jeudi 31 mai 2012

UK/Vatican: The pope's death and the Welsh Grand Slam.

A troubling coincidence.

         The urban legend that a pope die every time Wales achieves the Grand Slam in the Six Nations rugby was relaunched in March 2012 in a letter published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).
         In 2008, doctors had made ​​a curious Welsh study: eight Roman Catholic popes died since 1883, five had died a year when Wales won the Grand Slam.

         And since that time, the coincidence is achieved, with the exception of the year 1978 when the Welsh rugby players had excelled and where two popes died: Paul VI (1920-1978) and John Paul I (1912-1978).

A persistent legend!

         In a letter to the BMJ, a pediatrician at the Hospital for children in Sheffield, England, Edward Snelson believes that the analysis should have included the Popes of the Coptic Church of Egypt.

         "This year saw the death of Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria (1923-2012), the same day that Wales won the Grand Slam," he wrote.
         The patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt had succeeded to  Cyril VI, died in 1971, when Wales was again achieved the Grand Slam.

         "Although we do not understand well the association between these deaths and sporting events", the analysis published in 2008 "created a false sense of security and can pose a risk to the lives of other popes," writes Edward Snelson.

         During a Six Nations Tournament, a team achieves the Grand Slam when she won all his matches.

         Wales has developed and maintained a Christian practices and beliefs tinged with older and its symbol is the dragon of Merlin the Magician. The latter would he cast a spell to the Popes after the massacre of the Druids by the Romans in 61 AD. AD?

mercredi 30 mai 2012

R. D. Congo / Greece: Pantheons of corruption.

Goma: The Museum of Horrors!

In 1996, when the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo (AFDL), led by the Maoist resistance fighter Laurent Kabila seized the city of Goma, it enters the residence of Mobutu Sese Seko.
Feet into Lake Kivu, the villa had just been completed and decorated by Parisian interior designer Claude Dalle to taste "very suspicious" of the Owner, President Mobutu himself. Between marble and gilded furniture was piled high quality multicolor.
Bathtubs, sinks and gold cuffs gave the whole a sense of pharaonic remains behind. He had impressed the visitor in a presidential tourist town where the population lived on less than a dollar a day.
To justify his revolution, Laurent Désiré this house called "Museum of Horrors" before settling there.

Athens: The Pantheon of corruption.

To stigmatize the poor economic situation that led Greece to bankruptcy, the Athenians have identified the house of former minister of national defense.
Located near the Pantheon true, caryatids and the theater of Dionysus on the Acropolis in Athens, the sumptuous villa of the former defense minister charged with money laundering, become a kind of temple ... of corruption.
"After the Acropolis Museum, which has unfortunately become the second site of attraction here, the house of the corrupt minister", located a few steps, finds a young Athenian vexed in this street of Athens considered one of the most expensive in the capital.
Stopping in front of the house Akis Tsochatzopoulos became a must during the ride, popular with Greeks and tourists.
"It's a disgrace the minister and all the people of PASOK (the socialist party, ie) that divert money and put in their pockets", carried away an old lady.
"We know that there are many other corrupt ministers," said his side Nikos, a young Greek of thirty years.
This is, among others, for failing to report to the Treasury this property that former defense minister (1996-2000) Akis Tsochatzopoulos is pursued by justice. In early April, just weeks before the May 6th legislative, that's where he was arrested.
Mr. Tsochatzopoulos is accused of using his position as head of the Department of Defense from 1996 to 2001 for pocketing bribes, kickbacks paid through offshore companies to purchase contracts from a Russian missile system and German submarines.
April 17, 2012, this Cacique and founding member of PASOK, was charged with money laundering and criminal organization for creation of controversial weapons orders, and remanded in custody in a prison of Athens.

dimanche 27 mai 2012

U.S.A.: Former President Bill Clinton poses for a photo with the Porn Stars.

