lundi 29 janvier 2018

Cameroon / France: When the late Johnny Halliday strikes an African Minister!

"There is no room for Yéyé behavior! "

In 1969, reacting to the brutal behavior of Johnny Halliday vis-à-vis the Central African Minister of Public Service on May 10, 1968 at the Independence Hotel in Yaoundé.
         President Ahmadou Ahidjo advised by the French professor Jean-Français Bayart, reacted vigorously to the single party activists: It is "the sign of an unsuitable youth, embittered by the feeling of its uselessness, of its non-participation in the building its own future, " he continues in front of single party activists.
         The Cameroonian administration reacted immediately by expelling the same manu militari, the French rocker who soaked alcohol had provoked a brawl and administered a beating to the Central African Minister on official mission. Despite this incident, the French singer had given his version of the incident to AFP: "A guy that I obviously could not know said unpleasant things about us, especially because we have long hair. He jostled me. I protested. Then he grabbed me by tearing my polo shirt. "
The rocker canceled his concert but assured: "I will not want the Cameroonian people. "
         The idol of the young French had just made a strong enemy: the father of the independence of Cameroon Ahmadou Ahidjo!
         He even has the honors of a diplomatic telegram from the French Embassy in Yaoundé, found by the authors of the book "Kamerun!” In the archives of Jacques Foccart, head of the Africa cell of the Elysee, where still sits for a few months Charles de Gaulle. Mr. Smet, says fanciful singer Johnny Hallyday, caused a scandal.

Hallyday will never die. 

         He can not do it. He has been part of the landscape of French popular culture for so long - his multiple marriages, his political anger and worries about his state of health constitute a national saga not far removed from the hottest Latin American telenovelas - that its death would be a disaster and mark the end of an era. 

What would we do without Johnny?

         If Johnny were to hang up his guitar for good, he would leave a gaping void and no American legend could replace him. Because nobody can do as kitsch as Johnny, absolute king of the ¬ringardise. If there is one area in which the French are really good, this is it.
         In 1994, during the genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda, the radio Milles collines broadcast continuously his song "The doors of the penitentiary"! Johnny Halliday had "lit the fire" of hell without ever setting fire to Rwanda! The main Rwandan Hutu genocidants fled to Cameroon with the complicity of France !!

The former idol of young people has just released his audience.

A first in a career almost sixty years old!