samedi 22 décembre 2018

French Polynesia: Former President Gaston Flosse convicted of hijacking Verroterie!

Share the wild pig and yam in a shell!

         The tourist image of Polynesia is to dress in straw and share in a huge shell, a dish of wild pig and yam, stewed on heated stones under the ground. Then dance naked belly with vahines, topped with flowers, dressed in woven loincloths of straw, with straw necklaces around.

         Who does not dream before visiting Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia? But unfortunately this image of Epinal does not please an old French dreamer of Limoges crockery and crystal glasses!

Gaston Flosse, the cacique of Polynesian Politics out of his plate!

         The former president of French Polynesia, Gaston Flosse was sentenced Tuesday to 16,700 euros fine for embezzlement of public property and concealment, in a case of dishes.

         Justice accuses him of having appropriated some of this tableware belonging to the Presidency of French Polynesia. He and his companion will pay 8.300 Euros in damages.

         All of this luxury service, consisting of Limoges porcelain, silverware and crystal glasses, was estimated by the public prosecutor at 50,000 euros.

         Part of the service had been found at his home, and another in a dining room of the assembly used by Mr. Flosse. He had lost all his mandates a few weeks earlier, in September 2014, after being convicted in a fictitious job case.

A lenient sentence, but beware of the recurrence!

         The public prosecutor's office had demanded one year in prison in August and three years ineligibility against Gaston Flosse. The sentence was therefore deemed "lenient" by his lawyer, who does not intend to appeal.

         President several times of French Polynesia, but also deputy then senator, close to Jacques Chirac has been condemned several times. At 85, Gaston Flosse is serving a three-year term of ineligibility, but has already announced his intention to be a candidate in the territorial elections of 2018. Will he ever share the pig and the yam in a shell?

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