mercredi 29 février 2012

Vatican / Israel: The Jewish state requires the return of the treasures of the temple of Jerusalem.

In March 2003, Israeli President from 2000 to 2007, Moshe Katsav has asked the Vatican to return the stolen treasures in the temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD.
On several occasions the Faithful Movement Temple Mount and Land of Israel, founded and directed since 1989 by Gershon Salomon asked the Pope to return these treasures that were in the temple of Jerusalem, and to be used for reconstitution of the next temple.
During the visit to Italy of Israeli President Moshe Katsav has asked Secretary of State of the Roman Curia and dean of the College of Cardinals, Archbishop Angelo Sudano, to prepare a list of treasures of the Temple, utensils of Jewish worship that holds the Vatican.
The Vatican would have a gold menorah (the seven-branched candlestick of the Hebrews, whose construction was prescribed in Exodus 31-40 to become one of the tools of the Tabernacle and later the Temple in Jerusalem) fly in the Temple by the troops Roman in 70, and returned to Rome at that time.
After the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, and the disappearance of the kingdom of Israel, the Emperor Titus (Titus Flavius ​​Vespasian) built a triumphal arch in Rome.
This arc represents the Hebrew captives returning to Rome the Menorah and the vessels connected with the worship of the Temple of Jerusalem.
According to historians, the Roman Empire became Christian, kept the property in the basement of the Vatican.
For generations, the Jewish people dream to get things mythical, that would be the sign of the approach to the reconstruction of the new temple in Jerusalem, and proximity to the redemption of the Israeli people.
The fact that the Vatican holds these treasures from the Temple of Jerusalem is well known.

mardi 28 février 2012

India: The smallest woman in the world entered politics.

         Daughter of Kishanji and  Ranjana Amge, born December 16, 1993 in Nagpur, India, Jyoti Amge was declared the smallest woman in the world by the Guinness World Records December 16, 2011. Indeed she measures 62.8 cm and weighs 12 pounds.
         At age 3, her parents realize she is not growing well and a doctor who detects a form of dwarfism called "Achondroplasia" and announced that she will never grow more.
         This does not  discouraged her because she became an actress in Bollywood films after high school. Seamstress, she sewed her own clothes and manufactures her jewelry.
         Made famous by the recognition from the Guinness Book of Records, she entered politics and ran for the municipal election of 7 February 2012 in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) under the label of "Maharashtra Navinirman Sena (MNS), "a right-wing party which advocates the limitation of migration in the city of Bombay”.
         Founded in March 2006 by Thacckeray Raj, MNS's motto is "Son of Soil".
         "One problem with celebrity, what many people follow you wherever you go and they sometimes pose vexing questions. If I was not the woman the smallest of the World, I would never be as famous, "
she says with his thin voice and her radiant smile.
         Meanwhile, she looks forward to visiting foreign countries including Japan and Europe.

lundi 27 février 2012

The Swiss, garbagemen of the space.

In Switzerland, we like everything is in order and tidy. Now space is increasingly cluttered with waste and scrap and other metals. And the Swiss are tired of seeing that no one cares. Especially since the debris began to fall on our heads constantly, this could cause an accident one day that no insurance will pay.
"It's time to do something to reduce the amount of debris in space," said Professor Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier and presenting this project. Presented by the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), this project aims to clean the space of its dangerous debris.
         According to the Swiss astronaut, the remains of satellites or rockets wandering in space are a danger to the pursuit of space activities.

 CleanSpace One, the first cleaner space project.

The Helvetic project presented in February 2012, plans to build small satellites able to search in space debris, removing them from their orbits and destroy the Earth's atmosphere.
According to Jérôme Grosse, spokesman for the EPFL, two options are being considered for these satellites: a model "Kamikaze", which catches debris and then self-destructs with him, and a model capable of capturing debris and then propel it into the atmosphere, so that he crashes into the earth.
The draft CleanSpace One represents a budget of 10 million Swiss francs or 8 million Euros. It is actually not as crazy as it sounds a priori.
According to the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, 16,000 objects larger than 10 cm, hundreds of thousands of smaller objects, launched at speeds of several kilometers per second float above our heads.
         Something to be nervous that the Swiss love cleanliness and order above all. But you just had to think about it.

dimanche 26 février 2012

South Africa: If Desmond Tutu went to heaven and that he is refused the entry into ...

         "Tutu, Authorised" (written by Allister Sparks in collaboration with journalist Mpho Andrea Tutu, the younger daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu), was published by HarperOne, just before the 80th anniversary of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, moral conscience of  South Africa post-apartheid.

"What his friends think about him," an anthology of quotations from the book.

Nelson Mandela (b. 1918):

         "I believe that God expects the archbishop. He waits to welcome Desmond Tutu with open arms. If Desmond goes to heaven and that he refused entry into, then none of us can not enter!"

