that [all] institutions. He is everything and nothing. He said: "I am not a president." So what are you?
If you are truly [the father's] people, where is your compassion towards him? You claim to be a commander and a father but a father Who kills his children? He comes to a commander to kill his soldiers? And in this way! (...)

"Are you going to sacrifice a people for a fool?"

         "This man is not even worth that I spoke to him. I thought that his son had a modicum of common sense ... His name is Seif al-Islam ["the sword of Islam"], but it is the sword of the pre-Islamic ignorance. He wants to draw up the tribes against each other. Allah be praised, the tribes have thrown in the trash.

Therefore, I appeal to the Libyan army, which is certainly endowed with faith, manliness and honor. [The soldiers] should not attack their own people. Who massacred his own people! Will you sacrifice a people for a fool?!
It is forbidden to obey a human being in contempt of the Creator. If the army was ordered to attack the people with planes, I say he should not obey. Instead, he must attack the one who gave that order.
Anyone in the army can shoot over him, and ridding the country and the people of his person, must do.
So I issue a fatwa here to officers and soldiers who are able to kill Muammar Al-Qaddafi: Anyone of them can shoot over him, and ridding the country and the people of his person, should. This man wants to exterminate the people, and I therefore protects the people.
I declare that all who can shoot, and relieve us, as well as Libya and its great people, evil and danger of this man should. "

Why does Sharia afraid the West.

“Sharia is broken down into men who interpret it. And then a thousand and one ways. Sharia Taliban or Saudi wahaabite is a type of version, the Sharia in Turkey, is a different version. A woman was prime minister in Turkey. Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well.
Sharia is a body of texts rigid. What changes is the interpretation by men and women. More men and women are educated, the less they are inspired by sharia to the letter - without cutting off heads, hands or arms. Plus they are backward, the more they will not be up to greet the non Taliban, Wahabi not, do not say hello to the Christians hate the Jews and Christians, to make war. It is the jihad until the conversion of the whole earth. In short, the look on the implementation of Sharia is based on your culture and your openness." Antoine Basbous, Director of the Observer of Muslim Countries answers in La Libre Belgique.

mardi 25 octobre 2011

France: V. Giscard d'Estaing was awarded the "Too Virilo" prize 2009.

On November 9, 2009, the price "Too Virilo" in 2009 which recognizes "the most vivid testosterone surge of the Year" was awarded to Valery Giscard d'Estaing for his novel "The Princess and the President," published by Fallois-XO in 2009, announced the jury.
Awarded since 2007 in parallel to Prix Femina by a group of fans wearing fake mustaches literature, prices and Virilo Too Virilo want to point the "grotesque" juries "sexed or community."
"Whereas we have for the first time an immortal in the finalists, who has written a book out to ruin memories of Chirac. Whereas the other purpose of this book is to hold forth he could sleep with Lady Di, "the price too Virilo 2009 is attributed in the first round to Valery Giscard d'Estaing, organizers said in the corridors of the Hotel Crillon in Paris.
In his novel published in September, he tells the love of a princess, much like Lady Diana (1961-1997) and a French president.
British public opinion relayed by the press hesitated between "hilarity and curiosity" in the words of the newspaper "The Guardian".
This is his second novel after "The passage", published by Robert Laffont in 1994 that was the laughing stock of the critics.
Before his election to the French Academy, Maurice Druot, former permanent secretary of the venerable institution said: "An old friend of Bokassa can succeed Senghor?".
Born February 2, 1926, Valery Giscard d'Estaing was president of the French Republic on May 27, 1974 to May 21, 1981.
On December 11, 2003, he succeeded former president of Senegal, Leopold Sedar Senghor (1906-2001) to the French Academy (chair 16).

Armenia / United Arab Emirates: An Armenian deputy arrested for theft.

