mercredi 30 novembre 2011

Indonesia: A president, military, academic, poet and musician.

The President of Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono "SBY" (born 1949) elected September 20, 2004 and re-elected June 8, 2009 is a complete musician coupled with a poet.         
Retired general, he earned a master's degree at Webster University in the United States in 1991 and a Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Bogor Agricultural University in 2004.
         Since his election in 2004, during his spare time, SBY has written ten songs varieties listed on an album launched in October 2007 in Indonesia.
         Lasting 30 minutes, the album titled "My longing for you",
interpreted by local stars. Among the titles included "The sun shines", "A song in the moonlight" or "The power of God."
Its selling price is 200,000 rupees or $ 22.
         The president is on the cover of the album, an acoustic guitar in hand. Sometimes he pushes the song at public events. He is also author of the poems.

mardi 29 novembre 2011

When Osama bin Laden inspired poems "The African Garbo", his mistress!

Naima Bint Harith, Kola Boof is called the daughter of Harith Bin Farouk Egyptian archaeologist and Somali Jidda, born March 3, 1972 in Omdurman in Sudan.
         She is 9 years old when his parents die murdered before his eyes for denouncing slavery in Southern Sudan. She was raised by a grandmother, Najet Kolbooker, which makes it adopted by an Ethiopian in London before it was adopted by Melvin and Claudine Johnson, an African American couple living in Anacostia Park, near Washington, DC.
In her autobiography "Diary of a Lost Girl" describes her intimate relations with the Islamic terrorist, Osama bin Laden in Marrakech, Morocco in 1996 (she was kidnapped and forced to be the mistress of it!) for six months.
         In 1998, she was sentenced to death by the networks of Osama Bin Laden. She later received numerous death threats from Islamists including the Fatwa of Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed of the Court of Sharia law in Khartoum, Sudan.
His writing career began in 1997 when businessman Russom Damba finance his first collection of poems "Every Little Bit Hurts."
She is divorced mother of two children and lives in California in the United States under the protection of the police.
         Dubbed the "African Garbo" by the New York Times, she campaigned against slavery in Sudan, against Islam and the rights of Muslim women. She is a poet, short story writer and novelist.
His bibliography include:
-Every Little Bit Hurts (collection of poems), 1997.
Long Train to the Redeeming Sin: Stories About African Women, Door of Kush, 2001.
-Diary of a Lost Girl (autobiography), Door of Kush, 2003.
-Flesh and the Devil (with Said Musa), Door of Kush, 2004.
Nile River Woman, novel, Door of Kush, 2004.

Russia: The shocking fate of the red princess .

Daughter of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and (USSR) from 1964 until his death November 10, 1982, GalinaBrezhnev Leonidovna born in 1929.
            An only child, She grew, in a privileged setting, surounded bydoting affection of his father. She studied at the Pedagogical Institute and the State University Dnepropetrovsky of Kishenev in Moldova.
In 1951, she married a circus acrobat in Kishenev. In 1959, She decidedto marry on the sly old wizard a circus 15 years her senior that wrong with his fellow circus.
            His father did annul the marriage and decides to marry her to Yuri Churbanov, Senior Vice-Minister of the Interior of the USSR.            
 Involved in several scandals, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
After the death of his father 10 November 1982, she loses her powerful protector and poured into alcohol and debauchery.
            She divorced With Yuri Churbanov while serving his prison sentence.
Fond of luxury and champagne, she sinks into alcoholism before dying June 30, 1998 in a psychiatric clinic.

Japan: Prime Minister's wife was a Venusian.

Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama (born 1947) had said on television that she had been transported in a flying saucer on Venus (The very strange things that I have met) and she had known the American actor Tom Cruise in a previous life. Tom Cruise played in "The Last Samurai" was filmed in Japan in 2003.
Ms. Hatoyama was born in Shanghai in 1943 to Japanese parents in the days when Japan occupied parts of China and raised in the great port city of Kobe (center-west).
Former actress, Miyuki danced and sang for the magazine in the 60 Takarazuka, an all-female troupe before moving to the United States with her first husband, a Japanese restaurant.
         She then meets Yukio Hatoyama in California where he was preparing a PhD at Stanford University. They married in 1975. Their only son, Kiichiro, 33, is an engineer and worked as a researcher in Moscow.
She is author of several books on macrobiotic cuisine, including: "the spiritual nourishment of Miyuki Hatoyama" or "spiritual food recipes Hawaiian." She also advises her husband on his image.
The First Lady of Japan admitted that she had learned to dress, to campaign and act as the wife of a politician in order with his stepmother Yasuko, daughter of the founder of tire maker Bridgestone.
"I feel relieved to come home, it recharges my batteries, my sun," Yukio Hatoyama welcomed recently.
The Democratic Party of Japan, led by Yukio Hatoyama, won a landslide victory in elections on August 30, 2009, winning 308 of 480 seats in the lower house. Coming to power ended the domination exercised by the almost uninterrupted Liberal Democratic Party for more than half a century.
Unpopular, he resigned June 2, 2010.

Poland: Logo of a homophobic far-right party approved.

In late October 2011, the Party NOP (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski) or "Party for the rebirth of Poland," far-right party has managed to polish accept its logo somewhat indecent shaped road sign, a feature bar drawing evoking a sexual act between two men, has been approved by the Polish courts. The slogan of the party is just as daring "Zaka Pedalowani" that can be translated as "Tartouzerie prohibited."
         The Polish party does not hide his homophobia when throughout Europe, parliaments vying to vote for sanctions against abuses against homosexuals.
         Some members of the Polish opposition, spoke out against the party and believe that the NOP symbols refer directly to the tradition of intolerance fascist, neo-Nazi and xenophobic "insists Robert Biedron, one of the few openly gay members of the Parlement and founding of the NGO "campaign against homophobia."
         Obviously gay associations including the Polish LGBT organizations have strongly condemned the decision of the Polish courts.
         Poland, homeland of the late Pope John Paul II, a member of the European Union it not infringe the European Convention on Human Rights condemning discrimination based on sex?
         Two out of three Poles against manifestations for LGBT rights, 80% are opposed to gay marriage and 90% adoption by same-sex couples.
         The official organ of the NOP is "Szczerbiec (name of the sword of the coronation of King of Poland)". Founded November 10, 1981 by Adam Gmurczyk, it has been approved as a political party in 1992 and between 800 and 1,500 militants are mostly skinheads.
         During the 2005 parliamentary elections, it received 7,000 votes (0.06%). The founder of the NOP defines democracy "as the power of a handful of populist or special interest groups, who think only their own welfare, not the good of the people."
         The NOP relatively close ties with Britain and the German neo-Nazi party NPD.

lundi 28 novembre 2011

USA: The strange dream of Abraham Lincoln.

The President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1895) got some friends in the White House. He began to tell them how a dream troubled him.
"It's amazing, he says to see the importance of dreams in the Bible. In sixteen chapters of the Old Testament, mention of dreams and many other passages in the Bible refer to visions. If we believe what the Bible says, we should accept that many things come to our attention by dreams.
The other night, I made that one since then continues to haunt me. I heard sobs, as if many people were crying softly, but the crowd tearful me invisible. I went into another room, there was no one, yet the same sounds of weeping followed me as I went along. Every object was familiar to me but I could not see anywhere the people who were in despair as if their heart would break. I was intrigued and worried. When I entered the East Room, a surprise shook my heart. Before me there was a catafalque on which rested a corpse under a shroud. All around, the soldiers seemed to stand guard and a multitude of people gazed sadly the body, whose face was hidden. It must be someone important for there to be as much about the soldiers, "I told myself.
          "Who died in the White House?, I asked a soldier."
“The President " he said to me, adding"He was murdered”.
         A long sigh of sorrow is then mounted to the crowd and it woke me up. It's a dream, said President Lincoln, but he strangely troubled; going! Forget it. "
A little after ten o'clock tonight Friday April 14, 1885, Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate supporter.

France / Italy: Carla Bruni was outraged by Berlusconi.