Mandela and his wife Graca Machel:


"I have not always agreed with him. Even if I disagreed with the Archbishop, I remained calm. I've never opposed in public. "

Graça Machel

         "Except once ... and I think the Archbishop was right. He criticized you because of these printed shirts you wear. He said a head of state must wear a suit. And you have answered that a man who wears the dress could not criticize someone for his shirts. "


"Yes ... but he had begun! "

Barack H. Obama, U.S. president, Nobel Peace Prize 2010:

         "Tribune of the oppressed voice of the voiceless, a champion of our consciences: Desmond Tutu has this sense of generosity, this spirit of unity, the essence of humanity that South Africans know the name of ubuntu".

Richard Branson, billionaire businessman:

         "One of the funny things that Peter Gabriel and I was done is learn to swim at the Arch (Tutu's nickname). It is rather round practice to roll, but he insisted swim! He forgot to tell me that he could walk on water, it would have been much easier. "

Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese opposition leader, Nobel Peace Prize:

         "I heard he called me his pin-up. It's very nice of him. I just sent him a really pretty picture. People sometimes ask me who my hero, and I always met Desmond Tutu ".

Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, his daughter:

         "When we were driving, at times, Dad prayed. You could talk to each other but not to him. He prayed. It was part of our lives."

Bob Geldof, singer, songwriter & Irish philanthropist:

"This is the smallest giant I have ever met. For the powerful, Arch is a real troublemaker. He never shuts."

The Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, Nobel Peace Prize:

         "Emotionally and mentally, we are very close. I call it my spiritual brother. He is always cheerful, always cheerful, he is a teaser. It's just a beautiful person."

Paul David Hewson aka Bono, singer, composer and philanthropist:

"The Arch is full of love, joy, laughter and irreverence. It is not at odds with the seriousness of his remarks. As his faith is a source of strength".

Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize:

         "His willingness to try his luck when he knows he's right, even though he knows that he risks being criticized by people who matter to him, shows an unusual amount of courage."

Frederick W. de Klerk, former president of South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize:

         "I developed an immense respect for his fearlessness. It was not an intrepidity of a wild but rooted in deep faith in God."

Sally Muggeridge, founding member of the  TutuFoundation  in the UK:

         "Desmond is notorious for asking for directions to the police when he did not need, just because he loves to hear a policeman say -Mister.-".

Bill Cosby, american actor:

         "I do not know how many great, great, great leaders can voluntarily be as funny as him."

Desmond Tutu Mpilo, an exceptional destiny.

         Born October 7, 1931 in Klerksdorp in the Transvaal. It is twelve years old when his family moved to Johannesburg. He was educated at Johannesburg Bantu High School (1945-1950) and then the Bantu Normal College (1951-1953) before joining the University of South Africa (1951-1954).
         He began his career teaching high school in Krugersdorp. On July 2, 1955, he married the teacher Leah Nomalizo Shenxane which gives four children (Trevor Thamsanqa Tutu, Theresa Thandeka Tutu, Naomi Tutu and Mpho Andrea Nontombi Tutu).
         After training at the Theological College of Rosettenville in Johannesburg in 1960, he was ordained an Anglican priest in 1961 and became chaplain of the University of Fort Hare. He earned a Masters in Theology at King's College London in 1966 and taught at the University Rome in Lesotho.
         Between 1972 and 1976 he was Deputy Director of the Africa Fund for Theological Education of the World Council of Churches in Bromley, Kent (Great Britain). On his return to South Africa, he was appointed Dean of St Mary's Anglican Cathedral, located in the heart of Johannesburg. Appointed bishop in Lesotho in 1976, he returned to Johannesburg in 1978 and became Secretary General of South African Council of Churches (SACC) and then Bishop of Johannesburg in 1985 (installed in Soweto).
         When he criticizes the purchase of South African coal by Denmark in 1979, he triggers a war between his church and the South African government. In May 1980, he was arrested and his passport was withdrawn for ten months. He opposes the violent actions of A. N.C. in 1985 to accelerate change in South African politics. He is the first Black to attain the dignity of archbishop in South Africa, September 3, 1986.
         Secretary General of the Conference of the Churches throughout Africa (CETA) involving 144 churches and national councils. He received the Nobel Peace Prize October 16, 1984 for his nonviolent struggle against racial segregation. He is also bristling honors including the honorary doctorate from Berlin University (Faculty of Theology) in 1993, winner of the Freedom of Worship issued by the Franklin D. Roosevelt for Freedom (1998), the French Legion of Honour (1998). By 1986, he chaired the national commission "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" composed of 17 members (seven black, six white, two Indian and two Metis) responsible for establishing the truth about the crimes of apartheid and restore the balance between races of South Africa on the basis of African humanism "Ubuntu".          
The findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission were released November 29, 1998. He officially retired June 2, 1996. He was replaced at the General Secretariat of the Conference of Churches throughout Africa (CETA) by Jose Chipenda (67 years). From 1998 to 2000 he taught courses in theology at Emory University, Georgia to the United States.
         In 2003, he teaches courses at the University of Bensoville in northern Florida. The same year he was appointed Chairman of the Ecumenical Center for Liberation Theology based in Jerusalem. June 1, 2006, he was awarded the "Light of Truth in 2006" one of the most prestigious Tibetan movement International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), awarded in the form of a Tibetan butter lamp, symbol light from the hands of the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, the highest spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism Gelug (Nobel Prize for Literature).
His bibliography includes:
-The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness. The Struggle for Justice in South Africa
, Mowbray and Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, London, 1982.
-No Future without Forgiveness
, Telegraph Books Direct, London, 2000.
-Hope and Suffering: Sermons and Speeches ,
-The Rainbow People of God,
-The Essential Desmond Tutu,
-Work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission,
Le Seuil, Paris, 2004.

