samedi 31 mars 2012

Turkmenistan: Better to have a daughter than a son.

         While in China or India, having a boy is considered a blessing, in Turkmenistan, many parents wish they had a daughter instead of a boy. Reason, the future dowry "kalym"
that will pay for the boy to marry.
         The number of marriages where the groom's family pays a kalym (dowry) to his future wife's family is clearly increasing in Turkmenistan.
“In 2011, 90% of families have used this ancient tradition,"
writes the Turkmen Gündogar site, which explains the preference of parents for the birth of a daughter, a son being synonymous with "debt and ruin."
         The amount of dowry varies, but they account for a huge sum for the impoverished Central Asian -3,000 to 10,000 U.S. dollars (2250-7500 euros).
         The amount paid by the bridegroom kalym determines the nature and quality of gifts that the bride must make to turn to her new family: appliances, furniture, clothing, gold jewelry.
         According to an imam, the volume of kalym also depends on "the quality of the goods: the beautiful Turkmen with a university degree and those who have mastered the traditional trades" are listed.
         The trend is so strong that the girls "compete with each other and suffer if a friend or relative was better that they valued."

         Country of Central Asia surrounded by Afghanistan, Iran, the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, a former republic of the Soviet Union, Turkmenistan, populated by 5.5 million inhabitants,  extends over 488,100 km2. Its capital is Ashgabat.
         The life expectancy is 58 years for men and 65 for women. Its GDP is 4.5 billion. It produces oil, and cotton. It is headed by an iron fist since 2007 by the dentist Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. He was reelected to 97.14% of the vote in February 2012. The average salary per month is 9.4 U.S. dollars. And the population lives on less than $ 2 per day.

vendredi 30 mars 2012

Romania: The twilight of Romanian intellectuals.*

I wonder why Romanian society produces individuals of such a discrepancy ... I traveled here and there and I lived several years in some Western countries. But I can not say I know these worlds as well as Romania, which I know to rhyme.
         However, I can say that nowhere else does he rises to the surface of society so much negativity, so many souls ulcerated and eager for revenge on everything and anything, on the other, on themselves or on lives.
         That does not mean that the Romanian people is not harmonious in itself. I have always said our people is composed of a large mass of people of good sense, good and intelligent, but whose voice can not pierce to be heard.
         We have however a very small fraction of voice, a cacophonous mass of individuals with obvious problems of positioning relative to the world.

The monstrous selfish.

         This fraction is that which offends. And not just shocks us we, Romanians, but also those who are visiting or entering for the first time in contact with us, locally or abroad.
         The Romanians then give the impression that we are all alike. They are those who despise the law, because they despise people. They are selfish monster.
         They are those who change without blinking white black and black into white. It falls on them everywhere: in politics, among the "stars" of television, forums, in stages, with the neighbors.
         One can not help but at some point to ask why and how our society produces so much rudeness, extreme violence, physical and language, sexism, racism and all other ingredients that go together.
         Historically, I think the roots of this phenomenon are very deep. In modern history, communism has been, of course, essential. By the downturn that has caused social, it also caused a huge turnaround in attitude: he spread class hatred, he destroyed the thin layer of civilization which was enjoyed, he has brought to power people uneducated and uncivilized.
         Today, their heirs use the greatest achievement, perhaps, of the post-Decembrist [the Revolution of December 1989, which marked the end of the communist era], the right to speak, as that formidable springboard. They all found the voice, but those we hear most are the bad guys, those in the strident voice.

A world uncultured and barbaric.

         We see every day how great men of culture are worn out, like deer surrounded by a pack of wolves, by individuals who have neither the moral authority nor the competence to do so.
         Individuals who do not read them, who hate them intensely, because they see their popularity in their own human and professional failure.
         Similarly, we see every day, how a few people, through the injuries and stick, gradually drove the discussions civilized people, who would have liked to use freedom of expression to exchange ideas calmly.
         Today, he turns to Romania soon come to power, not the middle class, educated and active, we all dream, but a new populism [Several populist parties appeared in Romania recently as PPDD - the Party of people], which alongside that of the last decade seem to be an amateur movement.
         Twilight of the Intellectuals should rejoice person. It means the twilight of education and transforming our world into a barbaric and uncultured. We no longer read and we do not think we let the TV decide what we like and what we dislike. We feel bitter about missing the chance of democracy, have debased the idea - as we did for that of equality, at the time of communism.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------

*Article by Mircea Cărtărescu.