"This stuff gets out of hand! Sorry Bill, we love you "

         This is what Brooklyn Lee, one of porn star wrote on Twitter to apologize to former U.S. President Bill Clinton if he finds that this picture where he poses between her and Tasha Reign, his fellow star porn (and a third lady. Innocente)
         During a gala casino in Monte Carlo, France, Bill Clinton posed with two of three invited ...: Tasha Reign Lee and Brooklyn are the stars of X.  
         Lee, very  proud of the feat was quick to post the picture on Twitter, without thinking of the consequences of his act.
         As might be expected, the photo caused a stir on the web. Poor Bill Clinton, still trapped by women! His reputation already tarnished in 1997 by the Monica Lewinsky affair became even more sulphurous.
         It is certain that Mr. Clinton did not know the trade exercised by these two ladies living of the exhibition and sale of their charms had won the award for best sex scene.
         TNZ still reports that young women have had them repacked by agents of the former U.S. president became a philanthropist. Were they not donor from the Bill Clinton like all other guests that night?
Everyone knows that money has no smell, especially in a casino regardless of its international reputation!
         And Damn! Bill Clinton did more than make these Rush ... it is no longer a candidate of the next Nobel Peace Prize!

USA/Italy: President Barack Obama and Bunga-Bunga of Berlusconi.

In May 2012, an escort girl who participated in orgies Bunga-Bunga Slyvio of Berlusconi, former Italian prime minister, told the Milan court that she dressed up as Barack Obama to entertain the master of ceremonies, the Cavaliere himself.
Marysthel Polanco, a woman of joy home dominicaine 28 years, testified in Milan May 25, 2012 Berlusconi's trial on suspicion of having had relations with underage prostitutes priced. She admitted that he often disguised as Obama H. Barack, the president of the United States or Ilda Boccassini, the prosecutor assigned to the case of judicial corruption, whose red hair earned him the nickname "the Red Ilda"
"I dressed in Boccassini and Obama to laugh former prime minister," she said. We know, Berlusconi has never succeeded in establishing a relationship with Obama as cordial with George W. Bush. After his election he had called him a "young, handsome and tanned".
The escort girl said these parties were more fun and burlesque that turned to sex. A statement that corroborates the statement made in April by the Cavaliere, who said that they were "elegant dinners", entertaining, which took place in "burlesque games".

Several witnesses painted a slightly darker bunga-bunga these evenings. Nudity, Tantra and pole dance would have been on the menu that evening took part in underage prostitutes.

samedi 26 mai 2012

These "words" that shape our "Sore" and vice versa!

Belgium: "My hands are clean" and bearing ...!

Ms Onkelinx, Federal Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, wrote on Facebook in May 2012 after Vice-Minister of Health of Israel, Yaakov Litzman, leader of Yahadut Hatorah, a coalition of two parties Orthodox Ashkenazi refuses to shake his hand because she is a woman.
"This kind of fundamentalist attitudes linked to a certain conception of religion and women bothers me deeply," said the Belgian Socialist politician stating that she found herself in a similar situation in the past, having in front of it an Iranian minister.
She still has not understood the Near East, the far right is more radical than "the Flemings are not the Walloons! "

Zimbabwe: "Better to eat than fornicate".

"It's a bad joke." Said Obert Gutu A, Senator and Vice-Minister of Justice of Zimbabwe who refuses, for financial reasons, the proposal discussed in the Senate to introduce sex toys in prisons to end homosexual practices. "Better to eat than fornicate," says he.
It should have specified that country of Robert Mugabe, homosexuals are not even allowed to eat in prison.

Iran: "The Eurovision Song Contest, a parade of homosexuals."

A few days before the final of the Eurovision Song Contest which takes place May 26 in Baku, Azerbaijan, Kazem Sedighi, Iranian Ayatollah criticized the neighboring country "for having spent billions to host this event, which is a parade for homosexuals. "
Well, I learned yet that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was preparing to go compete (or attend) the London Olympic Games to cheer on their champions in Chador!

Israel: "The illegal infiltrators flooding Israel"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on refugees and migrant workers from Africa. "If we do not close the access they will be more like 60,000 now, but soon 600,000, and is a threat to our existence as a state Jewish and democratic." Israel has 7.8 million people ... from elsewhere.
The word "diaspora" refers only used with capital's Jewish community. And to top it off, the poor African migrants rejected will be stationed in a camp for consultation in the desert of the Negev!