samedi 25 février 2012

United States: God, Homelessness, escapes a trial.

In 2008, the black senator from the North in Omaha, Nebraska (1970-2008), Ernie Chambers (72 years), agnostic, decides to press charges against "the creator who sows death and destruction and terrorizes million earthlings. because He (also) earthquakes, floods, horrendous, horrendous hurricanes,... ".
Senator introduced this action in court to show "that everyone can take action against anyone, even God."
         The court acknowledged in its judgment the existence of God does. "One consequence of this decision is the confirmation of God's omniscience," insists Ernie Chambers.
Judge Marlon Pork with whom the complaint was filed was rejected by arguing that he should be able to join the party for the trial to take place.
"Given that the accused can never be reached, the matter shall be discussed," the judge wrote in its reasoning.

Wade-Mugabe: Dialogue of octogenarians *

Robert M., 88 years from February 21, and Abdoulaye W., 86 years old next May, cling to their thrones. Dialogue designed by Damien Glez ...and published in Slate Afrique do 23 february 2012.
When one octogenarian President encounters an octogenarian President, what do they tell?

Stories of presidents octogenarians:

Abdoulaye: Happy birthday big brother!

Robert (surprised): "Big Brother"?! Is there still "big brother" and "little brother" after 85 years?

Abdoulaye: Of course! I am young and strong! Not even 86 years on the clock!

Robert: 88 or 86, you talk about a difference!

Abdoulaye: A big difference, Dad!

Robert (aghast): You call me "daddy" now? You mean we are not of the same generation?

Abdoulaye: When you were age cross the ferry, I had just had my BEPC ...

Robert (annoyed): Hey, I see you coming with your business degree yet ... You'll say you're the most qualified of all graduates from Africa. We know the drill ...

Abdoulaye: Do not be angry, uncle!

Robert (mumbles): Anyway, I still have hair ...

Abdoulaye: Pardon?

Robert: I said nothing ...

Abdoulaye: I see that you're fit as a fiddle, Bob. But I respect the right of primogeniture. Not like those little rude "Y is tired" Y is tired of "Y's sick!"

Robert (annoyed): Well, me at least, I do not have demos under my window ...

Abdoulaye (annoyed): Well, me at least, I have not sold off the government to my opponent.

Robert (pouting): Grrmmmlllll ...

Abdoulaye: And do not worry about the breeze Dakar. The polls will be talking at once. I will be re-elected in the first round, no later than Sunday! A point, a line!

Robert (excited): Yes! Democracy, there is no such thing! Myself, I will hold elections this year.

Abdoulaye (surprised): And Tsvangirai? Your 2008 agreement stipulates that there will be no elections before 2013. Not until the establishment of a new constitution ...

Robert: It's weird though: you, we blame you for amending your constitution twice and I used to blame myself for not changing it.

Abdoulaye: People do not know what they want ...

Robert: As for Tsvangirai, my "a-sick-Yen" for me, I'll take it short. To make sure a ballot measure, I have already suspended 29 NGOs such as Care International, Zimbabwe Peace Project, Zimbabwe Community Development Program ... We will not be dictated by our policy outside!

Abdoulaye: Wallaye! This is the second gaou is niata oh.

Robert (surprised): "Gaou"? What is this?

Abdoulaye: Oh that's right, you do not know this expression in Harare. I mean we should not be stuffing turkeys geopolitics. Europeans no longer have to meddle in our elections.

Robert: Right! Me, it was the British who éreintent me. And yet this is not their head of state who is 60 years of rule? Eh? This is not Elizabeth II who is 86 years? Does it has been seen before in an election, that one? Pfffff ...