On January 16, 2005, Hakob Hakobian (1963), nicknamed Pup, a member of the city of Etchmiadzin in Armenia since 1999, his son and his friend Hrand Davdian were arrested in United Arab Emirates for committing a larceny in the shop "Wafi Mall" in Dubai, according to the Armenian daily Haykakan Zhamanak.
The newspaper said that they bought for $ 24,000 of clothing but paid only 16,000 dollars to the fund in cash.
           Police said she had inspected their hotel room and within hours had found the stolen business.
People's Party member, pro Kocharian, he was in the past, the owner of one of the largest and most watches banks of Armenia.
"He and his son were released against a declaration that they would not leave the country until the end of the investigation," said Hamlet Gasparian, Spokesperson of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
         The wife of the deputy who accompanied him in the store was allowed to leave Dubai the day after the incident.
The name of Hakobian made ​​the headlines in the fall when it conflicts with the president of the National Assembly Arthur Baghdasaryan and Orinats Yerkir.
Both sides accused each other of corruption and illegal activities.
Hakobian is not the first Armenian deputy to be arrested abroad. Tatul Manaserian, the opposition Justice bloc spent nearly two months in a U.S. prison in 2004 after a violent altercation with his wife, living in California.

lundi 24 octobre 2011

Cyprus: Who stole the body of President Papadopoulos?

On December 11, 2009, the remains of the former Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos, who died December 15, 2008, was stolen in the cemetery of Deftera, near Nicosia reported the Public Television, denouncing a "heinous crime".
         The desecration of the coffin and theft of the body in the cemetery of Deftera, were found Friday morning by a guard whose mission is to light a candle every day at the grave of the former president.
         The family of Tassos Papadopoulos immediately went to the scene and the police chief Cypriot Michalis Papageorgiou, who oversees the survey, said CNA.
         A security cordon was established around the desecrated grave, taking a few tens of meters to a few people Deftera came despite the rain to see a scene, some in tears.
         "I can not imagine what kind of character can commit a horrible crime,"
said Andros Kyprianou, leader of communist Akel party in power.
         The theft of the body, called a "heinous crime" by Diko, the former center-right party of Mr. Papadopoulos, on the eve of the commemoration of the death of the former president.
         Born in Nicosia in January 1934, Tassos Papadopoulos, a heavy smoker, died December 12, 2008 as the result of lung cancer.
         He was beaten nine months earlier in the presidential election won by Communist Demetris Christofias.
         During his five-year term, he was an uncompromising defender of the Greek Cypriot cause in the face of attempts to resolve the partition of the island.
         "He was a leader of the Greeks of Cyprus, he has served with dedication and passion",
stressed the Greek Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis Alexandrou (2004-2009).
         In 2004, Papadopoulos, a lawyer trained in London, appeared in tears in front of television cameras to urge his countrymen to reject the reunification plan carried by the Secretary General of the UN the time, Kofi Annan.
         Commemorate the first anniversary of the death of former President of the Republic of Cyprus, Tassos Papadopoulos, was held Saturday with a requiem in the Church of Saint Nicolas Deftera Kato, celebrated by the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos II, to a huge crowd gathered in the emotion but also in a stupor the night before the theft of the remains of the deceased!
         The body was found March 8, 2010 at the cemetery in Nicosia with an anonymous phone call, but the FBI, Scotland Yard, the Greek and Israeli Police have not identified the perpetrators!

Japan / France: Cannibal in France, Japan Star

On June 11, 1981, Issei Sagawa (born 1949), son of a wealthy industrialist and studying Japanese literature at the Sorbonne, shot his colleague Dutch Hartevelt Renee's (24) and takes his body more than 7 pounds of flesh it consumes before being arrested.
He says the police to the crime squad in Paris: "If I had a freezer, you would not have found ...".
Remanded in custody, it is submitted for a year at a psychiatric contradictory done at his irresponsibility but recommended his detention.
On March 30, 1983, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière, agrees with the experts and pronounces an order of dismissal under section 64 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Issei Sagawa was imprisoned for one year from the prison of Health in Paris in a unit for difficult patients before being transferred to Japan, recommended an internment. In Tokyo, he was interned in the hospital Matsuzawa. and leaves fourteen months later.
A new panel of experts said the responsibility for his actions, but no case in France gave a finality to the Japanese authorities to re-trial.
It benefits from the gap between French and Japanese legal systems, including his father, a powerful industrial to the material time, was able to play to get his son home, then get him out of the hospital.           
Released August 13, 1985, he moved freely in Yokohama, where he became a celebrity in Japan.
 He published three books with evocative titles: "I would be eaten," "I'm sorry to be alive" and "The ones I want to kill" and is published four books about him. He becomes an actor in pornographic films, appears in commercials and clips of anime television programs.
He recently told a German television: "The spirit of Japan is very different from the rest of the world. The Japanese fail gradually as society changes. The Europeans, never forget. While in Japan I became a clown, here in Europe, I am a cannibal. On the one hand, he said again, I regret having killed Renee, but then again, I was right: It was really good . "