Serbia: "The Divine Justice against the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia-ICTY"

On May 20, 2012, after beating the second round the incumbent President Boris Tadic, the Serbian nationalist Tomislav Nikolic exclaimed: "The president was grand, worthy of the Serbs. I will be president for all. It is God's justice. "
The number two of his party, the Serbian party of progress (SNS), Aleksandar Vucic, had accused the DS to lead "the dirtiest campaign in modern history."
His close ally, Professor Vojislav Seselj is on trial in The Hague by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia crimes against humanity committed between 1991 and 1994 against the non-Serb population in large areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Vojvodina.

vendredi 25 mai 2012

Spain: Provided that our candidate does not win the Eurovision!

Due to economic crisis, the Spanish public television TVE advised Ms Pastora Soler, the candidate for Eurovision 2012 to be held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.
         Spanish singer aged 33, is likely to be called Saturday, May 26, 2012 to the final of the Eurovision with the song "Quédate conmigo (Stay with me)"
         The Andalusian candidate for Eurovision, Pillar Sanchez Luque, aka Pastora Soler, told state television on Thursday that she had been advised "not winning" the final on Saturday due to economic crisis. If the singer won the contest, Spain would indeed be obliged to organize the next edition: an unimaginable expense for the country mired in crisis.
         "They said please do not win! "
She said to ABC Radio Punto Radio, before acknowledging, more seriously, that the concern about public television TVE.
         The singer will be a candidate in Saturday's final of Eurovision with the song Quedate conmigo (Stay with me) ”
. Spain is among the countries automatically qualified, because of the importance of its contribution to the event.
         Azerbaijan, which organizes the Eurovision this year, "can afford it because we know that this is a country that has oil, but we do not, we must first get out of our dire straits,"
said Pastora Soler, who would arrive "in the top five."

mercredi 23 mai 2012

Burundi: Does Burundi needs his dead kings to live in peace?

To die in exile: a great misfortune for a Murundi.

The mother of Captain Michel Micombero overthrown in 1976 by Colonel Bagaza and died in exile in Mogadishu July 16, 1983 and whose body was brought back to Burundi, decided to visit that of his successor who had been overthrown by Colonel Pierre Buyoya and in exile in Libya.
After customarily greeting, she adds with a consoling voice: "Do not worry about your son, dear friend, he will return one day. Mine also return home too!"
Bagaza is not only returned from exile quietly, but in addition he was a candidate for president in 2010.
One of the jokes that are told Burundian around a "Primus" of Brarudi drinks in a flow of Bujumbura.
No matter when or in what condition we returned from exile, a Murundi can’t feel happy outside Burundi.
A fortiori, the King of Burundi, died of grief in Meyrin, a suburb of Geneva. But first of all it’s important to return freely!

The first political refugee from Burundi in Switzerland: Mwambutsa IV.

His reign name is "Mwambutsa" derived from the Kirundi word "Kwambutsa" which means "kurenganya icambu", literally "pass the ford." What is different from "kwambuka", meaning "exile." A mwami of Burundi, like Rwanda, which was struck by the inability to rule was "to hand" that is to say, in veiled terms "to end his days."
         This was the rite of "Regicide". In Burundi, he swallowed the poisoned mead.
But the dynastic name of Bami "Mwambutsa" were not subjected to this terrible ordeal and ultimate.
Instead, tradition gave them the right to break the ban across the river Nyabuyongwe and continue to live "free reign" in northern Burundi, that is to say abroad. It was said then that the mwami had "crossed the ford of Nyabuyongwe".
Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge "Rubangisha" was therefore understood that his departure to Switzerland for medical treatment, was his last journey to exile!
         The assassination attempt in which he had narrowly escaped during the failed coup of October 19, 1965, had a profound impact. Besides, in anticipation of this final departure, he had bought a large apartment in the chic of Florissant in Geneva.
         A city he admired ... On the shores of Lake Geneva, he felt almost like Kavinvira, on Lake Tanganyika where he could watch the lights of Bujumbura.
Barundi have kept him the image of a good king, tactician and man about town but attached to his people, and especially who has skillfully negotiate the accession of his kingdom, international sovereignty.

Mwami free of  spirit and faith.

Before dying, the Mwami Mwambutsa Bangiricenge (he had renounced baptism in contrast to his neighbor of Rwanda, Mutara III Rudahigwa), he told the Swiss press 8 December 1966:
"I think the current regime of Burundi, based on a superficial authority is suspended in a condemned to disappear. The removal of Ntare V does not surprise me. This dismissal is the logical culmination of the program of introduction of a republican regime - the Tutsi sauce - a few adventurers and power-hungry extremists were assigned, based particularly on the myth of the Uprona party, ethnically divided, politically non-existent and only a small part of the army ".

