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Central Africa Republic: The Empress Catherine accomplice of the coup against Bokassa 1st.

We hardly spoke of the crucial role of the Empress Catherine Bokassa, born Denguiadé, crowned along with her husband Bokassa I, December 4, 1977, played in the overthrow of her husband after 14 years of rule by French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing on  September 21, 1979.
Jean-Barthélémy Bokassa, eldest son of Martine Bokassa's, born Nguyen, the first daughter of the former emperor of the Central and the late Dr. Jean Bruno Dédéavode (executed January 24, 1981), Jean-Bedel Bokassa says on its website devoted to rehabilitation of the latter: this cautionary tale:
"A Hardricourt, Catherine's Jaguar was parked in the yard. Martine (Bokassa) knocks on the bedroom door of his stepmother. No one answers. She hits harder, crosses the threshold. Shutters closed, the room is plunged into darkness. She found the switch in the dark. The light dazzles, while it enlightens thousands of precious objects scattered around the room. Streams of objects in gold and diamonds, watches from major designers, jewelry set with stones most precious ... These trunks are filled with the jewels of the family. His thoughts jostle the memory of the death of his wedding he comes to mind. Catherine (Bokassa) left Central last month. Why have won this war chest! She remembers the words of Catherine: "They kept their word, it is alive! "Before the newscast announcing the coup.
"Mother Catherine! I've not heard it ", exclaims Martine, decided to seek clarification of his stepmother.
Catherine smiled when Martine asked why all these trunks. She feels no shame to admit that she not only knew everything, but she somehow participated in the fall of Jean-Bedel (Bokassa I).
Jean-Bedel bring the latest in "La manipulation (manipulation)" of R. Delpey: Martine was mortifi"The Empress is then released by recounting how the case was prepared by the President. She told Maurice (...). You remember that the Empress was in France she had officially been invited by Valery Giscard d'Estaing at how the Kigali Conference (Franco-Africa Summit). I now know the reason for the invitation ... Valery Giscard d'Estaing has made it clear to the Empress that he needed her for everything goes as smoothly as possible. In return, he pledged to make him get a number of benefits and privileges ... Of course, she had to promise not to tell me what was prepared against me "

Martine was mortified.

-Constantine heard everything. He eclipsed to return a gun in his hand.
"Do not kill her. I do not want to be complicit in the murder. I already have enough to worry about it "stops Martine said dryly.

-Frightened, Catherine locked herself in her room.

Jean-Barthélémy Bokassa is particular author of:

- Les Diamants de la Trahison (Diamonds of Treason), Pharos-Paris, 2006.
- Saga Bokassa. Un Témoignage Poignant . Un éclairage inédit, (Saga Bokassa. A Poignant Testimony. New light), Les Portes du Soleil, Paris, 2009.

jeudi 26 juillet 2012

Mali in the dark star wars.

         President Amadou Toumani Toure dreams of leaving the power permanently to make way for a new president elected.
         He was inexhaustible praise for the exemplary democracy permanently rooted in Malian political mores of his countrymen, he believed. With his coup that overthrew General Moussa Traoré in March 1991, had he not succeeded in strengthening our democracy as desired. Does he not been elected without political party to prove its popularity?
         Did he failed to govern for 10 years without opposition? His dream of exporting this model throughout Africa? A model stamped "ATT" he had once attempted to impose on Patasse, president of the Central African Republic after passing control between him and Professor Alpha Oumar Konare. Is it painful to write his memoirs for a brilliant historian?
         After delivering lessons in democracy to Africa during the decade as President of the African Union, the latter took a sabbatical akin to monastic silence.
         No appearance, no item even in its own publications, no images, except the one printed on the cloth of his wife also talented historian!
Even the arrest of his son, the commander of the Air Force, former member of the State Security, Mamadou Konare, aka Malamine May 4, 2012 could not get him out of his silence. Yet he has much to say the historian.

What is the Azawad?