Abdoulaye: I, it is France who is looking for lice on my head shaved. You did not hear the French Minister of Foreign Affairs? He wants to organize a "passing of generations" in Senegal! And blah blah blah and blah, blah, blah. He does not know that Françafrique is dead and buried?!

Robert: It suits him not to know. This is not the same French who say the best soups are made in the old pots?

Abdoulaye (laughing): Well, we, we're good casserole!
Robert: Yes, I heard that Senegal is like a pressure cooker ...

Abdoulaye: Alain Juppe, he forgets one thing: the Paris-Dakar is on another continent now.

t: That's the problem!

Abdoulaye: What? Rally car racing?

Robert: No. Whites! As Roy Bennett, Elizabeth II, David Cameron, Alain Juppe ...

Abdoulaye (annoyed): Uh ... I do not know if we can say it like that, big brother ...

(sorry): Oops! I forgot that to your wife ... clear skin. This is depigmentation or "birth"?

Abdoulaye (grumpy): Grrrrrrr ...

Robert: I rigooole ... She's fine, your Viviane?

Abdoulaye: In great shape. Normal: she's only 80 years. She struggles to her son has the power.

Robert (surprised): His son?!

Abdoulaye: Oops! Sorry, this is a slip. "Her husband", I meant.

Robert: You're in luck. My wife Sarah Francesca-rest his soul-I do not argue with equal fervor ... She even played dirty tricks ...

Abdoulaye: My better half, she, she is dedicated and courageous. Unfortunately, it is paid in funny money. She had to turn back on reaching Nguéniène, when she wanted to attend my meeting. She could not stand the host indlicat indelicate few thugs!

Robert: What a ingratitude! We heckle, we, the freedom fighters! We who bends the apartheid regime of Rhodesian Front!

Abdoulaye: We who bends hegemonic regime of the Socialist Party!

Robert: They should welcome us in meetings with his arms full of gifts! (Short pause) About gift, what you brought me for my birthday?

Abdoulaye (proudly): An urn with double bottom!

Robert: Well done, brother!
 As for luck in the next election, Mr. Robert embraces the skull Abdoulaye W.
Damien Glez, Franco-Burkinabe was born in 1967. He is designer-editor for 20 years, author of the comic strip "Divine Comedy". He is also managing editor of the satirical weekly Le Journal du Jeudi.
He is an active member of the association Cartooning for Peace founded by Plantu.
His drawings and cartoons have been published in over 40 international journals, in books (Plon, Retz (Havas), Larousse-Bordas, Uitgeverij Pelckmans, Editions de la Martiniere, Editions writers, Editions Magnard Publishing da Rocha ... ).
His drawings are regularly published in Vita Non Profit Magazine (Italy), The Journal of Thursday (Burkina Faso), (Italy), World Policy Journal (USA), The Africa report (Africa), Courrier International (France ), Our Afrik (Belgium), Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Netherlands), Jeune Afrique, Africa magazine, (USA), Mediapart (France) and broadcast on TV (TV5, RTB).
His drawings have been exhibited in France, Europe, Canada and Africa.

vendredi 24 février 2012

Ukraine/Congo: Gaïtana, the singer for whom success and scandal come.

She has the color of love against which nothing can.

Gaïtana pop singer, daughter of Congolese Essami Klaver and her mother was born in Ukraine in Kiev, Soviet Ukraine September 29, 1979. She spent the first five years of his life in Congo Brazzaville before returning to Kiev with his mother while his father remains in Brazzaville.
         After earning a degree in Economics, she chooses her passion of music. She speaks French, Lingala, but she sings mostly in English, Ukrainian and Russian.
         Very famous in Ukraine, she has released six albums to date in Ukrainian (2003 to 2010).
         She wrote and performed "Viva Europa,"
the official anthem of the next European Nations Cup to be held this summer in Poland and Ukraine.

Black skin Inconvenient Ukrainian nationalists.

         On 18 February 2012, she won the election with the participation of viewers and a professional jury. With her song "Be My Guest", and she became the candidate of Ukraine for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, May 26, 2012.
         "Yes, Gaitana sings well. But it is not our culture. We do not want millions of viewers watching the show will see that Ukraine is represented by a person who does not belong to our race and will believe that Ukraine is somewhere in Africa ",
launched Monday February 21, 2012, Yuri Sirotiouk, a senior party Svoboda (Freedom).
         "This is not just about me is against all persons who consider themselves free in the world today, all those who want to be free. It's a shame that Svoboda has made such racist comments. This will ruin the reputation of Ukraine in Europe and worldwide "
said the pop singer to Euronews Gaïtana.

A political uproar of good quality.