After the father's long reign, the shortest reign in the history of Burundi.

The search for remains of the body of the last Mwami Burundi, Ntare V, Charles Ndizeye, began in April 2012 in the town of Tankoma, near Gitega. The research is supervised by two professors of Belgian Leuven University including Professor Jean-Jacques Cassiman, an expert in DNA research.
The team includes members of the Belgian Federal Police and the Police of Burundi. Reportedly, the king was buried about one meter. It was an April 29, 1972. April 29, 2012, Burundi is preparing to bury their last king if his remains are found.
"You must go to ask Arthémon Simbananiye, he alone knows where is the body," says an old Murundi of the area.
In 1972, the young king's death (19 years) had been the cause of the genocide that killed 1/5 of the Burundian population in a few months.
The nightmarish end of the last Ganwa king of Burundi began with his naive ambition to replace his father in exile in Geneva
On July 8, 1966, led by Captain Michel Micombero (Hima) and Arthémon Simbananiye (Abasapfu clan, became Hima Tutsi in history) deposed his father and seized power.
         He went on radio the results of four years of independence and appointed Michel Micombero as his prime minister ... the end of the Kingdom of Burundi was engaged.
On 17 September 1966, a cabinet reshuffle sparked the conflict between the young monarch and his prime minister. The list of ministers had been imposed by the National Youth Rwagasore (JNR) and the army, to weaken the political clout of the Prime Minister.          Ntare V wanted to create Secretariats of state placed directly under his autority, which was strongly resented Michel Micombero who opposed it strongly.
The sovereign Burundi used radio to revoke the foreign minister, Dr Pius Masumbuko.
On 7 November 1966, he went directly into the local newspaper spoke with the intent to revoke the entire government of Michel Micombero. The Paras commandos emerged and prevented him from committing the irreparable.
Two weeks after this incident, Ntare V went on an official trip to Kinshasa, in neighboring Congo, without any illusion of return. Has he consulted General Joseph Mobutu, the new master of the great Congo on this?
Four days after his departure, his prime minister, Captain Michel Micombero, accompanied by several officers, came to the Burundi National Radio. Registration defective delayed the dissemination of his message to the nation that went on the air the next day.
November 28, 1966, the reign of Mwami Ntare ended. Captain Michel Micombero proclaimed the Republic of Burundi and became its first president.

A young landless stateless asylum.

Ntare V fled to Munich, traveled to Belgium and Morocco. Having reconciled with his father Mwambutsa IV, he often traveled to Switzerland to pay him a courtesy visit in the tradition Rundi.
In March 1972, Arthémon Simbananiye, Foreign Minister was in Brussels. By chance, he stayed for two weeks in the same hotel as Ntare V. They met several times. We conclude that there was a secret negotiation of return Ntare V of Burundi.
March 21, 1972, Ntare V left Germany and went to Uganda where he was the guest of President Idi Amin.
30 March 1972, he won Bujumbura, accompanied by the son of Leopold Biha and Ugandan officers.
As the airplane departed from General Idi Amin, the young king was placed in a helicopter and taken to Gitega. On arrival at the military camp, he got off the helicopter in handcuffs.
When the Ugandan government learned that Ntare V was arrested on his arrival, the Ugandan Minister of Foreign Affairs made a statement and said that President Michel Micombero had assured the Ugandan government that if Ntare V was returning to ordinary citizens, all its security will be provided.
We now know from reliable sources and by testimony cross, that the ex-king Ntare V was never intended to go to Burundi, even as a private citizen, after having received written assurances of President Michel Micombero.

The real tragic death of a teenage King Charles Ndizeye, Ntare V.

