mardi 31 janvier 2012

Switzerland: Geneva lawyer Marc Bonnant, master of words.

"Language is an integral part of thought. We think in words. We think with words. We think in the language. " Marc Bonnant *.

The exemplary normality of Mark Muller* .

The future president of the Franks and some alien tribes campaigned on the theme of normality. Aware of whether or stratagem designed by some offices in charge of the communication, regardless of the argument focused.
Adding, as befits the image to the word, Mr. François Hollande was photographed near a shopping mall perched on a moped bike, helmet. An air fool. Population at the seams. Polls have shuddered. The rating of the candidate he is found immediately strengthened.
Historians and philosophers have theorized the banality of evil. In sociology today to comment on the virtue of banality.
The ordinary man like. Only someone who looks like together. That may be what democracy: government of moderates, by the moderate.
Only self-oriented to drive the City that other myself ... modest.
The “turba mecanica” is soothed, and the ash, between them the number there's something.
It is not clear, this finding is, the doom reserved for Mark Muller.
Imagine the facts: our state councilor is nabbed as he is “irrume” a casserole or woman of his life in an alternate moves right bank. It was Christmas Eve. Festive jig. The aedile Geneva would have assuaged the toilet staff. Bad taste. Behavior not moved, but downgraded.
         The only criticism we can make it. It is true that long ago, the Liberal Party is no longer that of the patricians, mindful of the social hierarchies and ... urinals.

He blow the impudent boor.

A bartender, Protestant and bashful, as befits any tavern holding, takes offense at the scene or simply enraged not be the officiant. He tance advise state and reprimanded the damsel of value judgments too quick.
Knightly, Mark Muller responds: the right hand, he rebraguette of the disaster, he blow the impudent boor. Nothing in the skit-likely instruction is being-that of the ordinary. Mark Muller has come to power because he is a man like other men. A being of flesh. It is normal for elected stands. Subject to the subordinate place of its games, just very ordinary, then copy that, given the prevailing ideology.
One would have welcomed this behavior precisely because he is common.
Now that's the press decides otherwise. Unanimously. This is not one of my least surprise to see that, despite the plurality of tracks, the identity of the media, all media combined. Same approach, even modest references, even minimalist, or needy, even moral to two bullets. Their criticism is a conformist.
The ancients distinguished the authority of power. It depends on the status, this one to be. The authority is inherent in the function, the authority to a certain intensity of man. The media has definitely shifted from the authority in power. Today, they are important because they are not because of media and because those who are speech or pen would have some qualities or special gifts.

The beautiful Esther* suddenly Torquemada or Savonarola.

Journalists have the right to life and death on the event. They flush out, they give birth by making it known, they give the magnitude of the comment; consider and ultimately force the Justice who is blameless and ... fears that the public and his messengers.
There is no business Mark Muller. Specifically, there would be no business if journalists at the thought disconvenue had decided on the occasion of nothing, to relieve boredom: a subject can finally on the horizon of their dreary plain.
The Tribune de Genève has launched the quarry, Television Suisse Romande sounded the death. In a Tuesday night Infrared, the beautiful Esther, kind of this, suddenly Torquemada* or Savonarola * , for the fine art of its metamorphoses, delivered his indictment. In a rebellious spirit about everyone acquiesça. By docility, cowardice or political interest.
Irreversibly, the fate of Mark Muller has played well ... on a tray.
And as so often, alas, it is the journalists who have rolled the dice.

* Article published in "Sunday Morning" from January 29, 2012 penned by Marc Bonnant, born in 1944 in Ticino is former president and lawyer in Geneva. Dubbed the "Mozart of the bar," he is considered one of the best speakers in Switzerland. He is a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor and winner of the influence of the French.

* Mark Muller, born in 1964, a lawyer by training, is State Councillor of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, in charge of the department of buildings and information technology since December 2005.

* Girolama Savonarola, born in Florence in 1452, was a monk dominicain, scholastic. Influential contributor to the policy of Florence from 1494 until his execution in 1498. He preached vehemently against the moral corruption of most of the clergy during the renaissance. His main opponent, Rodrigo Borgia (1431-1503) was elected Pope in 1492 under the name of Alexander VI, by his death.

* Mrs Esther Mamarbachi is journalist to the "Télévision Suisse Romande"

* Tomas de Torquemada was born in Valladolid in 1420-1498), Spanish monk dominicain exercised the functions of the Grand Inquisitor of Spain from 1483 until his death in Avila in 1498.

lundi 30 janvier 2012

Kyrgyzstan: Start the year 2012 the mouth shut.