About the Sirotiouk have been denounced by other political parties including that of the famous boxer Vitali Klitschko: "Those who begin to speculate on questions of national identity, issues of language have no prospects. This benefits them perhaps a dividend policy, but no perspective. This "unfortunate manifestation of xenophobia is not consistent with European aspirations of Ukraine"
and deserves a "severe public condemnation."
The immigration specialists in Ukraine believe the government is not doing enough to enforce laws against racism ...
"Compared to other European countries, legislation on xenophobia and racism exists in Ukraine, but is little used or not to prosecute offenders. Yet it would develop a culture of responsibility for his comments "
Yana explained Salakhova to Euronews.
         We must remember that the "Orange Revolution"
was brought in part by the Far Right Ukrainian coming out of the wood to make statements and commit xenophobic and racist actions.
         Svoboda, which has existed since 1995, had made noticeable on the political scene in 2010, when he had reached 5% of voters in parliamentary elections in Ukraine.
         "I am ashamed that this man is a citizen of my country,"
added Olena Bondarenko, an MP of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych the president. For its part, the Ukrainian state television channel demanded "apologies" of Svoboda. "Racism undermines the reputation of our country."
This "unfortunate manifestation of xenophobia is not consistent with European aspirations of Ukraine" and deserves a "severe public condemnation," said in a statement the party Oudar Klitschko.
         On 10 July 2008 in its report, Amnesty International warned Ukraine and made public the murder of four foreigners in Kiev because of the color of their skin. The report, Ukraine: "Government must act to stop racial discrimination,"
reported a alarming increase in attacks against foreigners and members of ethnic and religious minorities in Ukraine.

The Lily and the flamboyant.

         It is believed the words of Simone rehear Fragonard, aka Kolélé, the protagonist of the novel "The Lily and the flamboyant" (The Lily - flower of France, and the Flasher symbol of Africa) another mixed Congolese Henri Lopes :
         "I never knew who I was, and I always knew that I was not (...). In these circumstances it is even harder not to get caught by the mass and find his way in a world where everything is unstable equilibrium, doubts, random stripes, quicksand where identity is lost in oceans of uncertainty where consciousness is drowning. (...) Every civilization was born of a blending forgotten, every race is a variety of mixing without knowing it. (...) Without foreign addition, it degenerates”.

         "For Metis, I mean not only the half-bloods who, like me, have skin latte [...] but anyone like me or you, Mr. Dieng, with your black skin, are mixed in their heads and their hearts. [...] As you see me, I have over twenty centuries. Perhaps millions of years. [...]. I play my ancestors Bantu and I also embodies my ancestors the Gauls. I am also Kolélé, myself, irreducible, which has never existed before and which will disappear with me in my grave. "

jeudi 23 février 2012

Monaco: The men of the princesses of Monaco like the fighting.

S.A.R. Ernst August of Hanover, King of the brawl.

In 2006, Prince Ernst August of Hanover (55), great-grand-son of the last German emperor, Wilhelm II and the third husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco since January 23, 1999 appeared before the German court on appeal alleged assault and battery against the German Josef Brunlehner (60 years), owner of a hotel on the Island of Mandu in Kenya in 2000 on the grounds that he could not stand the noise from the nightclub.
In 2004 he was sentenced by the court of Hildesheim fined 445,000 euros for causing grievous bodily harm.
In 1998 he broke his nose with a cameraman with punches.
And during the World Expo 2000, he was relieved the bladder on the Turkish flag ....
It should be noted that the second husband of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Daniel Ducruet (45 years), with whom she had two children born outside marriage (before their divorce in 1995) was sentenced to 10 months suspended sentence on July 10 2009 for hitting the bartender of Caliente, in Cannes which he co-manager.

SA Pierre Casiraghi injured in a brawl in New York.

Aged 24, Prince Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi fire was hospitalized Feb. 20, 2012 after a fight night in a night club "Double Seven" Meatpacking in the upscale neighborhood of Manhattan.
He was caught in a fight with some friends including Stavros Niarchos III, a former friend of Paris Hilton, with the former owner of the nightclub, Adam Hock (47), on the night of Saturday 18 and 19 February 2012, reports The New York Post.         According to a witness,          Hock allegedly struck the prince, who "flew across the room and landed on a table on the other side." The fighting has worsened and Niarchos have also been hit. Prince Pierre was found land in a condition "requiring plastic surgery," according to another witness.
Adam Hock was charged Sunday morning on assault against the Prince of Monaco and three of his fellow trip said the spokesman of the NYPD.
"I was attacked by several guys and titrated drunk who thought they deserved the best table with the most beautiful girls. They expected to be treated like royalty they are. They have not got what they wanted and it has excited. " defends Adam Hock.
The prince has "messed up face, with deep scars and blood everywhere," according to a witness quoted by the tabloid New York.
Just before the brawl broke out around 2:30 am the prince and his three comrades approached Adam Hock and "abhorrent, dredging top models and throwing them over the vodka bottle at USD 500." said another witness.
Richard Golub, the lawyer of the Prince of Monaco, said that his client did not "at all provoked" the fight.
The prince's lawyer, Richard Golub, quoted in the Post, said that his client did not "at all provoked" the fight.
Prince Pierre Casiraghi was taken to hospital but came out a little later in the evening of Saturday, according to the tabloid.
The club has declined to comment.
In return, her father, Stefano Casiraghi died on 3 October 1990 in offshore accident off Monaco.
Pierre Casiraghi is the second in order of succession to the throne of Monaco after her mother Caroline and is engaged to Beatrice Borromeo, daughter of a wealthy Italian aristocratic family of two years his senior.

lundi 20 février 2012

Syria: Bashar al-Assad, intime*.