End of March 1972, Ntare V was in "business" in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. General Idi Amin Dada of Uganda master summoned him to the presidency. It was a trap.
Events rushed. The personal aircraft of President of Uganda, a DC3, and delivered him directly in Bujumbura. He did not understand what was happening. For several weeks he was placed under house arrest.
April 26, the assembly of the Uprona party took repressive measures against those who had not yet joined the JRR (Revolutionary Youth Rwagasore) and asked the President of the Republic to enact a law establishing the supremacy of UPRONA .
28 April 1972, during the cabinet meeting, President Michel Micombero began the agenda the fate of Ntare V. Ministers failed to agree on his fate. Micombero Michel and his closest advisers, all from his clan-the-Bahima are panicking ... Having lost the confidence of Ministers, Michel Micombero decided to revoke the entire government. The next day at noon April 29, 1972, the revocation was made public.

The first Burundian genocide had begun.

Dismissal of ministers triggered the settlement of accounts. Ex-Ministers Hutu, Tutsi and Baganwa are immediately hunted down, those who are caught are executed without any trial.
During a rally in southern Burundi, two ministers Bahima, near Micombero, young people from the JJR distribute caller contacts the Burundian people to exterminate members of the royal family and royalists all (that is to say the families of dignitaries Hutu, Tutsi and the Baganwa).
The pretext was found that while they were spirited to foment a coup against the young captain.
And for this to be likely, false news are broadcast on national radio from April 30, 1972: "Burundi is invaded by rebels, they triggered fierce fighting in Rumonge and Nyanza-Lac. In Gitega, central, monarchists attempted to issue Ntare V, but he was killed during the fighting. "
          The lie was used first and foremost to cover up the murder of the young king Ntare V we hastened to flee in a mass grave April 29, 1972. The Burundi had just started its inexorable descent into hell.
The magnitude of the genocide was unprecedented: a population of 3 million inhabitants, 900,000 and 50,000 Hutu perished others went into exile.
The new republic of Burundi was now paved and would be corpses.
The heart of the old Mwami Mwambutsa installed in an apartment in the commune of Meyrin, a suburb of Geneva turned away permanently from his kingdom.
Even a curse on his part would not be enough to soothe her grief. Deep in himself he no longer wished that death away from this carnage. For him the Burundi was no longer his land even for a final resting place!
He saw the latest pictures forever family decimated Louis Rwagasore shot in 1961 by Kageorgis, a poor Greek paid by the Chinese, his younger brother Charles Ndizeye, who had corrupted by Captain Michel Micombero he had the unfortunate idea of ​​appointing Prime Minister. Finally his brother Ignace Kamatari cousins ​​and all other victims of this murderous folly unspeakable.

Back under duress?

"Go home sir, forgive us. Come relax at the Mausoleum overlooking Bujumbura, along with your older son (Louis Rwagasore), our national hero. Your younger brother, Prince Charles Ndizeye, based as hundreds of thousands of Burundians somewhere in a mass grave. Sire, you are part of our history. Give us at least the opportunity to show and tell our children: "Here lies Mwambutsa IV, King of Burundi". Geneva is far from Burundi, Majesty. "

Colette Uwimana is a great lady sexagenarian. Her port princely barely conceals her malaise. In Burundi, it is hard to erase the traces of sorrow. It is the culture of excellence by unspoken, never expressed. The word is that parade. It is never an expression of deep feelings. The look of Burundians speak more than his language especially for a princess Muganwa.
It was difficult to distinguish from the thousands of international civil servants who haunt the Palais des Nations in Geneva. This is where she spent her entire career.
The daughter of Mwami Mwambutsa IV and the Queen Mother Teresa Kanyonga had a mission much more difficult when she moved to Geneva, "Addressing the royal tomb" that is to say, bloom, wash and especially pay the fee from the grave in a city where the rest of the dead is not eternal. You have to pay regularly to qualify to retain the square keeps his dead. Otherwise newcomers take their place.
It was not even allowed to plant Erythrina coral (or clump) that marks the locations of cemeteries in the Great Lakes region. Not that it is in Foute, but here it is long since dead and ancestors lost their sacredness and the right to immortality.
You have to be rich like Brunschwig and bequeath his fortune to the city for your necropolis may be a tourism object at the heart of Geneva. That the sovereign would never have wished Burundi (Burundi requires modesty!) Even if he had not been stripped of his throne.
It is therefore by her own funds deducted probably his government salary. The state of Burundi has never thought bothered him show support to this day that is to say 35 years.

National imperative against veto family.