"If you are for the people, sew your mouth! If you are the future, sew your mouth! "

         There are many ways to express his displeasure. But the one adopted by prisoners Kirghiz is so original that it defies logic.
         Indeed, 640 of the 15,000 inmates incarcerated in 13 prisons across the country have challenged the administration to protest against their poor conditions of detention.
         They unanimously decided to sew the mouth with cotton yarn, synthetic or wire. Most affected is the detention center No. 1 in Bishkek, the capital of the country where 385 people have sewn their lips.
         Involved "the lack of food, overcrowding, lack of drugs and the fact that packages never come close to the destination,"
said the Ombudsman of the Kyrgyz Republic, Toursounbek Akoun.
         "They complain of being mistreated by prison guards, violations of their rights and demand better material conditions,"
said the mediator during a press conference in Bishkek.
         Azattyk require inmates to their cells as well as remain open so they can move freely in their prison.

Behind this move lies organized crime.

         The Kyrgyz authorities for their part said that the prisoner revolt was orchestrated by organized crime after the launch of "Operation Clean Hands"
in prisons in Kyrgyzstan Jan. 16, 2012, following the murder of a leader Mafia.
         "Those who make the hunger strike are unhappy because the government does not respond to their action they called-If you are for the people, sew your mouth! If you are the future, sew yourself mouth "
- said a spokesman for the Kyrgyz prison service (GSIN).
         They managed to raise their families, which manifest in different cities to support them.
         For the authorities, the detainees "have the right to be on hunger strike, no one force-feed"
joked the spokesman of the State Committee for monitoring the enforcement of sentences.
         "But the initiators of this movement are in fact the leaders of the criminal world",
he add.
         The real culprits are criminals who require to move freely within the prison to rescue the other prisoners, the money sent by their families.
Make war on crime, or rather the misery?

         "The authorities, the head of GSIN Cheïchenbek Baïzakov, decided to make war with the criminal world and restore order in prisons. The criminal world because it is resistant to its privileges,"
said the analyst Kyrgyz Abdygoul Tchotbaïev.
         For his part, the activist human rights Tolekan Ismailova stresses that detention conditions are very difficult for most prisoners, which she says feeds the current revolt.
         "The hunger strikers denounce inhumane conditions: no drugs, no decent food, no sheets, no soap. They are not treated as in prisons, there is no enough doctors, "
she insists.
         On January 28, 2012, prisoners were disjointed mouth without being sure of being right. They must now deal with the injuries they have inflicted on themselves.
         Since 2005, the prisons of the former Soviet republic is regularly the scene of riots, hunger strikes and acts of self-harm.
Kyrgyzstan is the second Central Asian countries in terms of poverty. Over 13% of the population lives below the poverty line set at one dollar a day.

         It is populated with 5,587,443 in 2011 with three quarters living in poverty, is independent of the Soviet Union since August 31, 1991 is run from 1 December 2011 by Amalzbek Sharshenovich Atambayev (born 1956) was Prime Minister from 2010.
         Of the Tulip Revolution in 2005 to 2010, the country has been subjected to the dictatorship of Kurmanbek Bakiev Saliyevich (former prime minister from 2000 to 2005) that was ousted in a bloody revolt.

dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Nigeria: Mrs. Stella Obasanjo died a few pounds less.

In September 2009, the Spanish surgeon Antonio Mena was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine for the death of Stella Obasanjo, wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.
The wife of President Obasanjo considered as the first lady of Nigeria died October 23, 2005 following a liposuction gone wrong.
Stella Obasanjo, born Abebe (60), one of the wives of President Olusegun Obasanjo since 1978, had visited the clinic Cosmetic Molding of Puerto Banos near Marbella, specializing in cosmetic surgery, to undergo liposuction of the abdomen.
She had left the operating room with injuries that proved fatal.
A court in Malaga found that the surgeon had failed to care and negligent.
At the trial of the surgeon who performed the operation, it was a tube used to remove fat was placed by mistake in the patient's abdominal cavity perforating his colon and lacerating his liver.
Mrs Obasanjo became seriously ill the day after the operation. According to prosecutors, when the first shots son to warn him that there were post-operative problems were gone, the surgeon did not respond to calls on his cell phone, and waited more than four hours for lead (in his car to him) in an intensive care unit at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella where she died an hour later. It could have been saved if his injuries were detected in time.
The surgeon, was sentenced to one year in jail for negligence. He was also forbidden to practice medicine for three years and required to pay 176,000 dollars to Olumuyiwa Obasanjo, the only son of Stella Obasanjo.
The prosecutor had asked for two years in prison and five-year ban on practicing medicine.
According to some experts, blood test or ultrasound would have been sufficient to detect internal injuries of Mrs Obasanjo.
Olusegun Obasanjo General Okikiolahan Matthew ran Nigeria from February 13, 1976 October 1, 1979 and February 27, 1999 to May 29, 2007.