His head is not large. His brain is a fortress.

         It is broken as I entered the head of the Syrian president. It is a fortress. Before coming to get close, you have to go no less than seven dams. High security. Fear and mistrust.
         Like his father, Hafez, he stays away. The story goes that one day Hafez al-Assad had shot the seven soldiers who were to filter the flow of people who had appointments with him. Hafez loved playing chess with a childhood friend.
         Every afternoon, the friend should arise and was dig seven times before reaching the playroom one day to see the force, the soldiers let him pass without doing their job.
         When Hafez knew it, he ordered to execute the unfortunate guards who had failed in their duty. Bashar knows this little episode, among many others, as bloody as each other. He is too unreachable. He has something. When they kill, they risk being killed. So we take the necessary precautions and more.
         His head is not very large. It is occupied by hay, pins and razor blades. I do not know why. His brain is quiet. No stress, no nervousness. I do not know where he gets this tranquility. Matter of heredity, or has he followed evening classes to learn to kill without it bothers him, without in the least disturbed by misfortune he sows. I made very small and I have been listening.

I learned everything from my father.

         For the small thinks and does not hesitate to be bold ideas: I learned everything from my late father, a great statesman, a man sensitive, cultured and great strategist. I remember that Kissinger Henry appreciated him much. He told me that he too liked the U.S. Secretary of State that he admired the intelligence and political realism. They understood each other well. My father reminded me how this man remove physically Salvador Allende and replaced him with Augusto Pinochet.
         Lately, I come into contact with my father. It's great. It is he who tells me what I should do. He encourages me and tells me to follow the tracks. He told me recently, if things come to worse, to return to Lebanon because neither he nor I had admitted how our army was expelled from that country in 2005. Even Rafik Hariri's death and some other ungrateful could not remove the stigma that these Lebanese have inflicted.
         For now, it's going. I wish. Do not panic. First, I am neither Saddam nor Gaddafi. You will not see me ridiculed by U.S. agents looking for lice in my head or murdered by fanatics. These two have been had because their level of intelligence was not the best.
         I am of the al-Assad, a united family and clan solidarity. A large family, strong and powerful, which has traditions. I do not do anything. I resist against an international conspiracy. I have proof. No desire to see my country become an Islamic republic led by illiterate or a bastion of the left just stupid good paraded in European trade fairs.
         My father taught me that in politics one must have a heart of bronze. Mine, I used to this that never breaks. No feelings, no weakness. I play because my head and life of my family. The thugs who put Syria on fire and sword have what they deserve. There is talk of "Arab Spring"!
What is this story? Where do we see a spring? This is not because of agitators unconscious occupy public places as the seasons have changed pace and direction. At home, what they call "spring" will not work.
         I gave the order to suspend this season until victory. Why spring would mean my death? Not only I will not die, but I will kill everyone before. It is said in Islam that if we know two thirds of the people to keep only one-third good, do not hesitate. I apply the old law as Arabs.

Poor Obama who condemns me and speaks of atrocities! What mingles there?

         I remember that Syria is a secular country like France who suddenly betrayed me and makes me moral. And poor Obama that condemns me and speaks of atrocities! What mingles there? He did not see that his army has done in Iraq and Afghanistan?
         What's wrong with me there? To give orders to the army to fire on demonstrators? If I do not do that, I lose my place, I'd be more respected. Look at how my friend found himself Hosni Mubarak overnight ejected from his palace. He lacked determination and will.

The army has betrayed Hosni Mubarak.