Born in Bucharest 1st june 1956, Romanian Mircea Cărtărescu is the most translated author  in the world. Alongside his work as a writer
(Why we love women, The Levant ...), he writes a column in the daily Evenimentul Zilei and teaches at the universities of Bucharest, Berlin and Vienna.

France and Democracy: The origin of the left and right.

On September 11, 1789, meeting to deliberate on the right of veto granted to the King, the French Constituent Assembly is divided spontaneously from both sides of the chair.
At the right "to" the left "against". From that day dates, in all democracies of the world, the political division between what is called the "Right" and "Left".
Right now was defined by "the defense of an effective order respecting the authority and property," while the left was equated with "the progress of a claim egalitarian state-organized"

jeudi 29 mars 2012

Great-Britain: 250.00 euros for dinner with David Cameron.

         The co-treasurer of the British Conservative Party resigned Sunday after it broadcast a video showing him to make money from the alleged donors access to British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Filmed by a hidden camera of a journalist presented as a potential donor and distributed by the Sunday Times, Tony Peter Cruddas offers them the opportunity to dine with the Prime Minister and convey their views to the government team.
In the video, he says that donations of between 200,000 and 250,000 pounds per year can "play in the first division" and ensure access to David Cameron and his finance minister George Osborne.         
 "The first thing we want to make sure it is to attend dinner with Cameron and Osborne," he said in the recording.
"When you see the Prime Minister, you have in front of you David Cameron, not the prime minister," says Peter Cruddas. "Everything is confidential and you can ask almost any question you want," he adds.
In Great-Britain, donated over 7500 pounds parties are allowed, but must be declared and can not give privileged access to politicians.

The swagger of a Self Made Man.

In a statement released after the broadcast, Peter Cruddas announced his resignation from sin as co-treasurer of the Conservative Party in calling his remarks "bluster."
         "I deeply regret the false impression that could be released from my swagger during this interview. There is obviously no question that donors can influence the policy or have an unjustified access to politicians. To dispel any doubts, I unfortunately have decided to tender my resignation with immediate effect, "he said.
David Cameron has condemned the remarks made by the co-treasurer of his party and promised "an investigation within the party."
"What happened is completely unacceptable. It's not how it collects money to the Conservative party, it would never have happened, "he told the BBC.
The Foreign Minister David W. Miliband, Member of the Labour opposition has meanwhile said: "It's a little embarrassing. (...) The idea that politics is for sale is ludicrous, it blurs the boundaries”

 A millionaire philanthropist, very little gloss.

Born in 1953 in Hacknet, East London, Peter Cruddas, the son of a butcher in Smithfield Market, he left school at the age of 15 years because of violence at home due to poverty and became a Boy Scout.          
 He began his career as a telex operator for Western Union to the City. Through a series of lucky breaks in the City, he became in 2007, the 90th richest man in the UK with a fortune estimated at 860 million pounds. Installed for a long time in Monaco, he finally returned to England in 2009.
         To enter politics, he was noted by giving the Conservative Party the second second largest gift to the party's history: 1.2 million pounds.
In June 2011 he was appointed co-treasurer of the British Conservative Party.

mercredi 28 mars 2012

Belgium: Eddy Merckx, the champion cyclist of all time charged for selling a bike!

It sounds like a belgian joke but look at it carefully it's not a joke or it is so caustic that it does not laugh. It's all cooked Belgian. To be consumed without moderation!
The famous Belgian champion cyclist of all time Eddy Merckx who had just been made ​​a Commander of the Legion of Honor December 6, 2011 by President Nicolas Sarkozy indicted for selling a bike with his name produced by his factory to the Commissioner of Police Anderlecht, Philippe Boucar.
The latter is charged with corruption since Eddy Merckx he informed of the existence of a procurement of 48 bicycles to the police and Anderlecht have disclosed the prices offered by competitors of Eddy Merckx Cycles.
"In return, write the belgian diary “La Dernière Minute ", the Commissioner would have received a bike Merckx cheaply".
Several commissioners and area managers were indicted by the Justice of Brussels after the investigation by Judge Jean-Claude Van Espen on alleged corruption in the Police of Anderlecht who has several components.
There would be seven accused, presumed innocent,-according to the same newspaper.