Sao Tome & Principe: Why do you call it like this?

           Former Portuguese colony, Sao Tome and Principe is an archipelago in the South Atlantic in the Gulf of Guinea, 350 kilometers of Gabon. The archipelago consists of two large volcanic islands, the island of St. Thomas (Sao Tome) and Prince's Island (Principe), as well as small islands and islets.          The island of St. Thomas was named after the day of its discovery: it was accosted December 21, 1471, the day of Saint Thomas by Portuguese sailors João de Santarem and Pedro Escobar.          The smallest African country (850 km2 and Principe: 130 km2) is independent of Portugal since 1975. It always speaks mostly Portuguese, but also the Creole and English. The population of the archipelago is estimated at 165,000 Saotoméens.

samedi 28 janvier 2012

Guinea: Lethal Weapon of Sekou Toure.

Among the weapons policies of African leaders, the voice is irreplaceable. Of all the great orators, Ahmed Sekou Toure (1922-1984), former President of Guinea was unbeatable and the history of Africa will hold his breath, his wit and oratorical art of handling the language of Voltaire.
         A few weeks before his death during a heart operation at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States March 20, 1984, the Congolese have been the last to enjoy the privilege to listen him.
         During the toasts beginning on official dinner hosted by his counterpart of Zaire, Mobutu Sese Seko in Palace of the people, Sekou Toure spoke for six hours, from 20 am to 2 am.
         Clear voice, without fail, the speaker in white robe spoke about of everything from Guinea, Zaire, Africa, the West, capitalism, communism, etc..
         The guests hungry jaws yawning bark one's shins, and the television technicians Zaire collapsed on their cameras. The ladies fell asleep on the shoulders of their husbands, ministers and ambassadors.
Everyone was stunned, even the viewers were left on their television sets.
         No one understood how much a man could speak without reading, without hesitation, without tiring.
A few weeks after that memorable visit, Zairians learned the death of Sekou Toure in part caused by the extinction of his voice!

USA: The phobia of the number 666 of President Reagan and his wife Nancy.

         In 1989 the couple Nancy and Ronald Reagan moved into their new home in Bel-Air in Los Angeles. Everything is fine except one thing that bothers them a lot. The residence is located at 666, St. Cloud void. But it is a couple very superstitious. He fears that the 666 is not their curse. The couple decided to change it to 668 and can finally get into their new home with a light heart.

Greece should not have to join the European Union.

When Greece joined the euro, Orthodox monks take to the streets of Athens against the Greek government's decision and shouted to the demonization of Greece. The police intervened to disperse because their event attracted a crowd of curious and superstitious believers. Several signs in the European Union gave reason to the Greek monks.
For example originally a euro was worth 666.666 French Francs! the number 6 is used as a prefix in the mobile phone of the French. France is she still considered the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church?
Today, with the near collapse of Greece, which would not give to the monks of Athens. Despite the overwhelming support of the European Union, the financial failure of Greece Will it really be avoided? And the Greek Orthodox Church, which owns 90% of the country's land holdings (130 000 hectares of land to build, forests and beaches) which benefited from tax exemptions will now pay 20% of their income, 10% of donations in cash and 5% on legacies estate.

The euro and the number 666.666.

The fear “hexakosioihexekontahexaphobie” is the six hundred threescore and six. This phobia is rooted in the verse 1:18 p.m. in the Apocalypse of St. John. This verse indicates that the number 666 is the number of the beast, which is none other than Satan or the Antichrist. Outside the Christian faith, the phobia was popularized as a symbol of the devil in many horror films.

The longest word in the French vocabulary.

It consists of 29 letters. The “hexakosioihexekontahexaphobie” also fear even indirect references to that number. Even in the fraction 2 / 3, we obtain an infinite decimal expansion repeat number 6, and they read as 0.666, 666, 666.
Some “hexakosioihexekontahexaphobes” avoid having to use the fractions including the repetition of decimal places. Others feel that getting a set of six poker is a sign of bad luck, even if it can be considered a pretty good hand.

