samedi 22 décembre 2018

Israel: a vulture alleged spy recovered in Lebanon thanks to the UN.

U.N. peacekeepers have fulfilled a good offices mission between two countries still in a state of war by helping the return of a vulture captured in Lebanon on suspicion of espionage for Israel, Israeli authorities said Friday.

"During a discreet operation with the Lebanese and with the assistance of UN forces (...), the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority managed to recover the vulture that had been captured there. a few days ago by villagers from Bint Jbeil, Lebanon, "the Authority said in a statement.

The United Nations mediated between the Lebanese and the Gamla Reserve where the vulture lived before crossing the border, the Authority said.

"The efforts were successful and the vulture was returned last night to a satisfactory state of health at the border at Rosh Hanikra," a kibbutz in northern Israel, she added. The raptor, taken care of, is "weak and has minor injuries," the Authority said.

A photo posted on social networks show soldiers in blue beret surrender the animal.

Israel's environmental authorities had expressed concern for the first time on Tuesday when social media footage showed the raptor, carrying an Israeli identification ring and a transmitter, in the hands of Bint Jbeil residents.

One could see "the vulture tied with a rope by inhabitants" who suspected him of spying for Israel, they had reported.

The vulture had moved about four kilometers into Lebanese territory, they said.

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