The completed investigation should have been expected that the Belgian champion receives the highest honor at the Elysee French before the charge.
That way the honor of Belgium is safe and not alas that of the Belgian citizen Eddy Merckx, alleged corrupt!

mardi 27 mars 2012

Russia: The drunkards sent to a labor camp.

Russian Minister of Interior, General Rashid Nurgaliyev Goumarovitch, proposed to revive the Soviet practice consisting in treating the alcoholic strength, including sending them to forced labor camps.
In support of this measure before the former President Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, he argued that the offenses relating to alcohol are a very serious problem. He lists 253,000 chronic alcoholics in Russia.
In fact the reality is even worse he said during a meeting of the responsibility to maintain order in the Commissioner of St. Petersburg. Former Head of the fight against terrorism to the KGB, Rashid Nurgaliyev knew exactly what he meant.
The Russians are among the biggest drinkers in the world with 15 liters of pure alcohol per capita per year, revealed Gennady Onishchenko Dr., Head of Public Health, in an interview to a Russian newspaper.
The Russian authorities are struggling unsuccessfully for decades against this scourge, but the illicit distillation of spirits has always managed to bypass the official guidelines aimed at reducing alcohol consumption.
Like alcohol "edible" is too expensive for many Russians, there were in 2005, 36,000 deaths by ingestion of adulterated liquor, which added to 46,000 suicides and road accidents cirulation 35,000 murder victims.
During the Soviet period since 1960, alcoholics were sent to reeducation camps for forced labor.
According to the Moscow Serbsky Institute for Social Psychiatry and Forensic, the proportion of alcoholics may be greater than 10% of the 142 million Russians.
Since the 1990s, the population declines in Russia: the birth rate decline (8.4 per thousand), the mortality rate increases (14.7 miles).
These are the men most affected: a man of twenty two can expect to live to sixty years (for an American is nine chances); life expectancy of a man is better in Guatemala Indonesia, Iraq, Mexico, the Philippines ... in Russia. And the situation worsens.

This excessive consumption of alcohol contributes significantly to lower the life expectancy of Russian men.

lundi 26 mars 2012

United States: God, Homelessness, escapes a trial.

In 2008, the black senator from the North in Omaha, Nebraska (1970-2008), Ernie Chambers (72 years), agnostic, decides to press charges against "the creator who sows death and destruction and terrorizes million earthlings. because He (also) earthquakes, floods, horrendous, horrendous hurricanes,... ".
Senator introduced this action in court to show "that everyone can take action against anyone, even God."
         The court acknowledged in its judgment the existence of God does. "One consequence of this decision is the confirmation of God's omniscience," insists Ernie Chambers.
Judge Marlon Pork with whom the complaint was filed was rejected by arguing that he should be able to join the party for the trial to take place.
"Given that the accused can never be reached, the matter shall be discussed," the judge wrote in its reasoning.

dimanche 25 mars 2012

France: The independent candidate Jacques Cheminade and the Fortune of Queen of England.

A prophet whimsical.

         Candidate in the presidential election for the first time in 1981, he does not get the 500 signatures to sponsor his application.
         In 1995, he received 555 referrals of local and arrives at the presidential election. He is attacking the financial oligarchy, the major stock markets, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund. He collects 0.27% of the votes cast.
         For the first time in its history, the French Constitutional Council rejects his campaign accounts (1.7 million francs) that it considers do not comply with the law.
         The press then called him a "candidate of Saddam Hussein,"
"thief of old ladies" to "guru cult", "anti-Semite," working for a "billionaire right-wing."
         The mayors who were convinced the sponsor because they said, " he is someone who dares to move the lips is a Hebrew prophet, someone who dares to move the lips to the powerful and tell them their truths, "he said.
         Against all odds, in March 2012, his candidacy in the presidential election is validated because it was able to collect 500 new sponsorships necessary despite the financial dispute resolved never linked to his candidacy in 1995.