Superstitions related to the 666 as figure of the Antichrist.

            On December 24, 1906, the first radio broadcast (transmission by amplitude modulation "AM") and his voice was performed on 666 kHz.
         That day may be bad luck to neutralize the 666, its Canadian inventor Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, born October 6, 1866 in Bolton-Est Quebec, surrounded by a small crew, his wife and his secretary at Brant Rock (Massachusetts), began by reading the verse two of the Gospel of St. Luke before wishing a Merry Christmas to all marine radios and captains who captures and then a nice swing music (Handel's Largo, Holy Night, a Christmas song, played on violin).
         His radio show was picked up across the Atlantic Ocean to Norfolk, Virginia (800 km).
         Superstitious, the Americans immediately banned the transmission of the "voice of the devil 666 kHz" by passing a law regulating. The 666 kHz was assigned to the finding by triangulation (calculation of the position of vessels). It was not until 1927 that the frequency 666 kHz was again allowed to transmit radio broadcasts.

And Today

Women expressed concern about the fact of giving birth to a child 6 June 2006.
In 2006, the BBC listed the "hexakosioihexekontahexaphobie" and its definition as the 64th among 100 things that "it was not known last year at the same time."
In 2007, the BBC spoke of the inhabitants of the town of Reeves, Louisiana (United States) which could now choose to change local telephone prefix 666 to 749 after several years of requests.
Collections of worship songs published by YWAM do not have a song No. 666.
The automaker Peugeot has replaced its car model by the 605 model 607 to avoid the model 606 which was reminiscent of 666, so non-commercial.

At the head of 666 followers.

King Solomon, the richest man of all time.

Son of King David and Bathsheba his wife reigned over Israel from 970 to 931 BC According to the Old Testament, it was a very wise king. He is especially the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Very focused to the pleasure of the flesh, he married 700 women and 300 concubines princely rank who turned from the Lord. At the end of the reign, the lifting of heavy taxes and the establishment of the drudgery cause revolts that lead to the partition of the kingdom of Israel after Solomon's death
He remained in the caption above all his wealth:
"(...) The weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was 666 talents of gold (about 3 tons), in addition to what came of itinerant traders and freight traffic, and all kings of Arabia and governors of the country. King Solomon was greater than all the kings of the earth in riches (...). And the king made silver in Jerusalem, was as common as rocks. "
When he died in 931 after 39 year reign, he was only 53 years.
But no one knows the exact origin still years of his wealth and what it later became.

The Salomon Brothers Bank

The Salomon Brothers Bank, founded in 1910 by three brothers: Arthur, Percy Herbert and aided by a secretary appointed Ben Levy, was the most successful of Wall Street, but in 1991 it was declared bankrupt after being caught in the act fraud with false documents. In 1998 it was acquired by Travelers Group Inc. and became Salomon. 
She later became a branch of Citigroup known as Salomon Smith Barney, an investment banking operations to Citigroup. In 2003, after a series of financial scandals that tarnished the name of the bank, the name was abandoned.
         The name of Solomon and his 666 he had brought luck and like any work of the devil, it collapsed like a house of cards.

Steve Jobs, the founder and late owner of Apple.

Biological son of the Syrian adulterous Abdulfattah "John" Jandal and Joanne Carole Schieble, Steve Paul Jobs was born February 24, 1955.
         When in 1976, Apple introduces its first personal computer, the model is simply called: 666 and is priced at 666.66 dollars. Had he signed the same with Satan?
Because everything is working. A disturbing detail, Steve Jobs turns the first Apple logo (the apple fell on Newton's head) in the apple that the devil had offered to Eve in the Garden of Eden in which she had bitten before offered to Adam!
Apple later became the commercial success of the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century.
The price of success due to the devil is what happened to Steve Jobs, who died in glory October 5, 2011 at age 56 of a rare pancreatic cancer.
One of the richest men in the world and the 34th fortune of the United States could not be cured by human medicine*.
* For more information: Jovanovic P., 777. La chute du Vatican et de Wall Street selon saint Jean (777. The fall of the Vatican and Wall Street's St John), Le Jardin des livres, Paris, 2009.

vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Burundi: Police stoned to death.

