vendredi 18 décembre 2015

South Africa: The phallocratic power of a Zulu president !

The Rand, the South African currency sick of phallocratic power!

         It is sufficient if the rumor of infidelity evokes the new President Jacob Zuma for the Rand, the South African national currency plunges precipitously this Friday, December 11, 2015. It reached its lowest level against the 1 dollar to 16 , 05 rand and 17.58 rand against 1 euro. It has never seen since 1994. Plunging the crisis the economy of the African country most promising, in uncertainty.
         After giving sweats to financial investors, Pravin Gordhan's appointment was welcomed by Monday markets: South African rand resumed colors, trading in the afternoon at 15.13 to 1 US dollar. The bond rate of return South Africans had it exceeded 10%, the first in seven years in the first industrialized power in Africa. But the currency was still well below its Wednesday's securities (14.59 rands for 1 dollar) before the ouster of the unfortunate Nhlanhla Nene.          
         On December 9, 2015, based on rumors. Indeed, South Africans do not believe President Jacob Zuma, when denies having had sex with Dudu Myeni, Chair of Directors of the company South African Airways (SAA) since her promotion of sofa in 2009.
         For South Africans, it is clear that the refusal of signing the contract between the SAA and the European Airbus company is based on the dismissal of Finance Minister Nhnlahna Nene (in place since May 25, 2015) and his replacement by the incompetent David Van Rooyen, a MP of the African National Congress (A.N.C.).
          On December 13, 2015, the president appointed Pravin Gordhan of Indian origin, who has led the portfolio in 2009 and 2014 that finally reassured the markets. South Africa has avoided recession!
         The South African Rand resumed colors, trading in the afternoon at 15.13 to 1 US dollar. But the currency was still well below its Wednesday's securities (14.59 rands for 1 dollar) before the eviction of Nhlanhla Nene.
         "What is important is that a change has been made and that this action was taken to rectify what caused, in our economic blood bath," said Jessie Duarte in Johannesburg. But Nevertheless, South Africa of Zuma has had three ministers in a week because of a rumor about a possible sex story! 
South African économy under the president Zuma 

  Growth, the annual average was 4.8% between 2004 and 2008, continues to decline. It increased from 3.2% in 2011 to 2.2% in 2012 and 2013 and 1.5% in 2014. The IMF experts announce 1.4% this year and 1.3% for 2016. The unemployment hits 25% of the workforce. One in two of working age is unemployed. These results contrast with the dynamism of neighboring South Africa (Mozambique, Namibia), but also Zambia, D.R. Congo or its major competitor, Nigeria, whose growth rate prance beyond 5%. Foreign investment is down and morale of South African bosses at half mast as ever.
         Other symptoms that betray this drift: the fall of the rand, which lost 28% of its value against the dollar since the beginning of the year, and electricity cuts repeatedly, due to the carelessness of the public company Eskom, where six successive CEOs in seven years ...
         Wednesday, December 16, 2015, thousands of opponents of the A.N.C. took to the streets to demand the streets of African cities to demand the resignation of Jacob Zuma.

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, the indestructible male chauvinist!

         From the Zulu tribe, Jacob Zuma was born on April 12, 1942, married at least 4 wifes to 6 official wives. He is the biological father of a batch of 20 children from 11 different companions. Among his children, there are notably those of his ex-wife Nkozasana Dlamani-Zuma, who divorced with him  because of domestic violence. A brilliant woman, barded diplomas, which would certainly never met this self-taught "charismatic" in circumstances other than apartheid.
         This Jacob, who favors Zulu values ​​to the christian values ​​advocated not only outrageous polygamy but also sexual libertinism. The latter has already taken him to court. While South Africa was fighting against H.I.V. / A.I.D.S. (6,800,000 million South Africans, including 3.9 million children, for 52,981,991 inhabitants in 2013), he publicly acknowledged taking a shower after a single unprotected sex with an H.I.V.-positive. It was the time or late Ms. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang (1940-2009), Minister of Health of South Africa known as "Mrs. Beetroot" for having recommended to his countrymen to eat beets to avoid from H.I.V. /A.I.D.S..

“Unshini Wam”: The weapon of mass destruction!

         The scandal caused by a life-size painting representing President Jacob Zuma (as Lenin)  with penis in  well evidence entitled "The Spear" by the White artist, Brett Murray, on sale at price of 75,000 rand or 7. 132 euros, during the Cape exhibition entitled "Our fathers" in May 2012, inspired another Black artist, Ayanda Mabulu, who paints sexual attributes of president of the largest economy on the African continent, reports the South African newspaper "Mail and Guardian". The canvas is titled "Umshini Wam", literally "the weapon of mass destruction", represents Jacob Zuma in Zulu warrior, right leg raised to the sky, his masculine attributes prominently. A treason for the African National Congress (A.N.C.), the ruling party since 1994. Accused of ride the wave initiated by Brett Murray, Ayanda Mabulu wanted to highlight their differences. "As for me, I live in a 'township' and I observe every day living conditions of people and their suffering, said the artist of 31 years at the website" The Post ". As an artist, I can sit and drink coffee when the ANC leaders starve our people. We must make a bold statement. In addition, I drew most of my life penis ".  If the two artists more sensitive than the people had pinpointed the South African evil? Phallocracy Zulu will have reached the South African economy in the heart.

And if the unbridled sexuality of Zulu dated back to Shaka Zulu!