         They are known as the Tuareg, but this name refers to both the Nomads of Niger as Chad, Mauritania and Libya. Because the European powers have ignored the artificial division of Niger, Algeria, Mauritania and Algeria. Artificial lines on the vast Sahel-Saharan region.
          The Kel Tamashek exist yet since the dawn of humanity. They do not feel Negroes or Arabs or by the ocher color of their skin or their culture. But as the Roma and nomadic peoples, they developed their culture regardless of the territory, as their map is drawn on the vault famous. This is the transition zone between the Sahel and Sahara. They are unfortunately the only ones to decipher.
         Add to this that they are matrilineal and giving too much power to women, then we understand the reasons for their exclusion from the colonial era. In 1958, the colonial Catholic France could not grant or autonomy, much less independence in a matrilineal people.
         Their National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) was born almost their outrage at their exclusion from French colonization.
         Should we get rid of them so far by eliminating physically? Since 1963, he felt to 100,000 victims of the Malian army nothing but the Kel Tamashek. A silent genocide and pernicious. Too pacifist, too, as feminists or conversely, is weary of the struggle they have chosen to release their jackets desert territory (which they know just fix the borders). But the poor Tuareg, Mali-born chose the worst ally, the enemy of mankind: the Islamists abroad. It to quickly get rid of these "bare-foot" that were not even true Muslims, to float on their "AZAWAD" the black flag of the Mohammedans of the first dark hours of Islam .
         A black veil which now covers the West Africa as one casts the Al-Shabab on East Africa from Somalia. All these Islamists have one thing in common: they dream of building by the sword, an original Islamic state.

And what is still such barbarisms: * AQIM, Boko Haram, and Ansar Dine Mujao *, Dad?

         On March 29, 2012 Malians go quietly about their business despite the sounds of boots reported in the North. The Tuaregs are agitated again. That day, the fall of Kidal passes almost unnoticed. This is not the first time, we will negotiate. But this time they were trained in Libya. With the death of their cousin Toubou, Mo'ammar Gaddafi, they return to Mali, mounted on trucks instead of camels and equipped with a veritable arsenal of rocket launchers, RPGs and missiles.
         Chinese machine guns and Russian missiles mounted on Pickup, have replaced the old AK47 burned to Timbuktu by President Alpha Oumar Konare in the presence of head of state of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings, then President of the Economic Community States of West Africa (ECOWAS), after signing the final peace agreement on 27 March 1996.
         They tumble down the dunes by a bite from a Malian army miserably equipped. The rout was complete. Malian democracy has forgotten to equip his army.
         It was quickly forgotten as Meharists in this vast desert Tuaregs were red under the orders of the officers, not infantrymen. The French remember them perfectly. So what were these French hostages of AQIM in Mali's desert? The history of independent Mali omitted this detail that jumps out at them today as a boomerang.
Of "rare earths",
probably oil and other rare metals ... in the desert holds the secret that can now detect using special aircraft. But how to control this potential without the help of the descendants of the camel?

Meanwhile in Bamako ...

         The people are totally unaware of Bamako saving gestures. They see African wars but with emotion in others. Gao, Kidal and Timbuktu, the regional capitals of the North fell in less than three days (March 30 to April 1, 2012), two months after the outbreak of a rebellion that took a mere fit of temper. Where to go? What if these turbaned conquer Bamako? They are scrambling to accommodate their brethren of Timbuktu, Taoudenni, Kidal and Gao who could not join Algeria, Mauritania, Niger and Burkina Faso. We tremble in Mopti.
         In early May, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Red Cross (ICRC) estimated at 320,000 the number of refugees and displaced persons.
Not only the Tuareg are superbly equipped, but mostly they crossed other revolted at the turn of the dunes, even harder to give them a hand. Leaves to betray them by advocating an archaic Islam and the application of Sharia unknown in Mali.
         France, which formerly had to aid Mali is conspicuously absent: true democracy requires, they are on the campaign trail. In addition, the president who had anointed UN to remove him from power, Libya's Gaddafi Mo'ammar with the support of Albion and wicked Uncle Sam has not received the right to sue for his mercenaries. In fact she had not even afford. In Paris, we pray only for French hostages held by the Islamists of Al Qaeda in the Maghreb.
         Instead of bickering about the fate of Libyan, African Union should have been speechifying about the harmful consequences of its disappearance. Which would have avoided the funk in Niamey, Nouakchott and N'Djamena while in Algiers, we played the ostrich policy.
         Now, in what language Mali will he translate "Azawad? "This country out of Tuareg legends for the children to place it on a map and history? And how to translate into Bambara, AQIM and Ansar Dine? Historians have searched the annals of beautiful black continent, nowhere does the AZAWAD is mentioned as a country that existed in pre-colonial Africa. And if it was a mirage straight out of the Malian desert?

A coup for real!