Burundian police set up in 2005 which included 23,000 men had a very bad reputation.
On September 6, 2009, two police officers accused of banditry and murder followed by a flight of about 1.5 million Fbu were stoned by an angry mob on the hill Muhindo area Ndemeko Gisuru Commune in the province of Ruyigi, then local authorities reported Monday.
"Yesterday morning, the inhabitants of the hill Muhindo saw two police officers trying to hide: they were suspected of theft and when they wanted to talk to them, a police began to fire his gun. The inhabitants of the hill responded by throwing stones at the two police officers (...) that are finally dead stoned by the angry mob. From the first elements of the investigation, we found that the two officers were based in a neighboring province, and had nothing to do locally, "explained the current director of the Gisuru commune in the province of Riyigi, Aegis Ndikuriyo.
Since early 2005, several dozen police officers were killed in Burundi when they were involved in armed robberies, and over a hundred were imprisoned for various offenses, according to the Association for the Protection of Human Rights and prisoners (Aprodeh).
On April 12, 2005, the administrator of Gisuru, Mr. Leonidas Niyonizeye diverted five tonnes of beans and 39 tons of rice, a gift from the government of Burundi that was intended for the people of the town. It is again the people who spoke to expose the diversion.
Burundi is populated by 9. 863. 117 habitants  in 2010 to 27,830 km2 is struggling to recover from a civil war that began in 1993 and made some 300,000 dead.
         Over 70% of the population lives below the poverty line. In 2007 he was ranked 167th out of 177 countries in terms of human development by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The country is led by former rebel Pierre Nkurunziza since 26 august 2005.

jeudi 26 janvier 2012

Belgium: A tax on the stool prostitutes of Crisnée!

Since October 2008, failing to tax the prostitutes or their pimps, Philippe Goffin, the mayor of Crisnée (Province of Liege, Belgium) filled with 2906 people, has invented the tax stool.
         So far bars girls were equally taxed to the tune of 3,000 euros. Some small tenants were damaging to pay the same tax as institutions that have a larger number of girls.
         "The question was how to strike a balance. So we thought of taxing stools and other means to draw, sit or stand, "
said the mayor of Crisnée.
         The first stool costs 2,000 euros. This is the basic fee. For stools following the tax becomes regressive.
         A second stool costs 1,500 euros. It is hoped that employers do not force the girls to stand to save money.

mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Greece: Mount Athos, a Heritage of Humanity forbids women!

In May 2008, the first thousand years, women have entered the sanctuary of the monasteries of Mount Athos (Holy Mountain) in northern Greece.
When the monks discovered the intruders accompanied by a man, they alerted the police who immediately detained them at the police station on the island.
The police said that four illegal immigrants come from Moldova arrived there by chance without knowing that this high place of the Orthodox Church were forbidden to "women of any kind whatsoever."
The five parties have explained things the Turkish coast on board a smuggler Ukrainian and they paid 4,000 euros each to get well and return to Greece in the European Union.
Mount Athos, near the Aegean Sea is an area that has a total of twenty Orthodox Christian monasteries, the oldest date from the tenth century. About 2.200 monks live in 20 monasteries. Monks Athonite Hagiorites dependent of the Patriarch of Constantinople.
The "Holy Mountain" is a prefecture of the Republic of Greece which enjoys a special status: the Monastic Republic of Mount Athos whose territory is divided among twenty monasteries in forming a theocratic community as independently confirmed by international law the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.
All other monastic establishments (cenobitic communities or villages called sketes, Kelli or houses) are under the control of one of the twenty monasteries, and can claim the title of the monastery.
The rule of abaton, even the presence of any female animal is prohibited except on Mount Athos chickens, fresh eggs which are necessary for cooking and the manufacture of paints icons.
Any person infringing this law of the Greek Constitution is liable to one year in prison. It seems that women disguised as men have already introduced on Mount Athos.
Feminists argue for the lifting of the ban sexist and in January 2008, a women's group briefly violated the sanctuary ... Mount Athos is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1988.

         Since November 15, 2009, UNESCO is led by the Bulgarian, Irina Gueorguieva Bokova which according to the rule abaton, simply does not have the right to pollute by his presence, the sacred land of Mount Athos.

mardi 24 janvier 2012

Argentina: these journalists are crazy!

On August 3, 1991, the psychologist (then student) Alfredo Olivera Hospital José Tiburcio Borda, the hospital's largest psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires, founded the Radiophonic Workshop, "The Colifata" the first radio of crazy in world, designed and managed by the patients of the psychiatric hospital. It broadcasts every Saturday from the hospital 14 h to 21 h.
         This very special project was supported by celebrities around the world: the American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, to the former Argentine soccer star Oscar Alfredo Ruggeri, radio host Argentine Eduardo Enrique Mir known by the diminutive of Lalo Mir, the doctor and journalist Nelson Castro and the French singer of Spanish origin, Manu Chao.
         The following year, the Radio San Miguel offers them a transmitter, which seems straight out of World War II, and an antenna.
         Patients were circulating in the corridors of the hospital to test the power and scope of the issue. Then a generous donor made their gift of a Citroen, which is rapidly converted into mobile antenna.
         The project also received support from the FM La Boca. Patients were allowed to go out and enjoy its studios to learn the trade. Another radio station, FM La Tribu, they did benefit from its support by offering programs, workshops and courses.