At the time I publish this article, the remains of mwami Mwambutsa IV were exhumed. Geneva for the administration, the bill's lease Feuillasses in Meyrin cemetery has not been honored.
         But the Princess Esther Kamatari, (daughter of Ignace Kamatari, brother of the murdered king in 1966), former international model and former candidate for president based in France, has provided the authorities Helvetic Mwambutsa's will.
It requires respect for his memory: that is to say, except to be buried elsewhere in Burundi. The Geneva State Council has been obliged to suspend the left Mortuary.
Embarrassing situation for the Burundian government was preparing to receive fire Mwambutsa IV May 23, 2012 and solemnly buried in Muramvya (instead of his induction Nov. 16, 1915) May 25, 2012.
"Would you be prepared to have your father's remains be repatriated to Burundi to be buried with honor?" Princess Colette Uwimana replied: "Listen, I'll tell you the last words of my father. After what had arrived, he wanted to Burundians. He died angry (April 26, 1977), he expressed his desire to be buried in Switzerland. He would not return to Burundi. even death. That's what were his last words (...). They still led to regicide Prince Charles, almost a boy, they deposed three months later, the murdered and thrown into a mass grave, how could he remain indifferent to both cruelty? "
This is the prayer of the Burundian authorities seeking to repatriate the remains of King Mwambutsa hoping to reconcile their history with the Burundians.
This is certainly the opinion and desire of the historian Burundian Emile Mworoha who believes that the last remains of the king must be in his country. And that his body no longer belongs only to the family but to the memory of Burundi and its state.

France: A pornographic film star, candidate for parliamentary elections in June 2012.

Like the Italian-Hungarian Ilona Staller aka "La Cicciolina" former porn actress who had been elected a member of the Italian Radical Party in 1987, Celine Bara appears in Ariège to the elections. Ilona Staller had also combined during two years political career and pornographic actress.
         The two women share their craft: pornographic film star. Celine Bara, to his credit over 180 films X.
         Celine Bara wants to steer his career in politics running for election in Ariège in the Midi-Pyrenees.
         At 19, she married her cousin Cyrille Bara, she frequents the Parisian libertine clubs and auditioning for films X. In two years, she turns 160 porn movies.
         Associated with her husband, she founded the publishing  and production companies Bara Mag, Bara Libertine DVD or in combination with Morvillez Pascal, director of the Company Telsev.           
Following a scuffle, Bara spouses are incarcerated and sentenced to 4 years in prison for premeditated aggression.
         Released after 19 months in prison, the couple founded the Association Athéus bringing together followers of atheism and the Radical Atheist Organization (ARO).
         Under the  name of Anthony,  Celine Bara was born in High Seines to  parents from Mauritius, September 9, 1978. She is not insensitive to the rise of the National Front and wants to block it in Ariège and in Mauritius.
         Close to the leftist minority candidates in the presidential election Philippe Poutou (New Anti-Capitalist Party) and Nathalie Arthaud (Workers Struggle), his anti-theistic and Libertine Movement (MAL), which has only 20 members, advocates a radical anti-capitalism .. ., closing all places of prayers and absolute sexual freedom!
         "I've always been committed, I was always told I had a big mouth but I did nothing. So here I go to Action "
she sayed on the website of " South West ".
         For her, "the human must be a priority"
and the current economic climate violates labor laws.
         The film actress X raised in a fundamentalist Catholic environment hate religion. She regards it as a "scourge of humanity."
         His candidacy will it be validated by the Ministry of Interior? If this application is accepted, his chances of being elected are slim, but she has made at least made mention of her outside of Sodom and Gomorrah.

dimanche 20 mai 2012

France / Switzerland: The Sexual Harassment according to Marc Bonnant*

A statement by the French Constitutional Council has repealed the law prohibiting sexual harassment. Cries of ospreys and strangulation,. The aviary and feminist rhetoric ran vibronne: it is the woman being murdered ...
         Some, in memory of their heroic activist grandmothers, throw their bras and nettles to defy Newton's law of falling bodies.
         Other cultivated, the reference to Aristophanes draw their battle: Lysistrata .. You remember: the profession of arms summoned the Athenian men at the front. To divert them from war, their wives decided to deny them the love: a sex strike.
         The Athenians who were seeking their legitimate wives more courtesy than enthusiasm, their refusal lived not as a deprivation, but as a relief. He remained in those days happy, éromènes and youths. Seekers of pleasure. The narrow gate ...
         Returning to the harassment. The subject is serious does not deserve that for irony.
Women are formidable redoubts that we must take our words alone flexuous and fluted. Crimp the fragments of our love discourse. Raise them to the song of minstrels.
         Addressing the woman, this land forever unknown, with amazement and humility. Their gift is a grace; their refusal, sacred. Women must be taken at his word.

