samedi 1 décembre 2018

France/Zaïre/RDC: Mobutu's farewell letter to his ultimate friend Jacques Chirac and to power!


To His Excellency Jacques Chirac,

President of the French Republic,

                                                   Kinshasa, May 11, 1997.

Mister President,

         First of all, I would like to extend my sincere greetings. To you, as well as to your wife. In the name of the very long friendship that binds us for more than a decade.
         Today, the situation is painful for me. Given the gravity of the moment. First, at the level of my power where I lost the efficiency on the population. Then, at the military level, it is impossible for me to stop the rebels' advance towards Kinshasa, which they can reach at any moment.
         As for Kinshasa, I can not promote a useless bloodbath. Because, in any case the rebels will reach it well. Everything is a matter of time.
         Should I remind you that I am facing an unjust war? Today, the United States and Great Britain through South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda and Angola use the band leader Laurent Désiré Kabila to stab me in the back enjoying of my illness.
         Formerly, the United States were my allies, remember the Angolan episode. I reserve the right to publish my memoirs in the coming days. Then the whole world will finally know unsuspected truths so far.
         My friend, you know as well as I that the band leader Laurent Désiré Kabila is a dubious, genocidal and inappropriate personality to lead Zaire as head of state. I tried everything to prevent that. But its Western masters, the United States in this case support it and encourage it in this way.
         Faced with the American obstinacy and the continuous deterioration of my state of health, I am obliged to announce to you my intention to transfer the power to Kabila during our next meeting on Utenika on May 14th.
May God help Zaire!

Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Waza Banga
President of the Republic

         The Marshal of Zaire was expelled from power on May 17, 1997. Before this fateful date, many initiatives were attempted with the obvious aim of sparing the dictator a humiliating fall, evoking the pretext of avoiding bathing. of blood in Kinshasa and that of safeguarding national unity. In the letter dated May 11, 1997 to Chirac, Mobutu knows he can not do anything and does not even dare to call the French president for help. All he does is complain in particular accusing Great Britain, the United States and some African countries of stabbing him in the back.

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