I want to talk to my mother ...

         "Welcome to Radio La Colifata LT 22, the radio of the patients in the hospital Borda in Buenos Aires. "
Lance's lead animator.
"The Colifata (radio soft nuts) is an Argentine slang word which means crazy but in a comedy which is not aggressive,"
says the founder of the Radiophonic Workshop.
         Facilitators are called casual Colifatos address the themes and subjects which come to mind spontaneously.
         "I want to talk about my mother"
Julio launches. "It's a very nice theme," replied Manu Chao, who came a record with the patients of the hospital Borda.
         The Colifatos takes place and emotion invades everyone after a few minutes of improvisation. And all his friends want to say a word about their mother. For two hours, catches are linked. Alfredo, the initiator of the Colifata, accompanied by Laura, are attentive to the words of Colifatos.
         They sometimes occur especially that day when Eber, "the correspondent of the clouds"
began a long monologue on his favorite theme, the earth, the Pacha Mama, and everyone takes a trip into his world, Laura asks, "Eber and if you come in now? ".
         The Franco-Spanish singer is among the generous donors and the following radio for years often said: "These are exceptional people, poets and thinkers"

Everyone is entitled to happiness ...

         "Todos terremos derech ser felices"
the slogan of the LT22 Colifata proudly displayed on the tee-shirts of red Colifatos.
         "The Colifata is the best thing that ever happened to me for thirty years I've been locked up here. I look forward to Saturday now, "
says Garces, fifty years, self-proclaimed "Emperor of paranoia." It is originally the name of the LT22 Colifata.
This therapy was followed by radio over ten million listeners.

Alfredo Olivera, founder of the Colifata.

         At the age of 30 years, he worked first as a teacher, participating in the national literacy program in the slums of Buenos Aires in the eighties. After studying psychology, he took an internship at the Hospital Borda in art workshops with patients. It was then that he got the idea to create the radio to be attended patients. An idea a little crazy is not it?
         From the outset, it has hardly the means to put into practice his idea. It has neither the antenna nor the frequency of transmission with equipment loaned by a friend.
         Today, thanks to a rudimentary antenna broadcasting on 250 meters, the 1200 hospital patients can receive the broadcast live from their bedrooms. As for the external auditors, they capture the "weekly meetings" with "Colifatos" through thirty FM radio or shortwave.
         The record is mixed and then divided into "firmware" of a few minutes, small ticket moods, press reviews and interviews, broadcast, of Tierra del Fuego to Buenos Aires, for community radio stations or large networks national radio.
         Despised by some and admired by others, radio Colifata continues its merry way. "We fight every week to disseminate our program. This radio is born and dies every Saturday. Its head is a court Borda, who takes over his appearance to normal after our visit. "
More than a radio, Colifata is "the crossroads of clinical work with patients and social work. But we have suffered from the indifference of the medical team at our beginnings, who saw in this initiative a fun activity for patients, "says his founder
         Gradually, "a group of men and women diagnosed as insane began to produce a deconstruction of the mechanisms at work in our society"

First radio broadcast from the world to a mental asylum.

         In 1994, the Pan American Health Organization has designated "the world's first radio broadcast from a psychiatric hospital."
Since this year, the LT22 Radio Colifata receives all sorts of prizes and distinctions.
         When the press became interested in radio, doctors have finally looked at cases finally concluded that the best thing to do was to let it develop itself, without institutionalized, leading its essence, that is to say, its spontaneity and freedom of tone.
         Alfredo regularly participates in international meetings as well as the medical communication to explain the interest and success of his radio currently exceeds the borders of Argentina.
         At Nuremberg, Germany, a similar experiment is conducted: a program on Radio Z 95.8 MHZ is carried out by patients in a mental institution.
         In 1996, Colifata was the defeated candidate of the price of human rights in France, but the same year, she received a special award, Martin Ferrero, Argentine Academy of Radio and Television, which rewards best programs of the year.
         Today, the LT 22 Radio Colifata has its own recording studio and is broadcast on the Internet "" The and programs are broadcast in all psychiatric hospitals in Argentina.
         Its success is due to a new way to listen, openness to the irruption of the unexpected. "It was important to pay attention to the impact of the phenomenon and to create ideal conditions for this story. That is to say, a therapy event, thought an active, friendly topics through the  psychological suffering
situations, and where the radio is part of the device. "

Slovenia: A former military prison converted into a hotel.