         22 March 2012, this army clochardisée the reported unexpectedly. Sidelined Green Berets will flock to the camera to remember the people and proclaiming the death of this democracy that has forgotten. AK40 old who can not oppose the Qaddafi’s missile can still kill unarmed civilians. They allow you to imprison was only for a few days the ministers concerned to rondouillards political equations.
         Starting with the first woman prime minister since independence: Cissé Mariam Sidibé Kaïdama. A story that vaguely recalls Ms. Agathe Uwilingiyimana, the first African university, Prime Minister and first martyr of the Rwanda genocide. (With the exception of Elisabeth Domitien Central part of the antics of Bokassa).
         Malians "K.O. "Are deeply wounded in their pride legendary. They who were so pampered by the Libyan leader did not imagine becoming its first orphans. "It is unacceptable to us," cry the young frightened and furious down the street.
         The disbelief that quickly turns into anger also reads in the look of Mali from Paris who had other concerns prosaic. Help with donations displaced North, yes, but until when?

The African Union and ECOWAS, K.O. upright!

         The African Union has been led for ten years by a brilliant historian, moreover is a former president of Mali KO standing, while ECOWAS was distraught. She thought she was solid almost unshakable, here transformed into an elephant hoof sand.
         The fish rots from the head they say in Africa, the crisis of democracy in Côte d'Ivoire barely resolved, it was believed ECOWAS saved his presidency by giving the Ivorian Alassane Ouattara.
         But it was quickly forgotten as the "Baker" Laurent Gbagbo, who wanted to go against history was also a historian. And if its charms had been dug up in Abidjan to Bamako and exported in Bissau? If the Devil, first installed in Abidjan before traveling to Tripoli had seized in northern Mali?
         The war against Gaddafi Mo'ammar by the West has caused deep unease in Africa. Her live performance of Gaddafi by Arab rebels (Qatari mercenaries?) was put on the head of the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. The reminiscences of French colonization in North Africa (followed by a bloody decolonization of Algeria) have not yet been digested by the decolonized.
         The intervention of France and Britain in Libya (despite the flush to the teeth caused by the excesses of the dictatorship of Gaddafi) was a political blunder. Would have had it fall like a ripe fruit like his peers Ben Ali of Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt! But the libyan president was too rich and had used the Libyan oil revenues to corrupt and manipulate the West.
         He has financed the presidential campaign of President Nicolas Sarkorzy of 50 million euros (100 million dollars according to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko) in 2007 Essid said Bashir, Tunisian lawyer of former Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi. With the same fortune, he had succeeded in many vassals of his African peers. Those who owed him nothing could be counted on the fingertips.
         There are many advantage to ridicule (often forcing them to convert to Islam) after granting an annuity or a viaticum survival.

An astrophysicist to save Mali?

         Cheick Modibo Diarra is its expense: astrophysicist has a nice build on impeccable CV and dream of a presidential destiny in Mali for over fifteen years, it is now perceived in him as a man to know a little opportunistic, and not necessarily competent.
         "In the astral conjunction of time, Bamako needs, not an uncle in America, but a seasoned strategist and pugnacious, cunning enough to reunify the country and hold a junta after gaffe greedy of honors and prebends, "
thought the French journalist Vincent Hugueux at time of appointment.
         Chairman of Microsoft Africa since 2006, headquartered in Johannesburg, Cheikh Modibo Diarra has no experience in political or military. There is no weight in the face of the junta Amadou Sanogo, it is supposed to be replaced-but always dictates its law. In addition it has ignored a detail that might interfere with the Malian plain, it is the step-son of former President Moussa Traore, overthrown in March 1991 "to establish democracy."
         He was appointed by Traoré, former Assembly Speaker and acting President, Dioncouda Traoré.
         Mali is struggling to emerge from crises which plunged the coup of 22 March and lightning raid Tuareg rebels. Tuesday, despite a formal return to constitutional order, many questioned the willingness of the junta to actually hand over power to civilians. Admittedly, under the framework agreement signed on April 7 between the coup and the representative of the Community states of West Africa (ECOWAS), a prime minister was appointed to support the interim president, Dioncounda Traoré.
         This providential man, who has his hands wide powers, took the appearance of a singular man. First, because if Malian Cheick Modibo Diarra is, it is also a U.S. citizen. Then because the man has an unusual background. Astrophysicist high level, he directed several space missions in collaboration with NASA. This past gave him a certain notoriety among the affluent in Bamako but without offering a genuine popularity.
At age 60, Cheick Modibo Diarra is in fact a political unknown.