         In 2012, he attacks the Queen of England and the Rothschild family!

         March 21, 2012, on television LCP French National Assembly, this retired Public Service explains that "a part of the fortune of the Queen of England comes from drug trafficking",
"manipulated by Jewish bankers of the City. "
         "No, not any property, there are several other sources. But it is a series of trafficking in which, yes, there is trafficking drugs," he added after mentioning "the tradition" of "Rothschild "," who made all kinds of traffic. "
         In an era of information highways, insulting e-mails of users including several openly anti-Semitic were immediately flocked to the chain LCP. It decided to press charges against Jacques Cheminade, according to Frederic Haziza, who hopes that the perpetrators of insulting messages will be identified through their IP addresses (Internet Protocol).
         A week earlier, the same candidate had attacked the United States creating a "parallel between the beginning of the Nazi regime and the measures that are gradually introduced, and what is done in the U.S. today,"
statements he had already held elsewhere.

 Zealous Disciple of the American Lyndon LaRoche Jr.
         He draws heavily on the ideas of a sulfur Trotskyite, seven-time nominee in the primaries in the United States, Lyndon Hermayle LaRoche Jr. is "convinced that Hitler came to power in Germany was planned by the UK , the Beatles are an offshoot of British propaganda services, the Bush administration has itself sponsored the attacks of Sept. 11, the contents of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is authentic; that Queen Elizabeth II traffic control international drug "
         The same Lyndon LaRoche has accused the British government for organizing the attacks of September 11, 1991, in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, the United States has encouraged the genocidal policies in Africa and that President Barack Obama has copied his program health on that of Adolf Hitler.
         The party of Jacques Cheminade "Solidarity and Progress," which mainly targets students was pinned in 2005 in the report of the Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Combat against Sectarian Abuses (Miviludes).
         The French election campaign in 2012 will it be marked by populism at the lack of a real program output slump right or left?

samedi 24 mars 2012

Russia: the creator of the Kalashnikov AK-47 is still correct.

The poet who invented death.

         The child soldiers of the Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony, their cousins ​​Congolese fighting in the underground armed groups in Kivu, the FARC in Colombia, the guerrillas Maoists in Nepal, the Afghan Mujahideen in Tora Bora, the Chadian rebels, the opponents of the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the French mob that attacks Swiss banks and jewelry stores, all have a common denominator, they use the Kalashnikov AK-47 to kill their enemies or  to terrorize their victims.
This weapon that sows death was used in all world conflicts since its inception in 1947.
At the International Criminal Court in The Hague and in almost all courts of the world, we condemn the sponsors of these wars or the thugs in delivering his famous surname.
The General Mikhail Timofeievitch Kalashnikov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, born November 10, 1919 at Kuriya, Altai Krai in Russia. He resides in Izthevsi. He is the creator of automatic assault rifle AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1947) that killed more enemies than all the extra weapons in the world.
Born into a family who had nine children, he began to write poems very young and continued to write throughout his life. He is author of six book of poems, but his work remains his most terrible assault rifle with which his name is forever associated.
But few people have read his poems.

A Swiss manufacturer of beverage has confused the man and his legend.

         A Swiss distributor of energy drinks that probably did not know that Mr. Kalashnikov still lived. She thought she had the brilliant idea to use his name to boost sales by naming one of his drinks "Kalashnikov".
The creator of the AK-47 always alert to 90 years in and quickly discovered this and  "canardé" the Swiss company Vinista in any court of Paris.
The distribution was to be made by the company Hexis Energy, located in the Hérault, France. In the process, Vinista had reserved the domain name, while Hexis Energy had taken an option on the domain name
On different web pages promoting the drink were represented in the assault rifle cartridges, blood, and direct allusions to the power, the army and the Soviet red star.
Mr. Timofeevich Kalashnikov has conceded the right to use his surname to designate various products including energy drinks, but at a different company called Cybergun.
Believing that Vinista Hexis and Energy has made money on his back, the Russian national has decided to assign them for infringement.
In a judgment of 9 September 2009, the 3rd Civil Chamber of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris ruled in his favor, finding that companies Vinista Hexis and Energy had "used without authorization the reputation of the person of the applicant and his name to commercial purposes, with the exclusive focus of the wider public ".
         Hexis Vinista and Energy have been sentenced to stop distributing the drinks in question and must pay 10,000 euros in damages to Mr. Timofeevich Kalashnikov and 3,000 euros for legal costs.
Domain names reserved "smuggled" beings will also transferred to the applicant.