  At the heart of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, is a particularly unusual hotel. Because it is an abandoned military prison after the departure of the Yugoslav Federal Army to the independence of Slovenia as of 80 Slovenian artists have decorated Sestava Society into a cultural center and tourist lodge.
         This hostel has 96 beds with bars on windows and doors, a conference room and a cafeteria. The average price is 18 euros per night, including breakfast.
         The hotel Celica (meaning "cell"), located in the street Metelkova which opened in 2003 has hosted 12,000 tourists looking for a thrill.
         Classified hostel hippest by Lonely Planet, it is one of 25 hotels by Rough Guides.
         It should be noted that other hotels of its kind exists in the world including Jailhotel Löwengraben in Lucerne, Switzerland, The Ottawa Jail Hostel in Canada and Langholmen Stockholm, in Sweden

lundi 23 janvier 2012

Canada / USA: St. Kateri Tekakwitha, pray for the Mohawks!

A life marked by colonial genocide of the Indian tribes.

         Kateri Tekakwitha was born in 1756 in Ossernenon (actual Autiesville in the State of New York) on the banks of the Mohawk River.
         According to the Jesuits, at the age of four, she survived a smallpox epidemic, a disease introduced by Europeans, who leaves her orphaned and blind.
         His village was burned by French settlers and American allies. She survives in a new village of the Mohawks, on the other side of Mohawk River, near where she was baptized at the age of 20 years.
         Despised and ostracized, she fled to the country now called Canada. Sick, she treats others and lead an ascetic life. According to legend, when he died in Canada in 24 years, the scars of smallpox disappeared from his face.

Finally the canonization of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha.

         The Vatican announced in December 2011, the upcoming canonization of this young girl, 256 years after his death.
         Mark Steed, 71, the Franciscan friar who takes care of the site devoted to the future saint to Fonda (northeast U.S.), believes it is high time that American Indians are well recognized. He worked for 30 years.
         "When a people is repressed, any star in the sky is a plus,"
he repeated.
         For many Indians, especially the Mohawks and other Iroquois tribes living along the U.S. border the canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha should have been done long ago.
         But the Vatican had a key reason to wait: a miracle certified to pass the beatification to canonization.

When the primary anti-clericalism get involved!

         The farmer Tom Porter, 67, who lives with his family in the Iroquois tradition believes that Kateri has indirectly contributed to the destruction of his people. "She was manipulated,"
says he believes it was converted by force.
         "There was a lot of poverty. The Europeans had destroyed everything, people would starve, if they wanted help, they become Christians, "
he adds.
         He still makes not differentiate between the spread of Christianity and cruelty to submit implementation Indians.
         Brother Mark Steed acknowledges that "terrible sins"
have marked the history of the region, but since coming to Fonda, a year ago, he did everything to restore confidence with the Indian population.
         In the wooden chapel dedicated to Kateri, Indian blanket covering the altar. Snowshoes and deer skins hanging from the rafters, Indian sweetgrass, tobacco and sage, are dried.
         And in the central window of the little chapel, shines the image of the Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, whose statue wooden throne in a field. It even displays the number plates of cars.
         Upon his arrival, he established contact with Tom Porter, with whom he maintained friendly relations even if they do not always agree. "He's a friend. Yet when I was young, we could not find someone who hated priests and nuns more than me. "

Finally the long awaited miracle arrived!

         Mohawks tell his supporters have seen dozens of miracles: healing the sick, the levitation of a man above the ground, or his appearance dressed in deer skins.
         Until 2006, when a young Indian of 11 years to heal a flesh-eating bacteria in Seattle, USA. His parents had asked the intercession of Blessed Kateri in their prayers.
         The miracle has been certified by the Vatican only in December 2011 by a decree of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, with the approval of Pope Benedict XVI.
         No date has been announced for his canonization, but his jubilant supporters: "It will be a celebration of great magnitude,"
wrote the little newspaper space dedicated to Kateri, the Tekakwitha News.
         This canonization be enough to stop the anti-clericalism that accompanies the primary nation-building materials?

dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Papua: Three stones for a home fire: "Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism"

In a religious family, tolerance is a tradition.