From bad to Sylla

         From his" djatiguiya "legendary, Mali suddenly sank in the baseness and the cycle of violence. “Congratulations on this great achievement! Nay, for this stupidity! And say that this is the work of the junta. This is unheard of! Molested a president in his palace!
Opponents of the transitional president went too far in their treachery. How a Dioncouda Traoré, beaten, can still lead this divided country, where the army is failing. The task is difficult if not impossible,
"wrote the Daily Burkinabe Sidwaya May 24, 2012.
         "Twenty-one years of democratic governance have been dismissed by some mutinous soldiers who seemed more concerned about their own welfare than that of the people of the nation they serve. Their actions have endangered the territorial integrity of Mali, allowed the rebels to hand over half the country, set back economic development and reduces the government's ability to cope with drought conditions in the north. "
Said May 16, 2012 the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Johnnie Carson.
         "Mali was a democratic country with a reputation and even praised as such by the media and NGOs. But any more than we built a house and forget the basics we do not build a democracy on sand. "
According to Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda.

The analysis of a French diplomat close observer of Mali.

         "This is Alpha Oumar Konaré Amadou Toumani Toure has decided (ATT) would become president in 2002. After the first lap tops ATT in 2002, with a margin of 1% to Soumaila Cissé, in a pocket handkerchief. And the electoral commission canceled 500,000 votes, about 10% of the electorate. For 300,000 more votes were triggered fire on Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast last year.
(...) There have been manipulated to make it Soumaila Cisse and not Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (IBK), which comes second. Observation missions elections were there, but we stuck with the results.
(...) In 2007 was no different. ATT is elected in the first round with nearly 70% of the vote and a turnout of 30%, which means that 21% of voters chose the Malian. This is an extremely low legitimacy. And even on the ballot, we knew very well that the frauds were very important. That's democracy in Mali. "
         Only ... the facade fell and the determinants of the crisis were long gone: corruption involving all spheres, at the highest level, to the Presidential Palace Koulouba, a largely informal economy (...), trafficking of all kind. "
concludes Laurent Bigot, Deputy Director for West Africa to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Recommended reading:

Saint Girons, A., The Tuareg rebellions,
Ibis Press, Paris, 2009.
-Edward Poulton R., Towards reintegration of Tuareg in Mali,
-Baqué P., New stalled hopes for peace in the Tuareg conflict in Mali
, 1995.


* Azawad:
National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad.
* Ansar Dine
: Islamist.
Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb.
* Mujao
: Movement for the uniqueness and Jihad in West Africa.
* Boko Haram
: People engaged in spreading the teachings of the Prophet and Jihad movement founded by Yusuf Mohamed in 2002.

The Country in brief:

         Mali covers 1,246,190 km2. In 2009 it was inhabited by 14,517,176 people. The major tribes are: the Bambara, the Senoufou, Soninke, Bobos, the Dogon, the Khassonké, Malinke, Minianka, the Fulani, the Sénoufous, Soninke or Sarakolés the Sonhaïs, the Tuareg, Toucpuleurs. It shares borders with seven countries (Niger, Mauritania, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Senegal), It is a landlocked country

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Ten stereotypes that annoy women of power. *

         Forbes Woman Magazine interviewed several of the most powerful women on the planet, Christine Lagarde, Director of IMF, Jill Abramson, managing editor of The New York Times
Women who have reached the top of their professional field, despite the many negative stereotypes that they have faced.        
  "Women are still judged more harshly, especially by other women," says Valerie Young, author of "The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women"
If we recognize the male leaders a complex personality, their female counterparts are still reduced to easy stereotypes and persistent that seek to minimize their power. 
1. Ice Queen           

With popular characters from Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" or Glenn Close in "Damages", the cliché of the insensitive boss still has a bright future ahead of him. "A woman who shows emotion at work is seen as weak or unstable. That which does not show is super professional and is freezing," says Halley Block, president of Fierce. 

 2. Single and lonely           

If the men in power are described as eternal seducers singles, women are frigid old maids. When Janet Napolitano was appointed by Obama, it was said that his single status would allow him to "devote himself more to his work."  

3. Hard           

As investigative journalist Jill Abramson acknowledges that it has had to impose tough requirements, but it does not consider himself a hard person provided.  

4. Low        

  For the president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, the world has yet to adjust to the seizure of power by women. A different way to govern not to be confused with weakness.  

5. Male  

Christine Lagarde fight the idea that a woman should look like a powerful businessman to be heard.  

6. Boosted
It has often been asked Ann Curry, NBC journalist, had she received her post "forcing" the television or through a secret agreement. She combats the stereotype that a woman should her success to other qualities rather than her own. 

 7. Emotive          

 Despite his performance and his obvious qualities, Hillary Clinton met with a barrage of criticism when she leaves a tear. Same for Segolene Royal, the victim of many jokes after showing his disappointment in the primaries socialists.  

