lundi 4 avril 2016

CUBA-US: Barack Obama, our brother!


The reaction of Fidel Castro Ruz to Obama's speech at the Gran Teatro.

The kings of Spain brought us the conquistadors and masters which were assigned not only the aborigines they forced him to look for gold in the sand of rivers, a form of abusive and shameful exploitation, but still areas circular which can be found the air views traces in many places of the country.
Tourism is today, in large part, to show visitors the beauty of the landscape and make them enjoy our excellent seafood, but on condition that it shared with the private capital of large foreign companies whose profits unless they amount to billions of dollars per capita, do not attract anyone's attention.
Since I am compelled to mention this point, I should add - especially at young people - that few people are aware of this condition at this singular moment in human history we are living. I would not say we lost our time, but I say without hesitation that we are not informed enough, neither you nor us, we do not have enough knowledge or awareness to the challenge we launches reality.
Let us first of all that our lives only last a split second in the historical continuum to share more with the vital needs implied by the mere fact of living. One of the characteristics of the human being is its tendency to overestimate its role, in contrast also with the extraordinary amount of people who embody the highest dreams.

No one is good or bad by nature

That said, no one is good or bad by nature. None of us is designed for the role it has assumed in the revolutionary society. We, Cubans, we were partly the privilege to count on the example of José Julián Martí Pérez (1853 -1895). I wonder if he had to fall in Dos Ríos or not when he said: "For me the time has come" and laid it against the Spanish forces entrenched behind a solid line of fire. He did not return to the United States and no one could compel him. Someone tore a few pages of his campaign diary. Which has been quite treacherous? Probably a ruthless schemer. We know that there were disputes between leaders but never of indiscipline. "Whoever attempts to conquer Cuba will only gather the dust of her soil soaked in blood, if not perish in the fight", stated Antonio Maceo Grajales Y (1845 - 1896), this glorious black leader. As for Máximo Gómez (1836-1905), he was the most disciplined military leader and the most discreet of our history.
From another angle, how not to admire the indignation of Bonifacio Byrne (1861-1936) when the ship taking him back to Cuba, he saw another flag flying next to us at the Lone Star and he wrote: "My flag is the one that has never been mercenary" and then add some of the most beautiful verses that I know:
If, tattered menus
Found himself one day my flag,
Our dead, raising his arms,
Would know even defend
I also never forget the fiery words that spewed Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán (1932-1959), the night of the against-revolutionaries located a few dozen meters braquaient their bazookas and machine guns étasunienne manufacturing on the terrace where we were sitting.

We both live in a New World colonized by Europeans!

Obama, as he recalled, born in August 1961, that more than half a century. Let's see what today think our illustrious visitor:
"I came here to bury the last vestiges of the Cold War in the Americas. I came here the tender hand of friendship to the Cuban people. "
He then telling us a volley of concepts, absolutely unprecedented for most of us:
"We both live in a New World colonized by Europeans. Cuba, like the United States, was built partly by slaves brought from Africa. As the American people, the Cuban people can be traced back to its origins as well through the slaves that through their masters. "
Indigenous people absolutely not exist in the idea of ​​Obama. Nor does it say that the revolution liquidated racial discrimination; it offered a pension and a salary at all Cubans before Mr. Obama celebrates ten years; it has eliminated forever the hateful racist bourgeois habit and to hire thugs to prevent the entry of blacks in entertainment centers; it has passed to history for the battle it has delivered in Angola against apartheid, ending at the same time to the presence of nuclear weapons on a continent populated by more than a billion today to inhabitants, even if it was not the objective pursued by our solidarity, but our assistance to the peoples of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and others to free themselves from colonial domination a fascist Portugal.
In 1961, two years and just three months after the victory of the revolution, mercenary forces trained by the United States, equipped with guns, tanks and aircraft of the United States, accompanied by up to our shores warships and aircraft carriers of the United States, attacked our country by surprise. Nothing can ever justify this treacherous attack that cost our people hundreds of deaths and injuries. It is reported anywhere that would have been possible to evacuate a single mercenary to this assault brigade étasunienne manufacturing. Yankee fighting appliances were even presented to the United Nations as having been controlled by insurgents Cubans ...
The experience and the military capacity of our country are widely known. In Africa, we thought it would be easy to revolutionary Cuba disabled. This is the day motorized brigades racist South Africa eventually ending up on the outskirts of Luanda, the Angolan capital, that we engaged a struggle which lasted no less than fifteen years. I would not even talked about that if I had the basic duty to respond to the speech Obama delivered in the Grand Theatre of Havana Alicia Alonso.

The biography of Mandela, with preface of Obama.

I will not dwell on the details, I emphasize only that it is written there an invaluable page of the struggle for the liberation of the human being. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918-2013), life prisoner, became a giant in the struggle for human dignity. I received one day a book that told a part of the life of Mandela, and, surprise, surprise, the preface was Barack Obama! I flipped quickly. I was amazed of Mandela's scrawl. It is worthwhile to have experienced people like him.
On the episode of South Africa, I really wanted more details on how the South Africans had acquired their nuclear weapons. My only accurate information was that they had no more than ten or twelve. Professor and researcher Piero Gleijeses (born 1944), who wrote an excellent book: "Missions in Conflict: Havana, Washington and Africa - 1959-1976" proved the most reliable source, and I entered in contact with him. He said he had never spoken more in this case, because he had answered the questions put to it by comrade Jorge Valdés-Risquet Saldaña who was ambassador or cooperating Cuban in Angola, a very good friend of him.
I then contacted Risquet, who then held other important positions and who followed a course for several more weeks, while Piero Gleijeses happened again in our country. I warned that Risquet Jorge Valdés-Saldaña (1930-2015) was no longer young and his health was not the best. Some days later, what I feared happened: Risquet grew worse and died. When Piero arrived, everything was said, but I had already obtained information on weapons and assistance that South Africa had received racist Reagan and Israel.
I do not know what Obama will say in this case. I do not know what he knows and does not know, though I doubt he knows absolutely nothing. I suggested he modestly to think about it and do not now attempt to theorize on Cuban policy.