         The poor, what lapse, sick, depressed, dragged on a stretcher to be tried! The people are ungrateful. They soon forget that presidents do for them. My army is composed mostly of men faithful. Those who have deserted they paid dearly. I'm not emotional. I defend myself, I would even say it is self-defense.
         I took the precaution of putting away Asma, my wife and my three children, Hafez, Zeyn and Karim. This is normal, I react like a good husband and good father. I see how irresponsible fathers push their children to show knowing full well they could be subject to stray bullets. I was told that the children died.
         I can not believe it and I thank their parents for this misfortune, for there is no worse misfortune than losing one of his children, and I remember the pain of my father the day my older brother, Bassel, died in a car accident. He cried. Yes, I saw my father crying at the injustice of fate that robbed him of his beloved son.
         My father, this remarkable man who made Syria a great country and that made life difficult for the Israeli neighbor, the president wept because he could not even revenge. Bassel dead, killed by road. It was still not bomb the road that was fatal to the son he was preparing to succeed him. He could not bear to be thwarted. Neither do I. I can never bear to be criticized or opposed.
         The United Nations has tried to get dirty and ask me to withdraw. This is interference in the internal affairs of Syria strictly. That this meeting of puppet left in peace. From where? To where? They take me for a Ben Ali? I will still not get on a plane and beg for political asylum in the world!
         Fortunately, my friend Putin Russia and China vetoed. Ahmadinejad is also my friend, he often calls me and tells me not to yield. There is still justice. The insurgents are terrorists, paid agents of Europe and even some Arab countries that have scores to settle with me. Just follow the broadcasts of Al Jazeera to understand that the conspiracy exists.

         If I do not bomb Homs, I know where I will sleep tonight in the morgue!

         I hear about torture! This is quite normal to torture to prevent massacres, so that innocent people do not fall under the bullets of poor Syrians.
         I hold the country I want to head those who want to create another plan, we should turn around and help me protect Syria's Islamist threat. I know what the Islamists will do with my tribe Alawi as well as Christian and Armenian minorities.
         The Vatican should come to my aid instead of condemning me. Fortunately these are only words. Another thing that the Europeans are currently freezing my assets at home and trying to stifle the people by preventing trade. It is petty and dishonest. It hates me because Syria has always stood against the Zionist enemy. She has never bowed to Israel.
         My father told me the day after the massacre of Hama, I was 17: You see, my son, if I had not reacted with such firmness, tonight, we would not be there. He was right. Me too, if I did not bomb Homs, I know where I will sleep tonight in the morgue! So we have to stop saying anything. 20.000 dead in Hama (at the time, nobody had responded) just between 8.000 Draa, Homs, Hama and Damascus. And all this noise!
         Asma you know why, my dear wife, I married? For values ​​that I represent. She said in Paris Match
of December 10, 2010. These values ​​can be read on my face. I'm proud.
You know why I did Ophthalmology? Because I'm allergic to the sight of blood.
         Leaving this head, I tripped over the son electric. Bashar is connected to the center of torture. It was he who, to pass the time, press the pedal that sends shocks to the genitals of the victims. It seems that it amuses and reinforces his determination to rid Syria of two-thirds considered bad.
*Article published by Tahar Ben Jelloun, in Le Monde
on February 18, 2012.

         *Tahar Ben Jelloun was born on December 1, 1944 in Fez, Morocco. After studying at the Koranic school and primary school bilingual French-Moroccan, he followed his parents moved to Tangier in 1955 and spent his primary school certificate.
         In 1956 he attended the Lycée Ibn Al Khatib before joining the French Lycée Regnault where he graduated in 1963. He graduated in Philosophy at the University of Rabat. Following the student protests of March 23, 1965, he was arrested and spent eighteen months in the disciplinary camp in El Hajeb then Ahermenou in Eastern Morocco. Released in January 1968, he resumed his studies. In October 1968 he began a teaching career in high school in Tetouan Charif Idrissi. In October 1970, he was transferred to high school Mohamed V in Casablanca.
         He asks his layoff for teaching and left Morocco to study Psychology in France September 11, 1971. He began his writing career as a columnist in Le Journal de Tanger (1962) before publishing articles in several newspapers and magazines French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swiss, English. He received a Ph.D. in Social Psychiatry.
         His doctoral thesis deals with the sexual misery of North African workers in Paris. In his thesis, it will pull the latest two successful tests " La réclusion solitaire (The solitary confinement)" and  "Le Racisme expliqué à ma fille (Racism Explained to My Daughter) ". He founded in Morocco (with Melehi and Nissaboury) the magazine "Integral". He works with several magazines and newspapers including "Le Monde".
         Winner of the Prix Goncourt for his novel "La Nuit sacrée (The Sacred Night)" in 1987, is among the most important contemporary French Moroccan writers. He is a member of the High Council of Francophonie. He is a member of the Académie Goncourt since 2008. He is the author of poems, novels, stories, short stories and plays.

Nigeria: The tele-evangelist TB Joshua is in turmoil old African presidents.

Robert Mugabe, 60 days time-keeper!

         "I see a head of state and by that I mean a president.  He is very old. He does not feel well. What do I see now? A sudden death. I see the death of an old African president in two months."
His name is Temitope Balogun Joshua, better known by his name TB Joshua and proclaimed himself a prophet, evangelist, healer, exorcist and medium. Church leader of the Synagogue of All Nations (Synagogue Church of Nations Scoan-), he uses his talents as a preacher through TV programs on his private channel "Emmanuel Christian TV."
His prediction made at one of his recent sermons sounded like a tocsin in the ears of Zimbabweans who have not hesitated to ask him whether he was referring to President Robert Mugabe (born February 1924).
The victims of his 32-year dictatorship of Mugabe secretly hope that the predictions of the tele-evangelist concern that Nigerian president who is old and sick but clings to power.