Never any victims of the Kalashnikov assault rifle (which is sold as a bun at a bargain prices) had the idea to bring charges against his famous "Creator" which surely will die centenary in his bed after a long and beautiful life!

Republic of China (Taiwan): Too old for prison.

In September 2009, Hsin-Ming Sun, a former employee of the Railway Administration of Taiwan has been sentenced to three jail for illegally occupied a room in the administration of the railways.
The man could have to pay a fine of 80,000 TWD (Taiwan dollars) to avoid prison, but he preferred to serve his sentence to denounce the injustice is felt victim.
Retired from the railroad company with a very meager pension to live, he settled in a home owned by the railway company. Illegal occupation estimated the Taipei District Court, which sentenced him to three months in prison.
Everything seemed normal, until the prison Taiwan refuses to accept the prisoner felt it did not afford to care for an inmate that age according to the newspaper Apple Daily.
Indeed, Mr. Hsin-Ming Sun was then 96 years old and became the oldest prisoner in Taiwan.
Taipei Prison where he should serve his sentence was immediately forwarded to the prosecutor's office.
The prosecution therefore predicted to send Mr. Hsin-Ming Sun in a prison hospital in Taichung City in west central Taiwan where he would serve his sentence.
Taichung has a pleasant climate with an average annual temperature of 23 ° C and relatively low rainfall (average annual total 1708 mm), but a humidity of about 80%.
July 23, 2007, The Republic of China (Taiwan) populated by 23,040,040 inhabitants (2010) over an area of ​​36,008 km2, has asked the UN in an independent state under the name of Taiwan and name under the name Republic of China.
Membership was refused by the UN on behalf of the one-China principle is applied from the replacement permanent headquarters of the Republic of China (Taiwan) by China (mainland China) in 1971 .          Taiwan has diplomatic relations with only 23 states in the world.

vendredi 23 mars 2012

Austria: The prohibition of dish names 'discriminatory' prevents racism?

No more "negerbrot (bread negro)” and “Mohr im Hemd (Moorish shirted)” at the table!

         The association of Austrian restaurants are "unacceptable" some names of dishes and want them banned, according to the British newspaper "The Telegraph".
         And names with racist or discriminatory as “Zigeunerschnitzel (Gypsy Schnitzel)”
, “negerbrot (bread negro)”, “Mohr im Hemd (Moorish shirted)” must change their names.
         "Our work revolves around welcoming people and for this reason, we should offer a good example."

         The association recognizes the legitimacy of these dishes, but considers that their name may be an offense and was hunting down the "negative names"
in the maps of the country, she asked simply "the chiefs and butlers" to replace connoted by less, depending on the site NewsFeed:

Discriminatory food labels are they really necessary?

         The three names mentioned dishes that are also not so exotic to be replaced by "Chop pepper sauce" instead of "Gypsy schnitzel", "dark bread" instead of "negro brain", this chocolate Peanut and "Chocolate Cake with cream" instead of "Negro in his shirt." These names would go better at the time of order.
         A prohibition that is controversial because a gastronomic association defends the predominance of "tradition", whereas "SOS Mitmensch"
, a group that advocates for integration and equality endorses the approach: "There is no laughing matters of discrimination, even when it happens accidentally or because of tradition. "
The Austrian restaurant association is not only dishes in German, the official language of Austria but also names in other languages, including Italian, such as "Spaghetti alla Puttanesca (whore Spaghetti)" popular dish served since 1960 mainly in Italian restaurants.

What about the weird dishes names in other European countries?