         "I am Muslim, my younger brother, there, on the other side, is a Christian. We are of the same family, but our difference in religion is not a problem, "said Haruna Patiran, 65 years,  supporter of the harmony between the villages of Tetar and Ofie in the Bay of Patipi Prefecture Fakfak of West Papua.
         Religious diversity within a family is common. And this for years.
         At the end of fasting during the month of Ramadan, Christians prepare food for their Muslim brothers and during the Christmas season is the reverse happens: Muslims prepare the Christmas menu all share.
         Note that when Muslims observe fasting, Christian families abstain from eating out of respect for the religious obligation of the other.

A halal dish in every home.

         Major consumers of wild pigs, families and Tetar Ofie each of the dishes for halal food for Muslim brothers and sisters to meet the dietary laws of Islam.
         It is customary for Muslims working in the construction of a church and when we must build a mosque, Christians provide their building materials and give them a helping hand.
         Thus, the facade of the mosque Patimburak the oldest in the city of Fakfak, strangely resembles a church.
         The ethnicity of Mbaham Matta in Fakfak cultivates the tradition of religious tolerance, especially through the tombormak or "accumulation of goods."
         When requesting the hand of his bride, the man must pay a dowry in money, bracelets or gold. All family members, whether Christian or Muslim, are involved in the formation of the dot. It is their way to erase all conflicts, to relieve the family of physically bride and groom and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.

"A home, three stones."

         The term is of the former mayor of Fakfak, Matondang MJP (1990-1995) to express that tolerance has become popular. The three stones symbolize the three religions practiced in the city: Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism.The three stones are the pillars of the home fire on which the cooking pot in which is preparing the same menu for the entire home.
         On Fakfak 69,098 residents, 59,5% are Muslim, 20.4% are Protestants and 19, 3% are Catholic.
         Islam was introduced into the region in the sixteenth century, through the Sultanate of Tidore in the Moluccas (eastern Indonesia).
         Christianity was introduced in the nineteenth century Fakfak via Tidore by two German Protestant missionaries: Karl Wilhelm Ottow (1827-1862) and Johann Gottlob Geisseler (1830-1870) landed in the Bay of Mansinam Cenderawasih, Papua February 5, 1855 . They were crossing for Manokwari (province north of Fakfak).
         But the people of Fakfak say that Islam was introduced at home nor by the Arabs, nor by the Javanese nor by Bugis of Celebes, but it would be a gift from the Creator God of their island. Just as Christianity. The Christians believe that the prophet Fakfak  Adam came down to earth directly in Papua.
         Muslims have their Mecca is located on a hill the prophet, behind the opening of Argun Kaimana. So why pay so much to perform the Hajj in Saudi Arabia?
         This religious tolerance based on mutual respect between citizens of Fakfak made barely remember the images of the sectarian violence plaguing the world, broadcast on long days on television.

Meanwhile, a little further from Fakfak ...

         This harmony of paradise Fakfak contrasts with the violence around the site of the U.S. mining company Freeport operates the huge deposit of gold and copper in the world to Timika.
         In September 2011, during the last strike in the mine, three miners were killed. His methods of destructive exploitation has raised the Papuan independence sentiment, carried by the armed group Movement for the Free Papua Movement (OPM). The OPM was founded in 1965, after the invasion of Papua by the Indonesian military.
         Indeed, the island of Papua is divided into two parts: Papua New Guinea Independent (5,940,775 inhabitants in 2009 over an area of ​​462,840 km2) and the West New Guinea, province of Indonesia since 2003 ( 643,013 inhabitants over an area of ​​114,566 Km2).
         At the last congress of the Papuan people, coincidentally, is the religious leader, the Rev. Max Elbe which launched the call for independence while the Papuan separatist flag floated over the Congress.

samedi 21 janvier 2012

Africa: The tears of Great Men!

In 1971, the Zairian President Mobutu Sese Seko (1930-1997) lost his mother, Mama Mary Magdalene Yemo.
         Jean-Bedel Bokassa (then only president for life in Central Africa) is among the first illustrious supporters came to grief.
         What was the astonishment of other dignitaries and the crowd of Congolese, to hear the future Emperor Bokassa I wept bitterly (in gasping) while reigning in the crowd silent meditation.
         The great Kwame Nkrumah, nicknamed the Olusagyefo (1909 - 1972) President of Ghana from 1960 to 1966, the founding father of the Organization of African Unity had one major fault: alone in his office, he wept without restraint for hours. What was the cause of this distress?