8. Angry          

 Michelle Obama had to soften his image to escape the sweet nickname of "angry black woman" in which the media have decked when she supported her husband during the presidential campaign.  

9. A quota           

Women in power are still a minority. And although companies have diversity goals to be met, they shall appoint women to senior positions because they deserve it, not by obligation.  

10. Cheerleader          

 According to Billie Blair, president of Change Strategists, warm and feminine leaders are often reduced to the role of cheerleader when the male leaders are seen as real coaches.  

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* Article published in the Diplomatic Courier.

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Witchcraft in the heart of power*

This is certainly sub-Saharan Africa that the world of the unseen alongside with the attendance of more than politics. Travel in the backyards of the palace to go to meet marabouts, fetishists and other magicians ...
         Warning: marshland, moreover undermined stereotypes and other prejudices. And politically incorrect as it refers again - and obviously wrongly - the image of a captive African traditions and frozen in time.
         And yet: the invisible world and its people of sorcerers, magicians, witch doctors, wise men, healers, sangomas, and other ngangas ndokis are more than ever an inseparable part of the private and public life on the continent.
         At the heart of the political and economic, to the point that it is permissible to ask whether Africa with which to discuss donors and embassies is not a sham. This use of the occult on the part of the powerful is certainly not an African specificity.
         It is not uncommon in Asia, and even if this is a well kept secret, no one knows the initiated in France the Presidents François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac and a number of known deigures of the Fourth Republic as Edgar Faure were "clients" of this fascinating diligent.
         In the Arab-Muslim political world, the leaders now extinct such Hassan II, Mo’ammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and King Hussein of Jordan have walked these unknown territories and freely consulted the invisible procurers. Probably they were not alone in doing so.
         But nowhere else in sub-Saharan Africa this cultural phenomenon is rooted. From Senegal to South Africa, no political career without "protection"
against the opponents, even if it means that this defensiveness is sometimes coupled with criminal practices referred to witches.
         Just as there is no weddings, football matches, exams, illnesses, deaths, business management or scams that only take account of this context. One thing is certain: contrary to popular belief at the time of independence, witchcraft has not disappeared with the widespread use of electricity and education. It has adapted to economic and political progress. Fifty years later, it did not even reach as well.


         At the time of single parties and leaders omnipotent, until early 1990, without excessive modesty that "presidents for life"
are surrounded by fetish priests and marabouts and join guilds became ipso facto agencies of social advancement. Houphouet, Mobutu, Eyadema, Ahidjo, Bokassa, Sekou Toure ...
         The list is long, especially since the political struggle, fierce and often bloody, is readily assimilated in the hunt for witches. The amalgam is then common among opponents and "dark forces". Daniel Arap Moi, Hastings Kamuzu Banda and very progressive Mathieu Kerekou and Thomas Sankara was not the last to use a vocabulary-mystical zoologico to denounce the "owls", the "snakes" and other "dual-shelled turtles."
We send lots and we send them back, it is "blind" to protect themselves, they bury live animals ...
         It is accusing them of witchcraft as the leader of UNITA, Jonas Savimbi, had run some of its own competitors, and even the very weighted Thabo Mbeki, ANC leader in exile, did not hesitate to mobilize its supporters against his rival Zulu Buthelezi - great fetish priest before the Lord - the cry of "aba bulala thakathi! "(" Kill the wizards! ").
         But nowhere else than in the former Zaire, Mobutu Sese Seko of the use of contractors in occultism been so massive. In the mid-1990s, when the late twilight of Marshal undermined by cancer, the marabouts rented at exorbitant prices by his family in Senegal, Mauritania and Mali occupied an entire floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in Kinshasa, and has been known, by the testimony delivered What Dominique Sakombi Inongo and Jean de Dieu Nguza Karl-I-Bond, how witchcraft was at the heart of this republic rotting.
         Need we recall the case of this minister who confessed publicly to having slept beside corpses under a pact with the devil supposed to ensure the continuity of his post? If a plan one day earned the name "witch power" is perhaps the last years of Mobutu ...