         Time NewsFeed notes that in Britain, the restorers used a small pudding chocolate chips called "Spotted Dick",
which literally means "speckled penis."
         France and western Switzerland, the change of names of dishes with names "discriminatory"
without resorting to an official ban. The old name of chocolate "negro head", which referred to the sex of blacks is now called "Head of chocolate," chocolate dessert "The Negro in his shirt" was called "Black and White", " The hen-silk Negro "from China that has black as its head was recalled by the Standards Commission since 2009: "Hen-silk "and the fungus formerly called "Boletus fathead negro "or "Constable Black" will soon become "Bolet-tanned."
In Holland, the cheese is still dark brown "Fathead Moor."
In France, it is always best to stigmatize "halal meat" for the votes of voters accept it as "local custom" despite the 2.1 million that had the country in 2010 according to the National Institute of Demographic Studies ( INED) and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE).

jeudi 22 mars 2012

Switzerland / France: The Swiss will never cease to impress the French.

A popular vote that revolts the French Communist candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon!

         The Left Front candidate for president in 2012, Jean-Mélenchon that has not much chance of being elected president of the French Republic, has complained about the Swiss, who refused six weeks of paid leave against four at present.
Disturbed by such a popular vote, while he advocates the reduction of working time in France, he lied to his voters by accusing the employers of Switzerland.
"I fully understand that the Swiss employers' arguments that uses all the fear and insults against the workers," said MEP on Europe 1 radio Monday.
"I pity with all my heart to be intimidated by employers who convinces them not to take holidays," insisted the co-chair of the Left Party.
"What is holiday? Part of working time taken in the distribution between capital and labor in the service of workers. (...) I am not surprised that the Swiss bosses do not like this," he concluded.

The Swiss observe the evolution of the European Union with puzzlement and concern!

This is the second time in two decades that the Swiss refuse such an initiative and it has never been question of intervention of the employers.
This is especially true since most voters Swiss assets are retired and they have nothing to do with the employers.
In addition to work in Switzerland is considered "an essential value of life" and not as "a chore". Then, the Swiss which  do not have many natural resources as its larger neighbor, have built their prosperity on the work and intelligence.
It's legendary banking secrecy and its strong financial management that made Switzerland a safe haven for money from the rich World (whose French millionaires threatened with being overtaxed) and not just "A safe all the thugs of the earth "in the words of the last communist of Europe, Jean-Luc Melenchon.

mercredi 21 mars 2012

Morocco / USA: The Moroccan misery has saved American actor Brad Pitt.

In the 90s, American actor Brad Pitt is depressed. He is in the hole. He takes drugs. A slump that led him to use illicit substances. "I could not take anymore of myself in the late 90s. I wanted to shelter the celebrity, and I smoked and I doping me too, I was lying on the couch, transforming me day after donut day, and I annoyed myself, "said the star.
Then he offers a trip to Morocco to forget his Setbacks. Apparently beneficial as a trip when he sees the misery Moroccan, he realizes he should not depress for so little.
A revelation that changed his life. "I discovered extreme poverty, I had never seen this before. I understand that my situation was quite pathetic compared to what I saw."
He revealed this period of his life during his interview for "Hollywood Reporter" in the margins of her Oscar nomination for his roles in movies including "Moneyball" and "Pancakes for everyone."
Since 2005 he is married to actress Angelina Jolie. The couple adopted two boys (one Cambodian and one Vietnamese) and an Ethiopian. They have three biological children including twins.

mardi 20 mars 2012

Germany: "The miracle of Reunification."

The former director of the committee to open the archives of the Stasi, elected president of Germany.
         Since March 18, 2012, Germany is led by two citizens of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR): Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck.
         What was unthinkable during the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. The Germans who have been  traumatized by a grotesque dictatorship take their revenge. This trauma was born the passion for democracy and freedom.
         When you have lived inside of a dictatorship as Gauck, we have the opportunity to sharpen his resistance, which gives a unique character and charisma. With these two personalities on his head which are illustrated in the fight against totalitarianism in the GDR, unified Germany can only emerge stronger when Europe is undergoing its greatest depression since the end of the War World.

Director of the Stasi archives, the political police of the GDR.