In 2008, during a visit to Moscow, the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi spoke of the new U.S. president said: "He is young, handsome and tanned".
These statements have not been laughing her compatriot Carla Bruni, wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy: "When I hear Silvio Berlusconi taken lightly and joke about the fact that Obama is always tanned, it makes me feel funny. we put that on account of humor ... But often, I am very pleased to have become French! "she said in an interview with the french Journal du Dimanche.
         On reading these words, former president of the Italian Republic, Francesco Cossiga mocked first lady of France, saying: "We are also glad that she is not Italian, I would say the more we 're happy! But who knows, in his tumultuous life, Carla may be one day taken to re-apply for Italian citizenship. "
What has not seeing out the Jubilee Cavaliere (75 years) out of the Quirinal, the office of President Giorgio Napolitano by a back door under the jeers ("Resignation," "Mafia," "Shame" and "Jester" ) hundreds of Romans November 12, 2011 after 16 years of governance unusual in Italy?
         The last Italian Prime Minister to have been so humiliated by the people is a certain Benito Mussolini, executed and hanged by the legs with his mistress, Clara Petacci in Piazzale Loreto (now Piazza Martiri Quindici) in Milan April 29, 1945 .
         Sylvio Berlusconi's opponents will remember they ever original of the epitaph for the tomb of the "Duce" to Predappio:
"Finally, O Duce, you are with us. We will cover you with roses, but the smell of your virtue will overpower the smell of roses. "

dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Egypt: Sitt al-Mulk "The lady of power".

Adored daughter of the fifth Imam Fatimid Caliph al-Aziz (975-1020) and a jarya Christian Byzantine origin, born in 970. His name means "the lady of power"
         She spent her childhood in the palace of the Sea (Qasr al-Bahr) and receives a gift in addition to the palace of his childhood, the golden palace (Qasr ad-Dahab).
         From an early age, she is associated with power by his father who transmits his courage and tolerance.
She underwent the jealousy of his younger brother al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, who succeeded to his father at eleven years immediately after his death during an expedition against the Byzantine October 14 996.
         The young caliph to deify (all those who hear his name must bow down and kiss the ground) when it is adorned with jewels and the most extravagant finery. He terrorized Cairo by the dictates unacceptable.
He ordered the artisans and traders to work nights and sleep during the day so he could walk at night in a lively and informed. He cut down all the dogs in Cairo that prevent him from sleeping at night.         
He forbids women to laugh, cry and above all to go out into the streets. He attacked Jews and Christians that humiliates and persecutes before ruin.
In 1020, he gave the order to loot and to burn al-Fustat (Old Cairo) covered with insults against him because he was so hated. On February 13, 1021, when he disappears during a night walk to Mount Mukattam probably murdered on the orders of his sister Sitt al-Mulk, the population is his accomplice. She came to power, thus ensuring the regency of his nephew, a child called "ad-Dhahir (the highly visible)."
         She pacifies the country and puts the order into the economy. She is admired by the Egyptians largely due to his sense of justice.         
She reigns over the kingdom of Fatimid Egypt in 1021 until his death in 1024.

Mali: A secret society become cultural heritage of humanity!

         The Company Korèdugaw rite of wisdom from Mali was listed by UNESCO in the List of Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This is a first in postcolonial Africa since the signing of the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity ratified on 20 June 2007. In Africa especially, cults, rituals, cultural movements, religious, were strongly opposed and often destroyed in the name of the doctrine of the Christian Church, which regarded them as satanic manifestations. Simply wearing a carnival mask culture was considered a sin by the missionary.
         On November 24, 2001, the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity has also been enhanced also breathing and circulatory Mongolian Yaokwa ritual of the people Enawene Nawe Amazon of Brazil, designed to maintain social order and cosmic .

The Korèdugaw, a hermetic sect.