         Have things changed since, with the coming into power, in many parts of the continent, a younger political class, more democratic and increasingly globalized world? Nothing is less certain. If very few political leaders today or opinion to recognize such use techniques called traditional, it is clear that they coexist perfectly with Internet use. Bamako in Brazzaville, no election without intervention of this kind, no ministerial portfolio without intercession and not attempted coup that would deprive itself of such an asset.
         The pre-election periods or those which precede changes of government are by far the most favorable. We send lots and we send them back, it is "blind" to protect themselves, they bury live animals, swallowing all kinds of concoctions, it is scarified, and the tabloids Cameroon, Gabon, but also South African, Kenyan and Nigerian have made a specialty of reporting crimes rituals, muti murders committed sometimes on young children.
         Almost all social actors, including priests, pastors and imams, believes in the power of the invisible evil that some try to escape by multiplying the slope religious rites unbewitching.
         With greater ease than new entrepreneurs in mysticism are often hybrid, shepherds the day, Bible in hand, sorcerers at night with their little bag filled with amulets. The anchor is so deep that even the politicians who do not believe it should be to deceive, if only to reassure their associates and supporters. If a question is moot because, it is that of credulity.
         Witchcraft exists because there are millions of people who are convinced, and the facts, however irrational they may seem, have proven the moment we believe in it.
         No public figure in Africa can not pretend that this phenomenon was within the mere fantasy, the risk of looking like a UFO in the eyes of the people.


         In some variations, the Heads of State (and their spouses) of the post ¬ independence did little to envy their seniors.
         South African Jacob Zuma is fully aware of talismans Zulu, and the Ivorian Laurent Gbagbo, who has always refused to enter the chamber of the presidential residence in Cocody, where slept Houphouet-Boigny (unlike his wife Simone, who, "had the courage,"
told us there one day), feared witches Baoulé while devoting full trust pastors sulfur.
         As never goes out without being accompanied by his magic briefcase, another hides his fetish in a room adjacent to convention center where he is expected to speak, a third coating the hands of a protective balm before each hearing to ensure its domination of the speaker, a fourth was in his private bathroom an impressive collection of strange vials to content.
         All or nearly all, including those, profiles Bretton Woods, affect to despise these "superstitions" politically incorrect, consult experts in the art prior to each new government, every major policy decision and every move a little bit risky.
         These marginal and secret advisers collectively constitute a kind of ghost Prime Minister. They are generally feared and hated by the chief of staff, who obviously used the same type of practices to maintain position and influence.
         Powers will be more transparent, reduce the mystical explanation.
         Why the resilience of the invisible in a world supposed to become more visible? By opening the arena of fierce competition between ambitious politicians, the African democratization and the emergence of multi-market have multiplied witchcraft.
         The opening policy has ushered in an era of uncertainty and vicissitudes conducive to occult forces and professionals of its kind, which compete with each other on the bottom of bargains to be seized.
         The best "medicine" belongs to him who pays the best, the powers that are deemed to have the best wizards, which does not prevent the opponents - especially in Central Africa - also to recruit within their village and ethnicity.


         Even if the government does more in private practice as before, feeding rumors of recurrent nocturnal sabbaths, the unpredictable, abrupt, sometimes illogical and often subjective decisions at the top of the state - such as government changes announced to the concerned by a televised statement - that the use of the occult is often the only way to explain, as the only way to influence mechanisms opaque and elusive.
         Ditto for the race to the enrichment in rapidly growing countries: lack of rule of law in effect, the criteria that determine the award of procurement or competition regulation are far from being respected and obeyed imperatives as few goals as tribalism, nepotism or jealousy.
         In the sanitized world of the economy, air-conditioned offices of major banks and local oil companies, it is not unusual to be done on the talents of interpreters of the unseen to understand the motivations of a government decree or those wizards to cripple the rival bidder for a tender.
         It goes without saying that the sympathetic EU official mission for the IMF or the World Bank there hoodwinked. It also goes without saying that in the field of business and their accumulation, the irrational forces offer a convenient explanation for frustrated ambitions.
         In Cameroon, for Betis deemed not talented in this area, the financial success of entrepreneurs Bamiléké be explained largely by appropriate forms of witchcraft.

Recipe for survival during elections

         This is one example among many: the Congo - Brazzaville, which will be held July 15, 2012 parliamentary elections eagerly awaited, the witch doctors are overworked. Many candidates use their paid services to protect against mwanzas (spells causing a sudden illness) that their opponents are not without their start by sorcerers interposed.
         Basic recipe for self-defense: a small ceremony at home or in nature, in which the expert you will ingest a half dozen balls of herbal and oil palm, kola nuts and a bitter drink, after you have coated the forehead and cheeks with white chalk. All accompanied by incantations.
         If you want your armor is strong enough to return the Mwanza to the sender with tenfold strength, you must provide at least his picture, an object belonging to him or else end the end, some of her hair and fragments his nails - which requires complicity in his entourage.
In general, 30 000 CFA (about 46 euros) and the price of a taxi suffice for this elementary operation.
         But there are other, far more sophisticated and considerably more expensive. Bury cattle alive for example, as is done in pre-election period, needs to have the means.