         During the 80, Gauck enlisted in the defense of human rights within a group of opponents. In the fall of the Wall in 1990, he became head of the Stasi archives, the political police of the communist regime, with a mission to shed light on a half-century of espionage and extortion.
         The Stasi was founded in 1950 on the model of the KGB. To get an idea of ​​what the Lichtenberg district of the former East Berlin, between Ruschestrasse and Normannenstrasse, QC of the former Stasi extended over 4 ha. Its headquarters was converted into a museum which opened in 1991.
         In the fall of the Berlin Wall, it employed 91,000 Spies and 175,000 informers, regular contributors and volunteers. A total of 1% to 2% of the East German population has actively collaborated with the regime. This means that there was a spy for an average of 50 East German citizens .
         Over the years, the Stasi had accumulated a shelf of 180 km archive of 6 million East Germans and a handful of enemies of the West. Spied by their neighbors, colleagues, friends and family, nearly 2 million former victims have asked since the Wall fell, access to their files.
         "Released to 6 h 45, returned at 16 h 30 ..."
The files contained much information of a distressing banality carefully typewritten, and the worst betrayals, written in this language had developed indigestible administration over the years.

The Lutheran pastor who has lived it all.

Son of Joachim Gauck Sr, and Olga Gauck (born Warremann), born January 24, 1940 in Rostock on the Baltic Sea. His father was Captain of sea exercises then inspector duties to the Company Neptun Werft shipbuilding.
         In 1951, his son is eleven years old when he is sentenced by a Soviet military court to hard labor in Siberia. He was accused of espionage to be in collusion with the West. The family is still no news of him for three years. In 1955, following the visit of West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) to Moscow to negotiate the release of political prisoners from Germany, he was released.
         Joachim Gauck Jr. received a Bachelor of Innerstädtisches Gymnasium in Rostock. He dreams of being a journalist, but we refused. He chose to study theology and became pastor of the Protestant church in Mecklenburg. His work is made difficult by the continuous observation was that the church by the Stasi. He was labeled as "an incorrigible anti-Communist (unverbesserlicher Antikommunist)."
         In 1989, he became spokesman for the New Forum, a democratic opposition movement. He participates in major events that lead to the fall of the wall of Berlin. During the first free elections on March 18, 1990, he was elected to the House of the people of the GDR where he sat until the dissolution of East Germany in October 1990. On the eve of the dissolution, he was elected Special Representative for the Stasi archives. After the dissolution, he is confirmed in his functions as Special Representative of the federal government the same archive by President Richard von Weizsäcker and Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Married to his childhood friend Gerhild "Hansi" Gauck (nee Radtke) which he is separated till 1991, he is the father of four children and lives since 2000 with the journalist Daniela Schadt.

The German Obama and Gauckmania.

         After a cascade of resignations, Joachim Gauck appears as a rare bird at the same to refurbish the presidency of Germany. In 2010, when he attended for the first time as President of Germany, he was nicknamed "The German Obama"
and attracted a veritable "Gauckmania". He was the candidate of the Greens and the Socialist Party, the SPD. It took three of voting for the CDU and FDP needed finally to the Federal Assembly his predecessor, Christian Wulff at the head of state.
         "Yes, we Gauck,"
headlined euphoria the “Bild am Sonntag”, 6 June 2010, while the weekly “Der Spiegel” said with delight as the seven Gauck was "the best president" (from Christian Wulff, the Christian candidate Democrat appointed by the ruling coalition to succeed President Horst Köhler, who resigned). 

         The SPD and the Greens chose Joachim Gauck, and although it actually has no chance given the power relations prevailing in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, the German political class is so excited. The firm attracted the majority of sympathies.

A president who can not think without the idea of ​​freedom.

         After his election Sunday, March 18, 2012, he exclaimed: "What a beautiful Sunday!", Recalling that 22 years ago to the day took place the first and last free elections in the GDR, a few months before the German Reunification 3 October 1990. "I will never forget these elections. Never!", He said, visibly moved.
         "You have elected a president who can not think without the idea of ​​freedom in him”, he said to the attention of the electoral college of 1,240 people consisting of deputies and delegates from the regional states who came to the to elect.
         This man had to wait 50 years to get acquainted with democracy. By bringing him to the head of their country, the Germans have honored a defender of  Human rights.
         It is the first German from the former GDR to access to this prestigious role. There is a strong symbol of the miracle of German reunification after the election November 22, 2005 the first woman chancellor also from the GDR, Angela Dorothea Merkel. The fact that East German could have become Chancellor of all Germans only fifteen years after reunification had surprised many at the time. It had then talked about political miracle.
         March 18, 2012, when Joachim Gauck  was elected as President of the Republic by the Federal Assembly, the triumph of the East is full: two personalities of former GDR at the head of the Federal Republic of Germany, the great capitalist industrial countries - the thing was almost unimaginable in 1990.
         The British newspaper 'The Independent' described him as "Germany's answer to Nelson Mandela." He is often compared to the Polish Lech Walesa and the to Czech Vaclav Havel (1936-2011).

