jeudi 23 juillet 2015

Iraq: Rope Gallows of Saddam Hussein on auction!

On December 30, 2006, before being hanged high and short in Baghdad, Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti expressed no remorse. A former opponent who participated to the hanging of  the dictator jealously kept the rope hanging from the gallows.
He was serving at the time as national security adviser in the Iraqi transitional government and it was he who pulled the stool under the feet of the master stripped of Baghdad. Moaffaq al-Roubai, born in 1948, lives north of Baghdad.
Forever marked his achievement to have satisfied his resentment, he did not put away the cord in the drawer, but he simply wrapped around the neck of a copper bust of Saddam Hussein placed at the center of his living room. Thus he could see the images of the hanging scene of his mortal enemy.
In 2015, he felt the time has come to auction his fatal "trophy" against a whopping US $ 7 million.

The outlet of a Neurologist!

         To believe the Arabic-language newspaper Al Araby Al Jadeed, based in London who published this information on February 3, 2015. Upon dissemination of information, Kuwaiti businessmen, an Iranian religious institution and an Israeli family were brought acquirers.
Moaffaq al-Roubai, co-founder of the Shiite party Dawa in the 1980s, will he finally be able to be more expensive yet to finally separate from the object that long served him an outlet for torture in the jails of Baghdad and a death sentence in absentia. Although his forced exile in London allowed him to finish medical school in Baghdad and practice Neurology for 24 years.

"I was hoping he would repent of his crimes"

In 2003, when George W. Bush decides to launch a war against Iraq, al-Roubai Moanda returns home and works with the Americans. "As I drove Saddam Hussein to the gallows, I hoped he would repent of his crimes against his people. He did not say! "He testifies in the British newspaper" The Independent ".
This lack of remorse, can be quite worth a fortune even posthumously! Can it serve as a lesson for other Saddam Hussein in the World?