The preferred medium of some African leaders.

         Zimbabweans who often consult psychics of any kind about their future compromised by political conflicts have taken seriously the prediction of TB Joshua, especially as their prime minister, Morgan Zvangirai (57 years) regularly consults. And it is not the only African president to have done. Lights the presidents of Zambia and Gabon, Frederick Chiluba (1943-2011) and Omar Bongo Odinga (1935-2009) have often consulted. Other political figures have consulted, including South Africa Winnie Mandela, the Vice President of Malawi, Joyce Banda, the Zulu king, Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu and former Tanzanian Prime Minister Edward Lowassa.
He predicted including the sudden death of the American star of the music Michael Jackson (June 25, 2009) and Zambian President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (August 19, 2008), the resignation of former President Perez Musharraf of Pakistan August 18, 2008, the election of the President of Ghana John Atta Mills (68) December 28, 2008 and the fall of President Laurent Gbagbo 11 April 2011.
"Wishing for death of a person is profane. But the death of Mugabe would be a blessing to this country," said Thabani Masuku (30 years), whose father died in 1983 in a massacre in western countries where local opponents of the regime of Mugabe.
The prediction makes supporters of Mugabe and other nervous indifferent: "I do not believe in these prophecies of bad luck. This is contrary to tradition. We are not talking of these things. It's taboo, "said Rugare Gumbo, spokesman for Mugabe's party, ZANU-PF.
In a diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks, Gideon Gono, Governor of the Central Bank and confidante of Mugabe, told a U.S. official that the president's health would not permit him to live beyond 2013.
Although he still looked relatively fit for his age, Mugabe has visited more than eight times in Asia in 2011 to treat advanced cancer of the prostate.

And if the prophecy is about another old president?

After all Mugabe is not the only one of the old African presidents. TB Joshua's prediction could therefore involve many other aging presidents who do not want to hand: Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade is 85 years old, the President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki is 81 years old, the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya is 79 years old, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is 75 years old, Angolan President Eduardo Dos Santos is 69 years old, the president of Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso is also in the 69th year. Even as new presidents Michael Sata of Zambia is 75 years old, Conde of Guinea is 75 years old.

Who is the controversial Temitope Balogun Joshua?

Temitope Balogun Joshua, born June 12, 1963 at Arigidi Nigeria. Apparently it is a kind of avatar, and have had a supernatural birth, after 15 months in the womb of his mother. A pastor would have advised her not to give birth by caesarean birth because God was preparing to be a "special event". After his primary education in an Anglican school in Arigidi-Akoko (1971-1977), it fails the first year of high school and stopped his studies. It simply reading the Bible. After trying to make money with small, it fails to be recruited into the Nigerian army due to a failure of the process.
In 1989, he claimed to have prayed for 40 days and 40 nights before founding the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).
February 11, 2008, the method of TB Joshua was on the front page of Time magazine, subtitled "How Faith Can Heal (How to heal by faith)."  He annually receives hundreds of thousands of visitors, including heads of state. And the imposition of hands followed by miracles are looked on five continents through a live broadcast from its television station Emmanuel TV, available on satellite and Internet broadcast via the portal.
There is also a remarkable humanist, providing assistance to minorities and disadvantaged people nationally and internationally through another department. Consistent for his humanitarian work, he was awarded various prizes. In 2008 he was made an Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, by the late President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua (1951-2010) who had consulted him before.

The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

In November 2011, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has provoked outrage by claiming to cure AIDS-HIV and cancer. To put, TB Joshua said supporting medical science and treatment with antiviral HIV-AIDS. TB Joshua is a real phenomenon in Cameroon. His church is located in Greece, Ghana and South Africa.
On 20 February 2012, Cameroon's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henry Eyebe Ayissi denounced him as being the messenger of Satan in an official statement entitled: "The son of the devil is among us" who claims to be "sent from God" and treated his diabolical miracles. The statement appeared in newspapers in Cameroon.
"The Cameroonian government warns against these pilgrims they will face the consequences alone. This is motivated by the fact painful and shameful that men and women in Cameroon, in search of deliverance and blessing, a time in this church are in pitiful conditions, and bestial.

"Women are raped; pilgrims dispossessed of their property by armed robbers and forced to sleep on the streets to thank you gang. Many murders have even been recorded. And this is without other cases that are not registered with the Embassy of Cameroon in Lagos. Some victims are too ashamed to tell their infernal odysseys once they are out of hell, "said the minister.