mardi 9 septembre 2014

Brazil: Bin Laden, Obama, Batman and Hitler, candidates in 2014 elections.

Nicknames "surprises" for an election campaign show.

         In Brazil, they love nicknames especially when one is a public figure. Footballers give a perfect example: Pélé, Kaka, Hulk, Bebeto or Vagner Love?
         Candidates in general elections are such that footballers to attract the attention of their citizens and for the polls. And sometimes a pseudonym is "curious", the more it attracts people and their ballots. Thus, a journalist who want to have fun elected mayor of Sao Paolo, the Rhinoceros "Caracero"?, Peaceful pachyderm of the zoo!

Flowering pseudonyms unusual for the elections of October 5, 2014

         Like many Brazilians, politicians are dressed nicknames they ended up simply add their name. Who knows Edson Arantes do Nascimento? All lovers of footbal in the world know "Pélé", the legend of the Brazilian Selecao "? And some politicians invent "unusual" pseudonyms to create the "buzz", but some decide together to enjoy the campaign to get rid of bulky nicknames to be more presentable.

The example that comes from above: Lula, simply means "squid".

         Very few people do not know that former President Luiz Inacio da Silva Ferreira took political career include in his family name the nickname of "Lula" which simply means "squid".
         José Raimondo Jesus dos Santos, candidate for the Workers Party in Bahia is very proud to display a name that seems to fall right from the sky and pose alongside the President of the Republic Dlima Rousseff, smiling on posters with his unusual nickname of  "Hamburger Head".

"I have a round face, and it's been over twenty years since everyone calls me like that,"
said the unionist of 45 years on the site of the "BBC Mundo."
         By searching on the site "",
the reference site of 2014 elections in Brazil, you come across real gems especially surprises: this is how we come across three "Bin Laden" and four "Obama" . The imagination of candidates beyond the mere physical setting: A Parana, brown square jaw Ewerson Alves da Silva, 33, and candidate for the social Christian party under the name of -Creme Clark either "Clark believes ", playing on a sound close to that of Clark Kent, aka" Superman. "

 Superhero movies are popular in Christian-Social Party!

         Thus the party he has in Bahia, a professor Moises, "O Homem-Arenha (Spider Man"). In Brasilia, a 36 year old candidate nicknamed herself as "Mulher Marhavila” or "Wonder Woman". And in Minas Gerais, a candidate is prsented under the nickname of Batman.
         While some candidates opt for poetic names, others choose more obscure nicknames. This is the case of a candidate who is in the nickname "Eu amo to (I love you)"
or squarely under that of "Chuppa Cabra", a mythical creature that decimated the herds.
Even more obscure, a candidate appears on a list of electors in the name of Hitler Vagner Oliveira and in his case, it is not a pseudonym.

While in Tropical Africa!

         While in Brazil, politicians parent nicknames in Black Africa, many dictators choose to add at midterm a post-name to better make history, but this will be our next story ...

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