         Korèdugaw is the cultural movement that has its rules, laws and philosophy. What is the definition of a cult in Africa. We do not know the origin nor the date of its foundation, much less the founder. It is widespread in the cultural area Bamanan a people strong tendency to occupy the animist regions of Segou, Sikasso, Koulikoro and Bamako.          The philosophy of Korèdugaw who campaigned for its recognition is based on respect for others, the easing of all conflict situations. In short, the cultural movement provides its members, joy, mutual understanding and an atmosphere of good social intelligence.          Which is rather rare in other African secret societies in general are based on heavy taboos and severe penalties against their laws and ceremonies, which often pay in magico-religious rituals.

The symbols and rituals Korèdugaw.

         When looking at the outfit Korèduga, two feelings invade you: the urge to laugh or hate it. With its long chain studded seeds of a vine, he looks like an evil clown. The seeds of many colors correspond to the years of the wearer. The plant itself is a medicinal plant known in Mali against poison and the venom of snakes. Besides the seeds, it is other ritual objects such as wooden ladle used by the Korèduga to eat a boiled food.
         In addition they have a token of respect hornbill. Two raptors considered harmless. Indolent and left, they only eat the flesh of animals already dead. The cap of korèduga is naturally feather "Duga / vulture" or hornbill. Wearing this hat is a sign of wisdom, as also protects hair from sun and heat.
         The long ladle hanging on her necklace symbolizes the abundance of food. This ladle never washes yet Korèduga can not eat boiled food without using it for fear of poisoning. The Korèdugaw is a society marked by mistrust and caution.
         The large bag hanging over his shoulder contains recipes and valuable gifts. The Korèduga think the world is wrapped in a bag and no one has the right to search the bag of his neighbor. It also has a whistle or horn used during ceremonies to silence before disclosing his message.

The vulture, the symbol of the wisdom of korèduga *.

         The Korèduga lend the vulture essential virtues: has resigned, forgiveness, passivity and wisdom. It can live for very many years, generally up to forty years. The vulture has a smell and hearing that possess very few creatures on earth.
         In the air or perched on top of a tree or a rock, he can feel and see a carcass 80 km radius. His stomach contains antibodies that destroy viruses and bacteria carrion. Hence the use of all parts of the body to treat various diseases by the holders of the occult.
Important role in social korèdugaw Bamanan.
         Cultural movement with no religious overtones, the event seems a Korèdugaw animist, but it is not. By its festive aspect, it looks like a folkloric, yet it is not. It is a cultural movement that profoundly educational. The scavenger which serves as a symbol refers to the image of man docile, ready to accept his kind. The korèdugaw is essentially based on the respect for hierarchy, age and submission to established social rules. It embodies righteousness, wisdom, humility and good behavior.
         Medically, the korèduga can eat any food without getting sick or intoxicated because he has very good remedies against intoxication, poisoning, etc..

A first in Africa raises the lid of a Pandora's box.

         Africa has a very little explored cultural heritage and difficult to spread. As the wealth of its subsoil, its cultural richness needs to be explored, exploited, cataloged and developped. The Korèdugaw is ultimately a grain of sand in the vastness of the African cultural wisdom.
         Each clan, each tribe, each region, each country in Africa has its sources of wisdom that often allows a peaceful coexistence of its members beyond the principles state may generate disorder and violence.
         The day this "cave of Ali Baba" will be explored thoroughly, humanity will have far more powerful tools to safeguard lasting peace that the international agreements or the United Nations Charter.
         The non-compliance with human rights, migration, wild, disease and endemic diseases, tsunamis, floods, famines, genocides, civil wars in Africa are caused by poor compliance with the laws of nature, the breakdown of social balance, economic exploitation, wild, etc.. Control of each cultural environment is the basic principle of wisdom.
         To move smoothly, Africa must find the wisdom it loses daily consumption of a modern blind master it poorly and never replace his true ancestral values ​​often millennia.
* The vulture was the object of a cult in Egyptian mythology: Mut, which symbolizes the values ​​and maternal Nekbet representing Upper Egypt.

vendredi 25 novembre 2011

France / Wales: There's no shorter name in the World!