         To finally understand this extraordinary adaptability, integration, almost swallowed reciprocal of the sorcerer and African economic development, we must tap away the politics from below.
         Beyond the village is within the family, the heart of intimacy, that are formed, for managers as well as the anonymous, plots the most disturbing. The most dangerous attacks, such as those in the two Congos and Gabon, for example, lead an uncle to "eat" his nephew, or that minister to "vampirize"
one of his own children to better consolidate his power , are not as fantasy, but suspicion frequent and sometimes deadly realities.
         No man or woman can escape the political dark side of relationship where we understand the hint, where the allusion is the rule and often tragic misunderstanding.
         Yet if this form of belief is probably too deeply rooted to disappear and if the spread of new technologies, far from the set back, has instead extended the caste to which the powerful sorcerers have recourse to Indian gurus, the true-false versed in Kabbalah rabbis and followers European or Japanese, to claim a growing number of citizens of the continent to greater transparency in public affairs may be right in the magic power.
         As popular belief persists that the secret is consubstantial with the exercise of the state, it can play at will of its mysterious character. But most governments will be forced to be transparent, so readable, the automatic nature of the witch explanation for their actions and they will decrease demystified.
         This movement is on, and the time is near when Africa will not stand more than the hard core of witchcraft intimate and daily times of crisis and uncertainty. As in the West supposedly "désorcelé"
which still flourish, such poisonous plants, these conspiracy theories riddled with innuendo, interpretations and occultations, who argue that Kennedy was assassinated on the orders of Johnson, Sept. 11, 2001, has never occurred and Mohamed Merah was an agent of the French intelligence services ...
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------
*By  François Soudan, Jeune Afrique No. 2686 from 1 to July 7, 2012.

mardi 3 juillet 2012

Francophonie and Swissness: Salerno! Salerno! Salerno! plain dull! by Marc Bonnet.

In his Letter on Concerts of 1758 addressed to d'Alembert, Rousseau prophesies: "because they can not be men, women make us women." Observation and dark prophecy made today.

Cassandra was always right.

Few generations of feminists have succeeded in castrating the most angry of us. The white man is, now, mentally or gelding capon. Thanks be to Muslims, the last bastion of manhood.
       Rousseau I mentioned here in Chapter V of "Emile" - they still know how to assign Sophia, rect: Aisha, modesty, erasure and dedication of some of our native chatter, our modern companions, have now “déprises”. They affront to Nature.

So singular masculine end.

And now the Furies are targeting the male. Vocabulary and syntax. It-it must be “emasculé-e-s.
To attack the words is tantamount to the language. It is not a means of expression, but a representation of the world. It has the culture, an organic link.

Language is a living species ...

It is born, it evolves. Neither teething, or wear, or obsolescence-oblivion-not save. Language is fragile and exposed. We must have a care environment. Linguists know that threaten it: the crimes of love, war crimes and freedom ...
The first lead to purism, a sacred language, rooted in its perfection. Have in the seventeenth century French only and ultimate reference for a crime of love.
The second welcome complacent, even servile, all foreign reports, consent to the blurring of boundaries between the written and oral. These are the crimes of freedom.
Some well-meaning to add these custom killings: the language, they intend to mix morality. Worse, equality.
That Miss Sandrine Salerno. The broad scope of our defeats (hence my title Hugo's).
Our administrative advisor is a product of the democratization of education and porosity of social classes. Uncultivated for having repudiated any inheritance, she copy of our modernity.
       Necessarily feminist if one concedes that feminism is first and claim the arrogance of the disinherited. A woman left in a word ...
Now she dares declare "that a language does not have to be beautiful, but to be fair."

Undercity taste.

Thus arises a whole vocabulary euphemistic, not discriminating, respectful of others and their differences.
Neither dwarf nor blind nor deaf people are now called by name.
Neither the idiots that are sure they have the intelligence of the heart.
Only culture, tradition and which is used, based language. Create our precious ridiculous the decree.
It is necessary, they prescribe, to de-sexualize the vocabulary ... by feminizing. Roland Barthes, in his inaugural lecture at the Collège de France, said of the language is fascist.

She will now, women at that.