         The founder of the Zulu kingdom (the descendants of Heaven), Chaka kaSenzangakha whose name is written Chaka Zulu language was born of an illegitimate union between Nandi, a Langeni princess and leader of a clan Nguni, Senza Ngakona in 1787. His mother Nandi, in poor relations with her husband, was repudiated. This repudiation is the cause of war between the Abasema Langeni, his people, and zulou tribe, she had to flee in Qwabe, she would have married one of the princes.
         Bastard, Shaka is rejected, mistreated by his comrades and especially humiliated by his biological father.
          He was stubborn and cultivate a thirst for revenge. His mother embittered herself becomes a cantankerous and authoritarian woman. As a teenager, he gets enlist in the army Dingiswayo, the ruler of Bathwetwa. Gifted with physical strength and endurance prodigious, he excels in combat.

The accession to the supreme power!

         His reputation spread. He quickly became the spokesman and right arm of Dingiswayo. The latter relies for him to be his successor. He applies his revolutionary ideas for develop a powerful army. At the death of Dingiswayo Senzangankhona in 1816, he executed his half-brother and heir, Sigujana. He himself appointed chief and chose the location of his kraal, named Bulawayo (where we kill). He extends his authority over all of the current Nguni of KwaZulu Natal. He changes the name of  Kingdom which he called his Zulu "the people from heaven." He is charismatic and proves to be a strategist. He recruited all the young combat capable and organizes them into age groups, subjected to intensive training. At its peak, his army will have over 100,000 men, which must be added about 500 000 men from neighboring tribes. As twith "Umkonto we Sizwe (The Nation launches)" of the African National Congress (A.N.C.), his army becomes the pivot of the conquest of power.
         Even women are organized into "female body" and subject to exercices and chores of the army. He eliminates the traditional initiation, which is replaced by trials competition: the winners initiated of  the fight and combat are offered the most beautiful marriageable girls. He multiplies the exercise and increases the share of meat-eating of his troops.
         He prohibits sexual relations and regulates marriages. It is systematic eugenics practice: the old men of the conquered peoples are removed, women and youth incorporated. Their marriage is allowed at the age of 30 and 40 years as a reward for bravery.
         Girls are trained to logistics and stewardship in special kraals (izigodlo). Sex outside marriage is punishable by death for soldiers. Sorcerers and soothsayers are responsible for protecting the warriors and determine the times and the most prone to attack days.
         Shaka who worships his mother, never married. He conquered almost all the territories between the Limpopo and Zambezi River. Megalomaniac despot, he established a cult of personality. Hodgepodge of slogans and laudatory songs to his glory punctuate each of his appearances. His title of "Bayete" means one who stands between God and men. He named his capital "emGungundlovu", like the elephant. His cruelty is expressed in the names of his residences: Bulawayo (where one kills) Gibixhegu (spread old).

Swallows and last spring Zulu.

         On the death of his mother Nandi in 1827, his cruelty is legendary: he ordered that all pregnant women and their husbands are murdered, that all calves and pregnant cows are killed to share his sentence. More than 7,000 Zulu are thus killed.
         He was assassinated at Stranger in Natal by September 22, 1828 by his half-brother Dingane with the complicity of Mhlangana and MBopha. Before dying, he predicted that his murderers would not enjoy long their victory because Whites were on their way to enslave them in these terms: "You think you will reign over the empire zulu after my death, but n 'will not. It will be the swallows that reign there." In 1813, when Cetshwayo succeeded his father Mpande, he reorganized his army in "ungodly" to the model of his great-uncle and replaces Shaka spears by Muskets. He banished the Christian missionaries in his kingdom. He concluded an alliance with the British in Natal established to counter the advance of the Boers.
         In 1877, when his power appears as a threat to the British Confederation of South Africa, the British break the alliance and decided to annex Zululand. On January 11, 1879, the British invaded Zululand with an army of 18,000 men. Cetshwayo lines up in front of them, an army of 20,000 to 25,000 less well-armed men.
         On January 22, 1879, the Zulu fighters put British troops routed at Isandlwana, they are crushed in Ulundi on July 4 of that year. Cetshwayo is captured alive, imprisoned then exiled to the Cape. His kingdom was broken up into 13 chiefdoms subject to the British crown. In 1883 Cetshwayo no real power is reinstalled as king of Zululand. But he is forced to flee in Eshowe by Zibhebhu, one of thirteen kinglets, supported by Boer mercenaries. He died poisoned in Eshowe on February 8, 1884.
         His son Dinizulu, 15 years old, succeeded him as head of Zululand, completely weakened and submitted to British rule on May 20, 1884. The empire of Chaka the "Zulu" lived !

From Chaka Zulu ka Senzangakhona to Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

         With the principle of Lord Lugard of "Indirect rule", British colonists were interested only in the political organization of the colony, but not the reorganization of morals or customs. Thus witchcraft is being "reimbursed by Medicare" in South Africa. Young women nubile are reserved for the chief, that is to say, the best among all:  Jacob Zuma. Unofficially institutionalized machismo. So to access the same power in national companies, one is offended that a woman should even deserving pass through the bed of the president.
         Shaka has been an important symbol in the ideological struggle between Blacks and Whites in South Africa. The Whites have much demonized, presenting him as a barbaric tyrant. For Zulu, he is a complex character, semi-legendary, fabulous warrior which the nation's pride can be traced. His Memoral throne at the place of his death in KwaDukuzu. It is the most revered figure in the kingdom of KwaZulu Natal at the head of which is Goodwill Zwelithini KaBehekuzulu (born 1948).
         Durban's airport bears his name: King Shaka. Since the election of his struggler Jacob Zuma as President of South Africa, his xenophobic statements raise the Zulu and other black people of South Africa against all African foreign residents in the country.
            But in the economic field, the Zululand King nevertheless recognizes that the situation in South Africa during the apartheid period was better than today!