The Town of  "Y" (pronounced "i") in Picardy in the department of the Somme (80) in France has the shortest name of the World. It is located between Peronne and Ham, overlooking the valley of the Somme. Its inhabitants are called "Ypsilonien (ne) s or Yssois (es)."
         “Y "has an area of ​​2.73 km2 and is twinned with the town on behalf considerably longer than his own, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in the Isle of Anglesey in north Wales in Britain. In Welsh, the name means "the church of St. Mary in the hollow of white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the church of Saint Tysilio near the red cave ".

jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Germany/D. R. of Congo: Atone for the sins of his father in Congo.

The eldest son of Martin Ludwig Bormann, the alter ego of Adolf Hitler and Gerda Buch, Martin Bormann Adolf Jr., godson of Adolf Hitler  who was nicknamed "Krönzi (Crown Prince)" was born April 14, 1930.
         He is a terrorised child. He never forgot his visit to the mistress of Heinrich Himmler in 1944 with headquarters office in human bones and the cover of his "Mein Kampf / My Struggle for Hitler" in human skin from concentration camp of Dachau and other objects of art in human bones and lampshades of human skin!
         From 1940 to 1945, he participated in the Nazi Academy of Bavaria.
         At the end of the war, he fled without his parents and is rescued by a peasant family in Salzburg, Austria. This Christian charity led him to be baptized in 1947. The same year he was recognized and briefly imprisoned.
In 1953 he was ordained a priest in Austria and entered the order of the Missionaries of the Sacred heart of Jesus (French congregation). He worked several years in the Belgian Congo, where in 1964 he was taken hostage by the Mulelists rebels .
         On November 28, 1964, he was discharged from the Congo in Brussels by the Belgian-American troops with 26 other missionaries. In 1969, he suffered a serious car accident and cared for by a nun, Sister Cordula.
         In 1971, after the Vatican's refusal to assign him to Latin America, he unfrocked and married with Cordula.  He became professor of religion, philosophy and theology.
         In 1992 he retired and devoted himself to defending the victims of the Holocaust and the fight against denial of the Shoa.

Belgium/RDC: The real destroyer of the Congo Free State.

French official's son, Edmund Morel de Ville and the British Emmeline Horne, Edmond Dene Morel, whose real name was Georges Eduard Pierre Achille de Ville, born July 18 1873 Avenue d'Eylau in Paris. He lost his father at four years and was raised by his mother and stepfather. Her mother Emmeline Deville then worked as a teacher in order to send his son to "Madras House School" at Eastbourne in the county of East Sussex and the "Bedford Modern School" in the county of Bedfordshire, Great Britain.
In 1888 he abandoned his studies and worked as a clerk in a bank Parisian. In 1891, he was hired as a clerk by the "Elder Dempster," a shipping company in Liverpool which had the monopoly of exports from the Congo Free State between Boma and Antwerp.

The odious traffic of Leopold II.
Based in Antwerp, he was struck by the inequality of trade conducted between the Congo and Belgium. From Congo, are mainly rubber and ivory, while from Belgium only leave weapons, ammunition and soldiers sent to the Congo. In addition note that the numbers do not match the trade statistics published in the Official Journal of the Congo Free State. When reporting these anomalies, he is pressurized and Leopold II tried to bribe him. He concludes that it is dealing with slavery pure and simple.

The influence of two women: Mary Richardson and Mary Henrietta Kingsley.
He obtained British nationality after five years of efforts. He anglicized his name to "Edmund Dene Morel," and marry Mary Richardson who will give him five children. Influenced by the ideas of the anthropologist Mary Henrietta Kingsley (1862-1900) whose works "Travels in West Africa (1892)" and "West Africa Studies (1899)" advocated the defense of indigenous Africans, he wrote articles critical of the "Foreign Office" that UK does nothing to promote decolonization in Africa.