We can make this trip to friends, neighbors, family, together.

I wanted somehow to behave properly Obama, given his humble origins and his natural intelligence.
Another important point in his speech, Obama used the phrase could not be more honeyed:
"It is time to leave the past behind us. It is time to secure the future together - a futuro de esperanza. And it will not be easy, there will be setbacks. It will take time. But my stay here in Cuba renews my hope and trust in what will the Cuban people. We can make this trip to friends, neighbors, family, together. Sí se puede. Muchas gracias. "
To hear these words from the US president, each of us might myocardial! And merciless blockade that has lasted almost sixty years! And those who died in the attacks of mercenary ship and Cuban ports! And the airliner full of passengers sabotaged in full flight! And mercenary invasions! And the crowd to violence and force!
That no one be illusions: the people of this noble country and devoted will never renounce its glory and its rights, any more than spiritual wealth he gained through the development of education, science and culture.
I also warned that our people are able to produce food and material wealth we need for his efforts and intelligence. We did not need any gift of the Empire. Our efforts will be legal and peaceful, because that is our commitment to peace and the brotherhood of all human beings living on this planet.

Havana, March 27, 2016

-Gieljesses Piero, Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington and Africa, 1959-1976, The University of North Carolina Press, 2003.

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Nigeria vs China: Who is the biggest "Jesus Christ or Mao Zedong?"

1. Nigeria: The largest statue of the "Poor Christ of Bomba"

"The largest statue of Jesus in Africa established in Nigeria"

In 1956, Mongo Beti, Cameroon revolutionary writing his novel "The Poor Christ of Bomba" or passion without redemption from a witness of a God who was not black, did not think his neighbor, a rich Nigerian, Obinna Onuoha, would make the dream of missionary action of the Reverend Father Superior, Drumont in 2015, installing in his village of Abajah the largest statue of Jesus Christ in Africa.
Bomba was simply "a kingdom of Satan, a real Sodom and Gomorrah." Abajah, will probably be the greatest symbol of the faith of all of black Africa.

Jesus Christ of Abajah, the Greatest of Africa

         The statue is 8.53 meters high, called "Jesus the Greatest," was unveiled in the predominantly Christian village of Abajah in Imo State (South East), during a ceremony attended more than one hundred religious Catholics.
It was commissioned in 2013 by a wealthy Nigerian Obinna Onuoha from the village, a graduate of Harvard University in the United States and was carried out by a Chinese company. Its cost has not been disclosed
Hundreds of Catholic faithful attended the opening Friday in a village in south-eastern Nigeria a statue of Jesus over eight meters high commissioned by a wealthy Nigerian businessman, who says it is the "greatest" of the continent.
The white marble effigy of 40 tonnes represents Jesus barefoot, with open arms, overlooking the Church of St. Aloysius.
"The statue will be a great symbol of faith for Catholics and those who pass by this magnificent statue," said the bishop of the Diocese of Orlu, to which belongs the village, Augustin Tochukwu Okwuoma, during a Mass he celebrated before the statue will be unveiled on  January 1, 2015.
"This will be the largest statue of Jesus on the continent," said Wednesday the A.F.P. businessman Obinna Onuoha, born in 1962, general manager of a Nigerian oil and gas distribution company. Devout Catholic, the man had the idea to build this giant Jesus in 1997 after a "vision".
Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa with 170 million inhabitants, is divided by ethnic and regional oppositions between a South richer and predominantly Christian, and a very poor Muslim north.
According to the Pew Research Center, the Nigerian population is divided roughly equally between Muslims and Christians.
In the North, the insurrection of the armed Islamist group Boko Haram has killed more than 17,000 people since 2009, and the new year begins under the persistent threat of attacks of the Islamist group, despite assurances from President Muhammadu Buhari, who said that the country has "technically" defeated insurgents.

2. When China resurrects the Helmsman Mao Zedong

The giant statue of Mao Zedong in Henan!

In Henan, it was enough for one day disappears the imposing Mao. A statue of 36.6 meters high had appeared in a field at the initiative of businessmen of that poor rural province in central China.          The metal structure and concrete covered with gold paint barely completed and representing the Great Helmsman cost the equivalent of just over 400 000, said the local press. The demolition team sent by local authorities arrived on January 7, 2016 in the morning and the next day, there remained of Mao that rubble.

Forty years of personality cult, that's enough!

The year 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the death of the founder of the People's Republic of China. He himself had established an unprecedented cult of personality. His busts still enthroned at the entrance of the university campuses and sometimes even on the main square of the People of cities like Kashgar, near Central Asia.
Mao Zedong of the township of Tongxu, however, proved too much in the current context. The People's Daily, a local official explained that the sponsors of the statue did not follow the government approval process. It must however be noted that Mao, yet very discreet, did not seem to interfere with local officials during the months of construction.
The work was promoted by Sun Qingxin, patron of machinery factories and number two of the meeting of the Communist Party ...