lundi 19 mars 2012

USA/Indonesia: Indonesian lookalike Barack Obama.

Ilham Anas, who was born in Bandung on Java island in 1973, became a celebrity in his hometown of Jakarta, the day of the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States on 28 november 2008.
Because his striking resemblance to U.S. President: even honest smile, same hairline.
Assaulted by onlookers when he puts his nose out, he finds it hard to go unnoticed.
The interest of Indonesia to the route of the U.S. president is due to the fact that Obama's mother, Ann Dunham (1942-1995) married an Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo (1935-1987), after separation from the Kenyan father of Obama in 1963.
"When Obama was elected, my friends were joking and I took pictures posing as Obama. The pictures spread very quickly on the Internet. I was then contacted by an advertising agency and a television. I never thought I'd become a star of a commercial Television, "said Ilhan Anas.
He was selected to play lookalike of U.S. President on U.S. television because it's his job now.
There are other impersonators Obama, including the Cuban Gerardo Buisseaux, journalist in Havana became famous before the U.S. presidential election. He had also called Latin Americans to vote overwhelmingly for Obama.
In other times, in some dictatorial regimes, the likenesses of Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler had very unenviable fates!

dimanche 18 mars 2012

Libya: Hannibal Gaddafi was building a cruise ship with shark tank!

Hannibal Gaddafi (born 1976), the terrible son of the Me oammar Qadhafi was building the ship "The Phoenicia" when the Arab Spring has reached Libya leading to civil war that ended in late life and the regime of his father.
Before the assassination of Libyan président in October 2011, some family members including his wife Safia Farkash, his daughter Aisha Hannibal Gaddafi and his son fled Libya to Algeria.
Hannibal Gaddafi was made famous by his antics that have triggered such a serious diplomatic crisis between Libya and Switzerland.
Began with his arrest in Geneva of mistreatment of her servants July 16, 2008, the Switzerland-Libya diplomatic crisis ended with the death of Mo'ammar Gaddafi in November 2011.
Not content with being the itching powder, the physician training is an extraordinary megalomania. Thus, before the fall of the Libyan Jamahiriya, tired of hiring boats to cruises MSC Cruises, was building by the Korean shipbuilder STX corporation a cruise ship that was to accommodate up to 3,500 guests.
"It was hard to understand that cruise ships are sold a year in advance and therefore it was impossible to find a cruise ship available within the time given," said Pierfrancesco Vago, President of MSC Cuises.

Who were for sharks?

The peculiarity of this boat was that it should be equipped with a huge shark tank, reported the British newspaper "The Telegraph"
Filled with 120 tons of sea water, the aquarium should be decorated Phoenicia marble pillars, mirrors bordered with gold and giant statues. It was planned to acquire two sand tiger sharks, white sharks and two two reef sharks black tip with four healers will occupy full-time.
"Personally, I do not know why he wanted a shark tank," said the Financial Times, Pierfrancesco Vago.
For someone so violent that took pleasure in torturing his staff, it was not hard to imagine what fate it was to be reserved for opponents of his father.
From the first clashes in the streets of Tripoli in June 2011, the contract was terminated and the ship bought by 550 million euros for the company MSC Cruises, one of the largest cruise companies in the world.
Renamed "Precioza MSC", the ship will be used for cruises around the Greek islands from 2013.
The Company MSC course started by removing the shark tank, the marble columns, the giant statues and architectural ornaments all "Kitch."
The ship "MSC Preziosa" will be used for cruises around the Greek islands from March 2013.