mardi 21 février 2017

United States: "Calexit" or The Nation of California in Gestation

Donald Trump, the greatest common divisor!

         We are not finished being surprised by the Americans. The election of Donald Trump foiled all predictions and went against many polls and political analyzes. Donald Trump's untimely blow-out decisions, which raise hostile crowds, suggest a general civil disobedience. The biggest fear to face this policy is the balkanization of the United States.

Does the Secession threaten the United States?

The State of California, the richest of 50 states that form the United States has just crossed the Rubicon by authorizing the organization of a referendum on independence. The state of California was founded on September 9, 1850. It was spread over an area of ​​423,970 km2 and was populated by 38.8 million inhabitants in 2014. This population is made up of non-Hispanic whites (44.2%). Hispanics (37.62%), Asians (13.05%), Blacks (6.17), Native Americans (0.44), Others (3.16), His capital is Sacramento.

End if the California Nation became reality?

         California Secretary of State Alex Padilla gave the go-ahead for activists from a "California Nation", nicknamed "Calexit," in reference to the British "Brexit". The harvest in 180 days, 585,407 signatures is necessary for the measure to be put to the vote in November 2018. You must not be wizard to know that this harvest is fruitful knowing that many Hollywood celebrities are opposed to the personality and The policy of the 45th President of the United States. If California were a country, it alone would have the sixth world economy. The state has a very strong Democratic majority.

A 230-year old American constitution!

         If the initiative were actually put to the vote, a "Yes" would lead to a modification of the Constitution of the State, according to which "California is an inseparable part of the United States" and "The Constitution of the United States is the The supreme law of the country, "according to a statement from Mr. Padilla's office. The voters would then have to decide in a referendum in 2019 whether

California should become an independent state.

         Mr. Padilla acknowledged that this highly unlikely event would have serious repercussions on the State, and that many legal obstacles would remain.
         "If California really becomes an independent nation, the state and its local governments would face major but unknown fiscal impacts,"
he warned. The measure would also cost tens of millions of dollars for election organizations.
Supporters of Calexit, whose campaign is called "Yes California," are pushing for independence from their state because they feel it is not in tune with the rest of the United States and think that California could thrive on its own.

An inevitable domino effect.

         The secession of California will undoubtedly lead to that of other states, especially those who consider themselves rich and viable like Texas or even New York the fourth most populous of the United States. The other states would be torn between themselves to share the wealth and the communities would collide with each other. Indians who have been dispossessed of their lands will want to form alliances with those of Canada and other countries of Central and Latin America. Blacks will serve as mercenaries to survive in all these states. The unity of Canada would itself be in danger. The foreigners of all origins combined would put oil on the fire to raise new fire pits. It will be over with our beautiful nation, symbol of freedom in the World.The European Union, already in difficulty and long turned to the United States, would disappear and the war in the Middle East would affect it profoundly. What roles will play Russia, India and China ?
To each one to give his prognosis on this. The New World Order so much desired by some people, will be uncertain and especially painful!