The woman who offers herself at the same time she refuses ...

Alas, man is a simple structure, not to write rudimentary. He is mistaken on the signs he misinterprets: breasts that protrude, a rump that ripples beyond the strict necessity of the movement, legs uncrossed how to Sharon Stone (unsurpassable fantasy), it considers an invitation to travel.
         The woman who offers herself, while it refuses, the disconcerted. He sees his reluctance coquetry which casts doubt on his innocence. The evasions of women are for us sinners, for many provocations to stir the senses. Pity for mankind.
         We who are unequivocal in our sadly impulses, we should learn the ambivalence of feminine desire. Not consider our attacks as so many tributes.
         Do not think that a woman who complains is that .. ungrateful.Stifle what comes. Never accompany a diaper with one hand laudatrice. We prohibit, on its way any raw exclamation, interjection or wheezing.
In his view, not to touch or catch the main point, whereby the Mediterranean told her excitement and conjure the spell.

Is taught courtly love in primary school

Never say no to a beautiful woman as his qualities of his mind as a desirable woman alone merits badges earned him the prominent role it plays in the City.
No doubt the legislature will give the job on the book and a new law, more conceptually rigorous, protect the modesty offended.
         It is necessary, but it is a great pity that we should criminalize the lack of taste and manners. The rules of seduction and the court should not covered by the right.
Learn here ... it would issue more than teaching law.
         Our mothers, our teachers - not a judge nor, of grace, a jugesse us learn that we are less expected than we want and less than we hope.
Is taught courtly love in primary school, rather than sex education according to the execrable breviary of Zep.

         Basically, the expression of desire for men should be educated. Than others - be they import-manualisent.
Or playing sports.
*Marc Bonnant, a lawyer practicing in Geneva is considered one of the best speakers in Switzerland.
* Article published in "Le Matin Dimanche" May 20, 2012.

Ten misunderstandings between Chinese and foreigners.

Westerners and Chinese have different attitudes because of their cultural differences. To foster mutual understanding, here are the ten most common mistakes.

1. Dinner

When the Chinese invite a stranger at home for dinner to show their friendship, they serve the guests. Instead, foreigners like guests choose for themselves the foods they prefer.

2. Visits

The Chinese like to take a look around at their friends during a visit. But foreigners consider this as spying on other people's secrets.

3. Gifts

The Chinese prefer to double the gifts, for example, two bottles of wine, first to show their generosity, second for double happiness. However, in the West, it often sounds a single bottle of wine as a gift.

4. The look

In speaking with others or making a speech, unlike aliens, many Chinese do not exchange glances with their audience.

5. The applause

In a speech, if others cheer, a Chinese speaker stops talking and applauded with the others to show his appreciation. Foreigners do not understand why we applaud ourselves.

6. To say goodbye.

The Chinese show their feelings in a relatively modesty. In bidding farewell, they retain their tears, do not hug. These behaviors "cold" astonish foreigners.

7. Designation

Foreigners are upset when they hear the Chinese call them "Laowal" (old foreigner), because they are healthy. But when they discover that the "Chinese" foreigners called the children "Laowal", they finally understand that "Lao" is a mark of respect.

8. Travel

When a Chinese is traveling: if a Chinese wants to buy gifts for the whole group, it does so even if a person declines the offer, foreigners do not like that, thinking comply the decision to do so.

9. Acknowledgments.

The Chinese do not do not say "thank you" to family members and friends. The terms of politeness as "thank you" or "please" are expected for foreigners.

10. Praise.

Westerners like to praise others and being complimented by others. But the Chinese "often refuse the praise of others with modesty”. Foreigners are sometimes strange that refusal.
By politeness or courtesy, the Chinese like to show their concern for others. For example, it is customary to say to his guests: "Are you tired? Relax. "
However, Westerners understand this as a concern about their health. They prefer to be seen as young and strong. They can even be upset that there are concerns about their health.