The Association for the Reform of the Congo.
In 1903, he met the British Consul from EIC, the Irishman Roger Casement (1864-1916) with whom he founded January 24, 1904, the "Congo Reform Association," the first international movement in defense of human rights during the 20th century.
To make an international impact of their project, "Congo Reform Association" was inaugurated March 23, 1904 before an audience of more than a thousand prominent personalities (Deputies, Lords, Counts, Dignitaries of Churches, etc ...) . With its association, then he began a crusade against Leopold II, King of the Belgians and the owner of the Congo Free State. He organizes over 200 events for the Congo to the United States and nearly 300 events a year in England.
He published several articles in the "Speaker" under the revealing title of "The Congo Scandal." In 1903, he stepping down as editor of the "West Africa" to found the "West African Mail" in which the articles appear in several figures denouncing hard atrocities agents of Leopold II and the concessionary companies of the Independent State of Congo. Morel's accusations are based on documents, photos and irrefutable evidence from local informants, some of Nigeria as a young officer of the EIC, Hezekiah Andrew Shanu (1858-1905), paid with their lives that audacity.
In 1904 and 1906, he publishes two books, "King Leopold's Rule in Africa" ​​and "Red Rubber - The story of the rubber slave trade That flourished in Congo in the Year of Grace 1906 (1906)" that contribute greatly to the annexation of the Congo by Belgium in 1908. This international crusade earned him many admirers around the world, but also the hatred of Belgians and supporters of the Belgian monarch.

The international opprobrium of the Congo Free State.
Under pressure from the United States of America and especially his cousin, King Edward VII of England (1841-1910) who wanted "The Congolese government governs with humanity in the spirit of the Berlin conference," HM Leopold II ordered the creation of an "impartial" international commission of inquiry.
Created July 24, 1904, is chaired by the attorney general of the Belgian Court of Cassation, Emile Janssens, Baron Italian Giacomo Nisco, former counsel to the Court of Appeal of Naples and Acting President of the Court of Appeal Boma since 1897, the Catholic lawyer Swiss Edmund von Schumacher, advise of the Canton of Lucerne, a member of the Committee on Justice (who died shortly after), brother of the Belgian Consul in Lucerne. The rapporteur of the Committee was Denym Victor, deputy public prosecutor in Antwerp, assisted by a British interpreter secretary, Henry Gregory, cousin of Emile Janssens. The commission is staying in the Congo on 5 October 1904 and February 21, 1905 survey of Boma in Stanleyville (Kisangani). For the first time the Congolese victims had expressed.
The Committee does not have to prove the innocence of the officers of the Independent State of Congo and the Anglo-Belgian Indian Rubber (ABIR). Thus, the International Commission of Inquiry dispatched to Congo in 1904 and 1905 acknowledged that soldiers had been instructed to cut off the hands of the natives in order to demonstrate the proper use of cartridges supplied.
Outraged, his opponents and parliamentarians Belgian Socialists demanded outright annexation of Congo by Belgium. A humiliation for the Belgian monarch who cried until his death December 17, 1909 its "inalienable right of the Congo, the fruit of his labor."
Indeed, in 1905, exploitation of the Congo had reported between 125 million and 500 million euros today. That is to say, triple the public debt of 150 million francs (never repaid) it had contracted for its operation.
But in return, the Holocaust had taken at least 10 millions Congolese or half the population! This is one of the greatest genocide of modern times.
At his funeral Dec. 22, 1909, his funeral procession passed through Brussels in the rain and booing. Leopold was the most hated man in the time. But Belgium was in need of his myth to colonize the Congo! Colonial propaganda made ​​a civilization leader, a political genius, a visionary, a builder king ... !

Challenger of Winston Churchill.
After the liquidation of the "Congo Reform Association" in 1913, Morel continues to write books. In 1904, with two other peace activists from the liberal party: Normal Angell (1872-1967) of the Liberal Party and James Ramsey MacDonald (1866-1937) of Labour Party, he founded the "Union of Democratic Control," a political party opposed to the entry of the United Kingdom in the First World War. In 1917, he was sentenced for his political opinions to six months that he served at the London prison of Pentonville.
In April 1918, he joined the "Independent Labour Party." In 1922, 1923 and 1924 he was elected to the Commons after defeating a certain Winston Churchill (1874-1965) in Dundee (Scotland). Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize at age 51, he died of a heart attack on a farm near Bovey Tracey in the county of Devonshire November 12, 1924.
"Two generations will succeed before the wounds are healed the Congo," he predicted.