The Academy rule that for over three hundred years "the most beautiful use of the Court and the City" is rejected because sexist. Ideologically fogged brains have excreted an "epicene dictionary."
Flipping this lexicon, you retain some pearls of Newspeak salernienne. Brief scrapbook: a "assesseuse", a "commise administrative", a "Mairesse", a "prédécesseuse" and the delicious “Sapeuse pompière”. The grotesque was played at the incongruous; ugliness ridicule.
Bundles to the Thesaurus of Jean Nicot, dictionaries or Furetiere Trévoux. The Littré and the Dictionary of the French Academy yet. And Bescherelle.

A burning

Sandrine Salerno, Theresa Moreau (obscure writer who befitted the dark) and other pedants - cuistresses do you want? – “Farandolent et s’esbatrent” around the fire.
Dismal and fatal Sabbath.

lundi 2 juillet 2012

Iceland: "There is no reason that God is male."

I still remember this beautiful blonde who was often invited by the Swiss Television (RTS today) to talk about his country and his position as President of Iceland. If she was not a typical name of the country "Vigdís Finnbogadóttir" foreign viewers like me would have taken an announcer from Bern, so she replied with candor and sobriety to questions of Geneva journalist Jean-Philippe Rapp. This happened between 1980 and 1996, when she presided over Iceland.

The political exception Icelandic.

Today another beautiful blonde, blue-eyed 37-year running for the presidency of the Icelandic Republic. Journalist-star, her name is Thora Arnosdottir.
Icelandic first exception, she was pregnant when she was nominated for the presidential election April 4, 2012. In one week, she gathered the 1,500 signatures necessary for this purpose.
And it is in the countryside, 17 May 2012, she gave birth to her third child (a girl). And this is after breastfeeding her baby she runs a political rally to another. It's time for her husband to pamper the child while Madame was hoarse before the voters softened.
In Iceland, it's like instead of shocking. It is far from the French countryside muscular both literally and figuratively.
And further jousting macho Russian or Italian. Between the false American prudishness, punctuated by sex scandals and tenderness Democratic Icelandic, as he has a real gap.

The vintage 2012 election was exceptional.

The Icelandic presidential election which takes place every four years, not only passionate crowds, except that of June 30, 2012 which promised colorful.
Indeed, the blonde Arnosdottir Torah, radio reporter and television Ríkísútvarpið (UVR), the second woman to run for the post of president after Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (1990-1996) was opposed to the outgoing president, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, a man of 69 years contesting his fifth term.
A novice against a man of experience, in other words a reed against an old oak. TV Personality of 2010 and Audience Award in 2012, she filled his political inexperience by its popularity.
Her rival, partly hampered by the case of "business Vikings" who led the Icelandic banking system into bankruptcy in 2008 had its advantage of having restored national pride for Icelanders.
He had refused to ratify a bill to use taxpayer money to compensate the Icelandic UK and the Netherlands which savers were affected by the collapse of Icesave online bank in Reykjavik in 2008.
In January, he announced he would not seek a fifth term, he was reckoning without public pressure. With more than 30,000 signatures, his supporters forced him to run again.
         Unheard of in Europe: 20 years as president of the Republic for this former university professor who has ended the most serious financial crisis of the country's history. Reelected with 52.5% over June 30, 2012, he can confidently expect to retire in 2016.

Iceland had to be a state dominated by women.

Even for those who fight for gender equality in politics, except Iceland might be a case of conscience. If Arnorsdottir Torah had been elected President of the Republic, she would have been at the head of a nation dominated by women. Because they occupy all positions of the highest state.
Since 1st February 2009, the Joint Icelandic government is led by the Social Democratic lesbian Johanna Sigurdardottir (b. 1942).      Another Icelandic exception: in June 2010, she married her partner official since 2002, writer and journalist Jonina Leosdottir (born 1954).
The presidency of the National Assembly Icelandic (Alpingi) composed of two-thirds of men is held by a woman, Asta Ragnheibur Johannesdottir (born 1949), also social democratic, member since 1995 and former Minister of Social Affairs.
Best of all, since April 2002, the omniscient Evangelical Lutherian church is led by Icelandic Reverend Agnes Sigurdardottir (born 1949), mother of three children, divorced for 16 years and grandmother.
When she was elected the first bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran National Church of Iceland, she said that "there is no reason that God is male."
What shake the Christian dogma of the Trinity.
In this tiny volcanic island nation of 320,000 people and where women vote since 1915, the reins of the state would be completely fallen into the hands of the weaker sex if Amorsdottir Torah had been elected President of the Republic. Which is not excluded in four years. This will be a world first.
Fortunately, men still harbor the last fortress of Economy and Finance!